PSU takes Scuffle: Lions continue winning ways, capturing team championship in UTC-hosted event

PSU takes Scuffle: Lions continue winning ways, capturing team championship in UTC-hosted event

January 3rd, 2013 by Ward Gossett in Sports - College

Minnesota's Christopher Dardanes, left, and Oklahoma State's Jon Morrison, right, compete for the 133 pound championship.

Photo by Allison Love /Times Free Press.

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Legend and team scores

1. Penn State (PSU) 178.5, 2. Oklahoma State (OkSt) 158, 3. Missouri (Mo)147.5, 4. Minnesota (Minn) 139.5, 5. Cornell (Cor) 136, 6. Virginia (UVa) 109.5, 7. Ohio (O) 64.5, 8. Air Force (AF) 62.5, 9. Arizona State (AS) 58, 10. Army (Army) 48, 11. The Citadel (Cit) 45, 12. Navy (Navy) 42, 13. Old Dominion (ODU) 32.5, 14. Chattanooga (UTC) 31.5, 15. American University (AU) 25.5, 16. Duke (Duke) 23.5, 17. Campbell (Camp) 20.5, 18. Appalachian State (App) 18.5, 19. South Dakota State (SDSt) 17.5, 20. Cleveland State (CS) 15.5, 21. North Carolina State (NCSt) 15, 22. North Carolina (UNC) 12, 23. Northern Colorado (NColo) 8.5, 24. Boston University (BU) 8.

Medal rounds

125 pounds

For first: Nico Megaludis (PSU) dec. Matt Snyder (Uva), 7-4;

for third: Nahshon Garrett (Cor) major dec. Josh Martinez (AF), 17-5;

for fifth: Jerome Robinson (ODU) dec. Rob Deutsch (ODU), 4-2;

for seventh: Eric Montoya (Camp) dec. David Terao (AU), 4-2 OT.

133 pounds

For first: John Morrison (OkSt) dec. Chris Dardanes (Minn), 3-2 ;

for third: Nathan mcCormick (Mo) pinned James Gulibon (PSU), 4:44;

for fifth: Mark Grey (Una) dec. Jordan Thome (Army), 2-0;

for seventh: George DiCamillo (UVa) medical forfeit over Zach Watson (Una/UVa).

141 pounds

For first: Michael Nevinger (Cor) dec. Undrakhb Khishignya (Cit), 3-2;

for third: Nick Dardanes (Minn) dec. Chris Mecate (ODU), 10-4;

for fifth: Conner Hanafee (Army) dec. Julian Feikert (OkSt), 7-4;

for seventh: Dean Pavlou (UTC) dec. Bryan Pearsall (PSU), 4-2.

149 pounds

For first: Jordan Oliver (OkSt) major dec. Cole VonOhlen (AF), 20-8;

for third: James English (PUS) dec. Drake Houdashelt (Mo), 5-2 ;

for fifth: Chris Villalonga (Cor) medical forfeit over Dylan Ness (Minn);

for seventh: Luke Frey (PSU) dec. Justin Walraven (SDSt), 4-3.

157 pounds

For first: Jedd Moore (UVa) dec. James Volrath (PSU), 3-1 OT;

for third: Alex Dieringer (OkSt) dec. Kyle Brdley (Mo), 3-2;

for fifth: Daniel Zilverberg (Minn) dec. Spartak Chino (O), 11-8;

for seventh: Robert Burg (Navy) dec. Matthew Frisch (Cit), 7-6.

165 pounds

For first: Kyle Dake (Cor) dec. David Taylor (PSU), 3-2;

for third: Tyler Caldwell (OkSt) dec. Nick Sulzer (Va), 5-2;

for fifth: Zach Toal (Mo) pinned Zach Strickland (App), 2:12;

for seventh: Cody Yohn (Minn) dec. Harrison Hightower (O), 5-2.

174 pounds

For first: Chris Perry (OkSt) dec. Logan Storley (Minn), 7-6;

for third: Matthew Brown (PSU) dec. Jon Fausey (UVa), 10-3;

for fifth: Todd Porter (Mo) by medical forfeit over Blake Stauffer (AS);

for seventh: Cody Walters (O) dec. Marshall Peppelman (Cor), 4-1.

184 pounds

For first: Ed Ruth (PSU) dec. Steve Bosak (Cor), 7-3;

for third: Kevin Steinhaus (M9nn) dec. Mike Larson (Mo), 7-3;

for fifth: Chris Chionuma (OkSt) dec. Kevin Radford (AS), 9-3;

for seventh: John Eblen (Mo) dec. Mason Bailey (Navy), OT.

197 pounds

For first: Quentin Wright (PSU) pinned Jake Meredith (AS), 5:34;

for third: Brent Haynes (Mo) dec. Phillip Wellington (O), 4-3;

for fifth: Scott Schiller (Minn) dec. Conner Hartmann (Duke), 8-3;

for seventh: Jace Bennett (Cor) dec. Josh Mohr (AF), 9-3.

285 pounds

For first: Dom Bradley (Mo) dec. Anthony Nelson (Minn), 2-1 OT;

for third: Nick Gwiazdowski (NCSt) medical forfeit over Ala Gelogaev (OkSt);

for fifth: Jeremy Johnson (O) medical forfeit over Oddie Delaney (Cit);

for seventh: James Lawson (PSU) pinned Levi Cooper (AS), 6:11.

Since Cael Sanderson's first year at the helm in 2010 when it finished ninth at the NCAA tournament, Penn State has failed to find a wrestling tournament it didn't like.

Entering the 2013 Southern Scuffle, the Nittany Lions had entered and won six tournaments under Sanderson's direction and claimed two NCAA championships, a pair of Big Ten titles and back-to-back Scuffle crowns.

The list is now seven and counting after they won their third straight Scuffle championship Wednesday night at McKenzie Arena.

"We're happy with where we are, but we have room, like everybody else, to grow," Sanderson said after PSU rolled up 178.5 points. "It's important to have the success and also have fun while we're doing it but at the same time we don't ever want to be satisfied."

The Nittany Lions produced champions at 125 (Nico Negaludis), 184 (Ed Ruth) and 197 (Quentin Wright) and also had runners-up in James Volrath (157) and David Taylor (165).

Oklahoma State finished second with 158 points in the 24-team tournament followed by Missouri (147.5), Minnesota (139.5) and Cornell (136).

The runner-up Cowboys got championships from John Morrison (133), Jordan Oliver (149) and Chris Perry (174).

"There was a lot of good," Oklahoma State assistant head coach Eric Guerrero said. "There are things we want to address in terms of critical-time wrestling and other things we'll discuss privately but for the most part there was a lot of good."

Other winners were Cornell's Michael Nevinger (141) and Kyle Dake (165), Virginia's Jedd Moore (157) and Missouri's Dom Bradley (285).

Highest finish for a Southern Conference team came from the Citadel, which finished 11th with 45 points. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga was 14th, Campbell 17th and Appalachian State 18th.

The Mocs' lone medalist was Dean Pavlou, who finished seventh at 141 pounds.

"You set your expectations for first, but I think maturity has allowed me to adjust and be able to bounce back from losses," he said. "At this level everybody is so good. You could take two guys, let them wrestle 10 matches and they might each win five. The guys that are consistently winning are always wrestling at their optimal level with a lot of focus. I can make improvements. I would love to have stood atop that [awards] podium tonight. I got my eyes opened, but it's good to have that every now and then."

The Mocs have very little time to rest. They'll wrestle at home at 2 Sunday afternoon against Top 10 team Illinois.