Robin Smith news release: Advocacy group's poll shows her leading in 3rd District race

Robin Smith news release: Advocacy group's poll shows her leading in 3rd District race

July 19th, 2010 in Politics Local

Press Release

A new poll released today by the economic advocacy group Club for Growth revealed that Third District Congressional Candidate Robin Smith has a "commanding" lead among those seeking the Republican nomination.

The poll, conducted on July 12 by Basswood Research, gave Smith a 22 point lead over her nearest competitor, Chattanooga Trial Lawyer Chuck Fleischmann. Analysis of the results revealed, "In addition to her overall support on the ballot, Smith has the highest favorability rating among the candidates, and the best favorable-to-unfavorable ratio. Smith leads by double digits in every geographic region of the district, and among all ideological and demographic subgroups. She has a strong lead among both those who associate themselves with the Tea Party movement and those who do not. In short, Robin Smith is well on her way to victory."

"While we are pleased and encouraged by the results of this polling, we will not stop working in all eleven counties of the Third District to ensure a win on August 5," Smith said. What we do know from this poll is my campaign of speaking directly to the voters and sticking to the issues is being rewarded with broad support. If you have decided to vote for me, please vote early. If you are undecided, I hope to earn your respect and your vote. Together we can get America back on the right track."

Smith campaign spokesman Mark Winslow pointed to the large lead Smith enjoys as the reason trial lawyer Chuck Fleischman has suddenly begun running a negative campaign. "We now know why Chuck Fleischmann has driven his failing campaign into the gutter. After more than a year of campaigning, hundreds of thousands of dollars gained from his years suing Tennesseans wasted and turning his entire campaign over to a failed presidential candidate, Fleischmann sees the end coming and has turned his hatchet men loose on Robin Smith. His smear tactics will fail just as badly as all the other gimmicks he has tried. Tennesseans have figured out Fleischmann has no vision, no record and can only repeat 'Mike Huckabee' as the answer to every question. Now his campaign is unhinged and he's on the attack. This poll confirms that the consistent authentic conservatism of Robin Smith is the direction Tennesseans want to take.