Haslam says Trump, Clinton talk little about education

Published Aug. 25 2016

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said Wednesday that the presidential candidates aren't talking enough about education, despite the issue being what...

Alabama lottery bill stalls in House, won't make it on Nov. 8 ballot

Published Aug. 24 2016

A proposed state lottery will not be on the November ballot after opponents used a procedural rule to block a...

As rates soar, Tennessee insurers and regulators say Obamacare proving too risky, costly

Published Aug. 24 2016

The price of individual health insurance coverage will increase next year by a record amount in Tennessee after state regulators...

Tennessee pays 'communications professional' for aid in Title IX lawsuit

Published Aug. 24 2016

Tennessee is paying a former adviser to Gov. Bill Haslam to assist in "communications strategies" with lawyers representing the school...

Convicted Tennessee lawmaker's attorney: Verdict legally inconsistent

Published Aug. 24 2016

An attorney representing a former Tennessee lawmaker found guilty of filing a false tax return says the jury's verdict is...

Georgia state Sen. Mullis named head of legislative committees

Published Aug. 23 2016

Georgia state Sen. Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, will be in charge of several study committees this year.

Tennessee conservatives praise court order blocking transgender bathroom directive

Published Aug. 23 2016

Conservatives in Tennessee praised a Texas judge's decision Monday to block the Obama administration's controversial directive that requires public schools...

Alabama lottery bill heading to public hearing in House committee

Published Aug. 22 2016

Lottery legislation moves to a House of Representatives committee where it faces a ticking clock if lawmakers want to get...

New rule allows people at nearly 10,000 federal buildings, offices to use restroom of choice

Published Aug. 22 2016

An agency that oversees an estimated 9,200 federal buildings and offices across the U.S. says those facilities must allow transgender...

State board shifts gas station cleanup costs to taxpayers

Published Aug. 22 2016

After taking office, Gov. Bill Haslam reconstituted an obscure board that enforces environmental rules for the industry that helped make...

Critics want cost-savings review before Tennessee outsources contracts

Published Aug. 21 2016

Critics of Gov. Bill Haslam's efforts to privatize most state building management services say the administration should complete a promised...

State representative from Knoxville booked on assault charge

Published Aug. 19 2016

State. Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, was booked Thursday morning on a misdemeanor assault charge after an alleged shoving match with...

Tennessee Republicans, Democrats choose respective presidential electors for November

Published Aug. 19 2016

NASHVILLE — Tennessee Republican and Democratic officials have chosen their respective slate of presidential electors who will cast votes in...

Stalled lottery bill heads to vote in Alabama Senate

Published Aug. 18 2016

Lottery legislation is headed to a vote in the Alabama Senate sometime Thursday.

Rep. Martin Daniel booked on misdemeanor assault charge

Published Aug. 18 2016

State. Rep. Martin Daniel was booked Thursday morning on a misdemeanor assault charge following his alleged shoving match with a...

Tennessee's Achievement School District on hot seat over 'financial mismanagement' issues

Published Aug. 18 2016

Tennessee Department of Education officials have been quietly moving to seize key financial management functions of the state's Achievement School...

Registry finds $190K discrepancy in Rep. Jeremy Durham's campaign finances

Published Aug. 17 2016

Campaign finance documents indicate a more than $190,000 discrepancy between state Rep. Jeremy Durham's bank records and his re-election account.

Most Tennessee teachers like their jobs despite differing with bosses on student discipline

Published Aug. 17 2016

The good news is that most Tennessee school teachers are satisfied with their jobs, but classroom educators and their administrator...

Democratic lawmaker blasts Gov. Haslam for push to privatize

Published Aug. 17 2016

A Democratic lawmaker is criticizing what he describes as the 'secretive' process being used by Gov. Bill Haslam to develop...

Georgia state Rep. Tom Weldon's brother accused of shooting man in leg

Published Aug. 16 2016

The brother of a Georgia state representative shot a friend in an argument over missing items, according to an incident...

McCormick wants another crack at being Tennessee's House Majority leader

Published Aug. 15 2016

Tennessee House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga, said Monday he's happy in his current role and will not challenge Republican...


Gov. Haslam determined to create rule forcing internet retailers to collect state sales tax

Published Aug. 15 2016

Gov. Bill Haslam says he's determined to set up a process requiring out-of-state retailers to collect Tennessee sales taxes, declaring...

High school students don't have to pass new civics test to graduate in Tennessee

Published Aug. 15 2016

A new law requiring high school students to take a civics test does not mandate they get a passing grade...