Evans laughed, then cried

Evans laughed, then cried

July 3rd, 2010 by David Paschall in Sports - College

Georgia athletic director Damon Evans went from smiling and laughing to crying uncontrollably during his arrest late Wednesday night in Atlanta on a DUI charge, according to the incident report filed by State Patrol officer Mark Cabe.

Cabe said in the report's narrative that he first noticed Evans' 2009 BMW 750I drifting across the white dotted lines with the driver's side tires. When he pulled Evans over and approached the vehicle, Cabe "noticed that the subject had a red pair of lady's panties between his legs."

The panties belonged to 28-year-old passenger Courtney Fuhrmann, the report stated.

"She took them off, and I held them because I was just trying to get her home," Evans said according to Cabe's narrative.

Cabe wrote that the arrest occurred at 11:54 on Roswell Road at Chastain Drive. In the report, he described Evans with bloodshot eyes and said he admitted to having two vodka martinis at a restaurant and a martini at a bar.

He also reported that Evans said "I feel pretty good" as he got out of his vehicle and that he "smiled and laughed for no apparent reason."

The narrative also mentions Evans and Fuhrmann bringing up the position of prominence in which Evans has within the state. The 40-year-old became the first black athletic director in Southeastern Conference history in July 2004 and on Thursday began a new five-year contract at $550,000 annually.

"I am not trying to bribe you," Evans reportedly told Cabe, "but I am the athletic director at the University of Georgia."

Fuhrmann reportedly told Cabe the charge would be erased because "he is the athletic director of UGA, and he has that power."

Evans held a news conference Thursday evening in Athens in which he apologized several times for his actions. After the news conference, university president Michael Adams issued a statement explaining that he would reserve taking action until a full review by staff and legal counsel is complete.