House GOP weighs repeal of health mandate in tax bill

Published Nov. 6 2017

Republicans are weighing a repeal of a key tenet of the Obama-era health care law in their tax overhaul...

Brazile strains Democratic party unity ahead of key gubernatorial race in Virginia

Published Nov. 6 2017

Democrats are struggling to put the bitter 2016 election behind them as the party's current chairman and his predecessor bicker...

Trump declares North Korea 'threat to the civilized world'

Published Nov. 6 2017

Declaring that North Korea was "a threat to the civilized world," President Donald Trump vowed Monday in Japan that the...


In Japan, Trump pushes new trade deal, mourns Texas shooting

Published Nov. 5 2017

President Donald Trump opened his second day in Japan by pushing for stronger, more equitable economic ties between the allies,...

Big GOP tax bill would cut rates - but also popular breaks

Published Nov. 3 2017

With fanfare and a White House kickoff, House Republicans unfurled a broad tax-overhaul plan Thursday that would touch virtually all...

Security and trade challenge Trump on first Asia trip

Published Nov. 3 2017

Security and trade will loom large during President Donald Trump's first official visit to Asia, which begins Sunday in Japan.

Cuba official accuses U.S. of lying about sonic attacks

Published Nov. 3 2017

Cuba's foreign minister on Thursday accused the United States of lying about mysterious sonic attacks that U.S. diplomats in Havana...

Highlights of the GOP plan to overhaul the tax code

Published Nov. 2 2017

A look at provisions of the proposal...

GOP tax plan may offer little aid for many in middle class

Published Nov. 2 2017

House Republicans have stressed that the tax plan they unveiled Thursday is tailored to benefit America's middle class. Just how...

Trump nominates Jerome Powell to be next Fed chairman

Published Nov. 2 2017

President Donald Trump tapped Jerome Powell on Thursday to replace Janet Yellen as Fed chair when her term ends in...

House GOP eyes mortgage interest deduction

Published Nov. 2 2017

House Republicans are proposing to place new limits on the tax deduction.

Under pressure, social media giants acknowledge meddling

Published Nov. 2 2017

In three exhaustive hearings this week, executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google acknowledged that their platforms were used by Russia...

Hit list exposes Russian hacking beyond U.S. elections

Published Nov. 2 2017

The hackers who upended the U.S. presidential election had ambitions well beyond Hillary Clinton's campaign, targeting the emails of Ukrainian...

Newly disclosed Facebook ads show Russia's cyber intrusion

Published Nov. 2 2017

A trove of Facebook ads made public Wednesday by Congress depicts Russia's extraordinary cyber intrusion into American life in 2016...

Help available, but Obamacare navigators enter open enrollment with concerns

Published Nov. 2 2017

The road to Nov. 1, the first day of open enrollment for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, was...

Trump signs GOP repeal of consumer banking rule

Published Nov. 2 2017

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed the repeal of a banking rule that would have allowed consumers to join together...

House GOP's evolving tax bill leaves retirement plan intact

Published Nov. 1 2017

House Republicans would leave intact current tax rules on retirement accounts popular with middle class Americans and maintain a top...

Gov't won't pursue talking car mandate

Published Nov. 1 2017

The Trump administration has quietly set aside plans to require new cars to be able to wirelessly talk to each...

Trump chooses visit to military base over DMZ

Published Nov. 1 2017

It has become something of a ritual for U.S. presidents trying to demonstrate their resolve against North Korea's ever-escalating aggression.

House GOP leaders delay tax plan release amid changes

Published Nov. 1 2017

House Republicans, straining to make last-minute changes to their far-reaching tax proposal, on Tuesday delayed the rollout by a day...

Senators blast Facebook, Twitter, Google in Russia probe

Published Nov. 1 2017

Exasperated U.S. senators harshly criticized representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google at a hearing Tuesday for not doing more to...

Pruitt guts EPA science panels, will appoint new members

Published Nov. 1 2017

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday he intends to replace the outside experts that advise him on...

Bergdahl testifies about his experience in Taliban captivity

Published Oct. 31 2017

Gut-wrenching testimony at the sentencing hearing for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will likely continue Tuesday as the deserter's defense team...