Primary winners look to August

Primary winners look to August

May 5th, 2010 in Politics State

Campaigns for several candidates are just beginning to pick up steam after Tuesday's primary, with their sights set on the upcoming general election in August.

"I'm really excited about the future of this community and I'd like to be a part of that," said Republican incumbent Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey, 67, who won Tuesday's primary.

Mr. Ramsey is running for his fifth term and said he plans to continue "the same kind of campaign" he already has been running.

He will face independent Richard Ford in the Aug. 5 general election. Mr. Ford, who is "on a shoestring budget," said he won't be changing his campaign tactics in the coming months, but wants people to know he is "for the working man."

The mayor's term is four years, with an annual salary of $146,607.

Other posts awaiting final decision in August are county sheriff, Juvenile Court clerk, county clerk and register of deeds.

Incumbent Sheriff Jim Hammond, running unopposed in the Republican primary, will face Democrat Lloyd "Bodie" Clendenen in the August election.

"It comes down to the Republican vote and the Democrat vote, and I think it's going to be a good year for the Republicans," said Sheriff Hammond, 65, who had almost four times the votes of his Democratic challenger.

Mr. Clendenen, 54, said he knows it will be tough as first-time candidate to beat his incumbent opponent.

"It's just hard for a newcomer to walk in and take over," he said. "I know that the odds are against me by a lot, but if I get my name out there and what I plan on doing, it could tighten up."

The county sheriff serves a term of four years and makes $110,849 annually.

In the county clerk race, Democratic incumbent W.F. "Bill" Knowles and Republican challenger R. Chester Heathington Jr. will take their campaigns through to the general election. The position makes $100,772 annually and serves for four years.

Democratic incumbent Ron Swafford, 54, and Republican challenger Gary Behler will vie for the juvenile court clerk position, which carries a four-year term and an annual salary of $100,772.

Republican incumbent Pam Hurst, 55, and Democrat Jeff Brown are in contention for the office of register of deeds, which holds a term of four years and an annual salary of $100,772.

Winners of the August elections will be sworn into office on Sept. 1.



Claude Ramsey-R (incumbent): 9,991

Richard Rankin-R: 1,567

Basil Marceaux Sr.-R: 392

135 of 136 precincts reporting


Jim Hammond-R (incumbent): 10,886

Lloyd (Bodie) Clendenen-D: 2,759

135 of 136 precincts reporting


Ron Swafford-D (incumbent): 4,143

Gary Behler-R: 8,148

135 of 136 precincts reporting


W.F. "Bill" Knowles-D (incumbent): 4,168

R. Chester Heathington Jr.-R: 7,703

135 of 136 precincts reporting


Pam Hurst-R (incumbent): 9,493

Jeff Brown-D: 3,401

135 of 136 precincts reporting

Note: All vote totals, which include federally mandated provisional ballots, are unofficial until certified by the Tennessee Division of Elections.

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