Congressman Graves supports cuts to EPA under Trump administration

Published Mar. 3 2017

Describing them as bold, U.S. Rep. Tom Graves said he supports EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's plans to cut back much...

Chuck Schumer calls on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign

Published Mar. 2 2017

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.

Officials: New Trump order drops Iraq from travel ban list

Published Mar. 1 2017

President Donald Trump's new immigration order will remove Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary U.S....

AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit he hasn't earned

Published Feb. 28 2017

President Donald Trump boasted Tuesday night about corporate job expansion and military cost-savings that actually took root under his predecessor...

President Trump delivers his first address to Joint Session of Congress [video]

Published Feb. 28 2017

Heralding a 'new chapter of American greatness,' President Donald Trump issued a broad call for overhauling the nation's health care...

Trump says he's open to 'compromise' immigration bill

Published Feb. 28 2017

President Donald Trump, signaling a potential shift on a signature issue, indicated Tuesday that he's open to immigration legislation that...

Feds unleash $202 million to upgrade rural electric service, including $20 million in Tennessee

Published Feb. 28 2017

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will make $202 million in loans to electric cooperatives in nine states to help bolster...

Senate confirms billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as commerce secretary

Published Feb. 27 2017

The Senate has confirmed billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as commerce secretary as President Donald Trump adds to his economic team.

Trump budget to increase defense spending by $54 billion

Published Feb. 27 2017

The White House says President Donald Trump's upcoming budget will propose a whopping $54 billion increase in defense spending and...

In Trump's first speech to Congress, will decorum hold?

Published Feb. 25 2017

A presidential speech to Congress is one of those all-American moments that ooze ritual and decorum.

Democrats elect Tom Perez national chairman

Published Feb. 25 2017

Democrats elected former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as their new national chairman Saturday over a liberal Minnesota congressman, capping a...

White House bars major news outlets from media gaggle

Published Feb. 24 2017

News organizations including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN and Politico were blocked from joining a White...

Sen. Bob Corker joins fight to end sex trafficking [video]

Published Feb. 23 2017

END IT has declared today as 'Shine a Light on Slavery Day,' and it has used its social media platform...

Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance

Published Feb. 22 2017

The Trump administration will revoke federal guidelines that tell public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms...

Federal appeals court upholds Maryland assault rifle ban

Published Feb. 22 2017

A federal appeals court upheld Maryland's ban on assault rifles, concluding that the powerful military-style guns outlawed by the measure...

Millions targeted for possible deportation under Trump rules

Published Feb. 22 2017

Millions of people living in the United States illegally could be targeted for deportation -- including people simply arrested for...

Trump denounces anti-Semitism in newly forceful condemnation

Published Feb. 21 2017

President Donald Trump on Tuesday condemned recent threats against Jewish community centers in the U.S. as 'painful reminders' of lingering...

Thousands of demonstrators across U.S. say 'Not My President'

Published Feb. 21 2017

Thousands of demonstrators turned out Monday across the U.S. to challenge Donald Trump in a Presidents Day protest dubbed Not...

Pence says US to hold Russia accountable, stand with NATO

Published Feb. 18 2017

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday conveyed a message to jittery partners that the Trump administration will 'hold Russia...

Trump gets out of Washington for campaign-style events

Published Feb. 17 2017

Shifting attention from his troubled White House, President Donald Trump hit the road Friday for a campaign-style rally, resurrecting the...

Scott Pruitt confirmed by Senate to serve as EPA administrator

Published Feb. 17 2017

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt confirmed by Senate to serve as EPA administrator.

White House denies it considered mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants

Published Feb. 17 2017

Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.

Trump names Acosta as new choice to become labor secretary

Published Feb. 16 2017

President Donald Trump moved to fill vacancies in his new administration on Thursday, selecting a Florida law school dean and...