Tennessee Gov. Haslam paying 3 part-time consultants annual rate of $612,000

Published Sep. 22 2015

NASHVILLE -- Three part-time consultants in a new state office that's heavily focused on outsourcing some government services stand to...

VW scandal has TN officials fuming after giving millions in incentives

Published Sep. 21 2015

NASHVILLE - Revelations that Volkswagen cheated on its U.S. emissions testing for some diesel vehicle models have dismayed Tennessee Gov....

TN pays outsourcing consultants more than state employees working the same project

Published Sep. 21 2015

The administration of Gov. Bill Haslam is paying three consultants a total of about $47,000 to help develop a potential...

TN political adviser joining Jeb Bush presidential campaign

Published Sep. 18 2015

Tom Ingram, a longtime Tennessee Republican operative, has joined the presidential campaign of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Who replaces Judge Rebecca Stern? The governor just made the decision

Published Sep. 18 2015

NASHVILLE -- Gov. Bill Haslam today appointed attorney Tom Greenholtz of Ooltewah as Criminal Court Judge, filling the vacancy in...

Cruz's father says 'Devil overplayed his hand' on same-sex marriage ruling

Published Sep. 18 2015

NASHVILLE -- Hundreds of Christian conservatives rallied Thursday at the Tennessee Capitol as ministers, politicians and activists warned that America's...

Christian conservatives rally at TN Capitol amid warnings of 'ideological war'

Published Sep. 17 2015

NASHVILLE -- Hundreds of Christian conservatives rallied before Tennessee's state Capitol today as ministers and elected officials urged them to...

Outsourcing may undermine Haslam's 'Drive to 55' college graduation plan

Published Sep. 16 2015

NASHVILLE -- An internal report on the potential outsourcing of building management at public colleges and universities warns Gov. Bill...

Alabama Legislature approves cigarette tax increase

Published Sep. 16 2015

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- The Alabama Legislature on Tuesday approved a cigarette tax increase as lawmakers busted through months of deadlock...

Tennessee Attorney General pooh poohs Supreme Court rumors

Published Sep. 15 2015

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery says he's flattered by all the speculation, but he has no interest in applying to...

Sales tax revenues blow away Tennessee estimates

Published Sep. 14 2015

Tennessee revenue collections exceeded budgeted estimates by $19.1 million in August, the first month of the state's fiscal year, Finance...

Alabama lawmakers resume work on budget shortfall

Published Sep. 14 2015

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- State senators are looking to a budget solution which banks on taking more money from education funds.

Chattanooga's elderly, disabled veterans may start paying water quality fees

Published Sep. 13 2015

The city of Chattanooga is asking state delegates to help keep nearly 2,000 of the city's poorest residents from having...

What does Bill Haslam share in common with Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders and Charles Koch?

Published Sep. 11 2015

NASHVILLE -- So what do Pope Francis, Democratic U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, conservative billionaire Charles Koch and Republican Gov. Bill...

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam makes Politico's list of 50 thinkers, doers and visionaries

Published Sep. 10 2015

What do Pope Francis, democratic/socialist and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, conservative billionaire Charles Koch and Republican Gov. Bill Haslam of...

State approves nearly $169 million VW expansion grant

Published Sep. 10 2015

NASHVILLE -- The State Building Commission today approved a $168.86 million infrastructure grant for the Volkswagen plant expansion in Chattanooga.

House committee approves cigarette tax, other Alabama revenue bills

Published Sep. 9 2015

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- An Alabama budget committee on Wednesday approved a 25-cent-per-pack cigarette tax increase and other revenue bills as...

Alabama lawmakers begin second special session on budget

Published Sep. 9 2015

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Alabama lawmakers returned to Montgomery Tuesday under pressure to get a general fund budget approved before the...

State workers' group frets about impact on state services in Haslam buyout of 700

Published Sep. 6 2015

NASHVILLE -- Some 700 state workers out of nearly 2,100 who were eligible for Gov. Bill Haslam's employee-buyout offer took...

No comma, no records, Tennessee AG says

Published Sep. 4 2015

Attorney General Herbert Slatery issued an Aug. 25 opinion that says a city council cannot request the results of a...

Senate panel to review gender-neutral pronoun post at UT

Published Sep. 4 2015

NASHVILLE -- Two state Senate panels will hold a joint a hearing next month on higher education governance that includes...

Kentucky clerk hailed in Womick's bid to stop same-sex couples from marrying

Published Sep. 3 2015

NASHVILLE -- State Rep. Rick Womick is again urging Tennessee county clerks to quit issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples,...

State Senate hearings will review UT gender-neutral pronoun issue

Published Sep. 3 2015

NASHVILLE -- Two state Senate panels will hold joint hearings next month on higher education governance that include a review...