The Furniture Shoppe & The Patio Shop

The Furniture Shoppe & The Patio Shop

July 14th, 2011 in She 2011

Fowler Brothers Co. Is Parent Company to The Furniture Shoppe and The Patio Shop

Celebrating its 126th Anniversary in 2011, Fowler Brothers Co. is one of the oldest, family-owned businesses in Tennessee. Five generations of the Fowler family have played a part in creating their own piece of history in many of the homes in and around Chattanooga. The family remains passionate about furniture and is committed to the same standards of quality and solid business values, as summarized by Carter Fowler, who currently manages The Furniture Shoppe, "The products we offer today are as classic as they were when we started. We try to educate our guests about all the important details to look for in furniture. It's about owning something you can truly enjoy today and pass on to your grand-kids tomorrow. We're not about trends, but it is important to look fresh and new, so we are always bringing in the newest colors and fashions. Our focus is on American-made brands, but our store reflects fine furniture from everywhere."

Although the Fowler Brothers Co. has operated various store fronts over the years, including Fowler's Furniture, Richard Fowler Galleries, Fowler's Southern Home Furnishings and many others, The Furniture Shoppe (which is interiors) and The Patio Shop (which is outdoor furniture) are the only two locations still operated by the original Fowler Brothers Co. family. Carter, son of company president Richard C. Fowler Jr., learned the importance of quality at a young age and is fully convinced that his 4-year old daughter Laney and his 19-month old son Dawson will one day share the same appreciation and become part of the family legacy. "I remember," Carter explains, "that one day when my Dad was asked what type of furniture he like the best, he simply replied, 'Good furniture never changes.' And, although 90 percent of production is off-shore, the truest quality will always be made in the U.S., where pride plays such an important part. I want my customers and my children to understand and see what I see in this furniture."

The Furniture Shoppe showrooms reveal a diverse and extensive celebration of design, from the most elegant traditional pieces you can own to classic examples of shabby chic. You will discover a wide range of styles for every room, including the home office, the home theatre, and the kitchen. You will aspire to create a space as fantastic as the Stickley Gallery, one of the largest and most comprehensive in the nation.

Your guide through this furniture never-land points to brands like Baker, Vanguard, Ralph Lauren, Theodore Alexander ... nothing is taken for granted, every piece has its place and its complement. From the bed to the bedding to the bedding sets, the parts that consume much of your day are very important ... and they take them seriously, providing you well-tested choices for restful, stress-free sleep. Customer service is what it is all about ... helping you choose a fabulous housewarming gift for a friend or spending the afternoon in an unbelievable Custom Design Department choosing window treatments, wallcoverings, fabric by the yard, and furniture to create one statement for your home that is beyond expletives. Other services to make your life easier, are repairs and refinishing, even in-home services.

The Patio Shop will make you a believer in Outdoor Rooms. Enchanting venues give you a sense of what is now possible in outdoor decorating ... where fashion, fabrics and comfort no longer take a back seat to your home's interiors. Lighting. Rugs. Firepits. Monster umbrellas that open with one hand. Outdoor specialists will explain the nuances that separate fine quality that will last through a lifetime of outdoor memories from the look-alikes at the big super-stores. Do not be fooled, a little time and planning and you can own a backyard resort which lets you vacation every day! To complement your outdoor room, they suggest The Big Green Egg and a 15-minute demo ... to learn about one of the easiest, tastiest ways to cook food.

Just because this company boasts generations of experience, don't be afraid to look for them in all the right places. Discover TheFurnitureShoppe.NET and also ... popular interactive sites where you will find large, printable pictures of many items in the store; a video of their current television ad; a E-Blast sign up to get first notice of sales and special Preferred Customer offers. Join the company on Facebook and see the newest arrivals at the store.

What about prices, you say? Carter makes a point, "To make it yours is our goal, and to make that happen, we must associate every piece with a measurable value ... irresistible and guaranteed to be the lowest price on exactly the same item that you can find anywhere! We buy great brands, showcase one piece from many collections to give you the finest selection anywhere ..."

"We can then Custom Order each piece exactly as you envision it, saving you 35 to 45 percent off manufacturer's suggested retail prices. Our prices are the lowest ... we guarantee it!"

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