Common Core fight: Teachers teach new benchmarks while preparing students for old ones

Published Nov. 28 2014

Haslam questions new challenge by fellow Republicans to Common Core

Panel meets privately to discuss Chattanooga State President Jim Catanzaro

Published Nov. 26 2014

NASHVILLE -- State auditors are moving "as quickly as they can" to complete an investigation whose outcome could threaten Chattanooga...

Tennessee Senate's 5 Democrats jockeying for 4 leadership posts

Published Nov. 24 2014

NASHVILLE - In Tennessee's incredible shrinking state Senate Democratic Caucus, it seems almost everybody can be a leader.

Challenges galore for Haslam as he begins Tennessee budget hearings

Published Nov. 23 2014

NASHVILLE - As Gov. Bill Haslam kicks off his first round of public budget hearings Monday, he finds himself caught...

Rick Womick disavows puppet depiction of Beth Harwell

Published Nov. 20 2014

NASHVILLE - State Rep. Rick Womick, who hopes to unseat Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell in Dec. 10 leadership elections,...

Court allows gay marriage in South Carolina

Published Nov. 18 2014

CHARLESTON, S.C. - A federal court has cleared the way for gay couples to be married in South Carolina.

Haslam questions new challenge by fellow Republicans to Common Core

Published Nov. 18 2014

NASHVILLE -- Gov. Bill Haslam is raising questions about plans by two state Senate Republicans to repeal Tennessee's controversial Common...

Georgia's U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson kicks off 2016 re-election bid

Published Nov. 18 2014

ATLANTA - Georgia's U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson kicked off the 2016 campaign on Monday, announcing his re-election bid surrounded by...

After beating his latest opponents, has DesJarlais triumphed over his past?

Published Nov. 17 2014

Scott DesJarlais shrugs off abortion scandal, holds D.C. fundraiser

Georgia lawmakers press forward on medical cannabis

Published Nov. 17 2014

ATLANTA - While an effort to bring a form of medical marijuana to Georgia garnered bipartisan support during the most...

Homegrown education commissioner to replace Huffman?

Published Nov. 17 2014

Possible education chief candidates from Tennessee:

TVA to decide by year's end whether to clean up or shut down more units

Published Nov. 16 2014

TVA has closed or is preparing to close more than half of the 59 coal units it once operated.

Kevin Huffman departs Tennessee education post after he 'upset the apple cart'

Published Nov. 14 2014

State Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman says he knew coming into Tennessee that as Gov. Bill Haslam's personally recruited "change agent"...

Lenda Sherrell seeks top Democratic post in Tennessee

Published Nov. 14 2014

NASHVILLE - Lenda Sherrell, who recently ran in the 4th Congressional District, is seeking the chairmanship of the Tennessee Democratic...

Questions raised about controversial PAC's alleged ties to state GOP Chairman Devaney

Published Nov. 13 2014

NASHVILLE - State campaign regulators on Wednesday dismissed one of two complaints against a controversial political action committee that spent...

Letter from Tennessee will not divert Chattanooga stormwater rules

Published Nov. 13 2014

Stronger stormwater regulations in Chattanooga are on their way toward passage, and City Council and stormwater board members alike say...

State Rep. Joe Carr seeks top Tennessee GOP post

Published Nov. 12 2014

State Rep. Joe Carr confirmed Tuesday that he will challenge Chris Devaney for the chairmanship of the Tennessee Republican Party.

Tennessee abortion amendment challenge stirs uproar

Published Nov. 11 2014

• Rossville bans abortion clinics, pill mills

Tennessee Gov. Haslam urges balance on tax cuts

Published Nov. 11 2014

NASHVILLE -- Gov. Bill Haslam has some advice for eager fellow Republicans in the state Legislature who plan to push...

Lenda Sherrell may run for Tennessee Democratic Party's top post

Published Nov. 11 2014

NASHVILLE -- Lenda Sherrell, who lost to Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., in last week's 4th Congressional District race,...

Tennessee Gov. Haslam says federal Medicaid discussions ongoing

Published Nov. 10 2014

NASHVILLE - Gov. Bill Haslam said Monday he's continuing to talk with Washington so he can make a decision about...

Tennessee GOP's Civil War reignites in state House speaker's, state party chairman's contests

Published Nov. 10 2014

NASHVILLE - Three months after Tennessee Republicans' fractious summer primaries, the state GOP's civil war between establishment and hardline conservative...

Campaign funding questions haunt Chuck Fleischmann camp

Published Nov. 9 2014

The voters have spoken, and U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann won his third term with 62 percent of the vote in...