Pierce: Everything old is new again

Pierce: Everything old is new again

June 17th, 2010 by Susan Pierce in Shape

As I write this, I'm wearing capris that I haven't been able to get into for two years.

Even when I bought them at a Claiborne outlet they would barely zip closed. But they were too cute to pass up and that, combined with a great bargain price (the deciding factor), convinced me that one day I'd lose enough weight that they'd fit right.

"One day" arrived at my last Jenny Craig weigh-in. It was my best loss since I started this dieting effort for the paper's Shape We're In project.

I'd loss 6.6 pounds since my previous visit, bringing my total loss back to the 25 I'd lost prior to the prednisone-fueled feeding-frenzy.

Additionally, that weigh-in also marked a visit I dread more than weigh-ins: measurements. But I'd lost 2 inches in the waist and 2 in the stomach for a total of 18 inches lost.

Pulling old clothes out of the back of the closet is almost like having a new wardrobe again!

Suzie, my Jenny Craig counselor, made the comment that I always have my best losses on the weeks I return from a trip to the beach, where I had been the previous week.

I pondered that thought later that day trying to figure out what the differences were in beach lifestyle vs. average workdays.

First, I drink twice as much water while at the beach as I do at the desk. Especially, this trip when the humidity was almost smothering. I easily met Jenny's 64-ounces a day quota while I was in Florida, but I'm doing good to hit 24 ounces a day now that I'm home.

Second, I walk more; at least once a day at the beach vs. two or three times a week here. Who can resist a sunset walk in the sand and surf?

Third, I realized I only buy necessary foods for the week at the condo, whereas at home "unapproved" Jenny snacks such as Wheat Thins and Little Debbies somehow always seem to find their way into the Bi-Lo cart. (Mental note to work on willpower.)

As Suzie finished logging my results during that week's calorie confessional, she laughed, "You know, you do so well when you go to the beach, you should just quit your job and retire there."

From Suzie's lips to God's ears.