5-at-10: Protests keep growing, Little League with big lessons, AP overrated/underrated, Rushmore of movies from Stephen King writing

Published Aug. 22 2017

AP poll, kneeling in the NFL, the Little League World Series and more.

Wiedmer: Could watching the eclipse really cost Bama a national title?

Published Aug. 22 2017

With the sky above Grace Point Camp near Spring City once again sunny and clear Monday afternoon — the Great...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, is AP football poll needed, Sports records that could be 'eclipsed' and Rushmore of movies starring singers

Published Aug. 21 2017

A pair of local golfers, Mark Richt, the Pacers, the Seahawks and more are feature in today's weekend winners and...

Wiedmer: Josh Dobbs, Falcons and Titans all having their preseason moments

Published Aug. 21 2017

The Atlanta Falcons are 0-2 for the exhibition season after Sunday's 17-13 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Tennessee Titans...

Wiedmer: We won't know Titans' ceiling until regular season begins

Published Aug. 20 2017

It was pretty much what any NFL coach hopes to see, whether the game is a meaningless August exhibition or...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with 30-for-30s we want, LeBron commenting on the president and shots to the junk

Published Aug. 18 2017

30 for 30s, Lebron on Trump, shots to the junk and more.

Hargis: Things I know about the 2017 prep football season

Published Aug. 18 2017

As we get set for the first Friday night of the 2017 prep football season, here are a few things...

5-at-10: Saban being (baby) Saban, Home run chase, Social protest coming to Chattanooga?, Rushmore of people and their hats

Published Aug. 17 2017

Giancarlo Stanton, baby Nick Saban and more.

Wiedmer: Sweetens Cove suddenly more than a local golf gem

Published Aug. 17 2017

Seven years ago and three miles down Sweetens Cove Road from its Highway 72 entrance, Rob Collins got his first...

McCarter: There's nothing like a night race at Bristol

Published Aug. 17 2017

One of the kid's first jobs was working in the concessions stands at Bristol Motor Speedway, cooking hamburgers and hot...

5-at-10: SEC items of interest, Dodgers' awesome numbers, Senators on NCAA sports, Rushmore of The Kings

Published Aug. 16 2017

SEC stuff, Baylor sex scandal, the Dodgers and more.

Wiedmer: Addition of Marvin Bagley III makes Duke all but unbeatable come March

Published Aug. 16 2017

Psssssst! Want an insider tip on picking your NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket(s) next March?

5-at-10: ESPN's fantasy play, 30-for-30 expert's rankings, NFL anthem, True or false Tuesday, Rushmore of Classic Hollywood movies

Published Aug. 15 2017

ESPN fantasy football, Goodell, best 30-for-30 films and more.

Wiedmer: Pittsburgh Steelers' Rocky Bleier a hero we all can believe in

Published Aug. 15 2017

Let's start this column in early December of 1968, 11 games into Robert Patrick Bleier's rookie season with the Pittsburgh...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, Protesting on the rise, Rushmore of Steve Martin

Published Aug. 14 2017

This weekend's winners and losers features the Red Sox, Justin Thomas and more.

Wiedmer: Hail Mary against Georgia a thing of the past for Jauan Jennings

Published Aug. 14 2017

To most fans — of the Volunteers or otherwise — sports is often all about the past. That Hail Mary...

Wiedmer: Turning down the Big Orange to become a Yellow Jacket

Published Aug. 13 2017

Despite growing up in Rockwood, Tenn., playing his high school ball for the Webb School in Knoxville and pretty much...

5-at-10: Lookouts stadium questions, offensive SEC East, SNL Spinoffs, Rushmores and Hate mail

Published Aug. 11 2017

New Lookouts' field questions, SEC East, SNL spinoffs and more.

5-at-10: UTC football, NBA's competitive balance, Deshaun Watson, Rushmore of favorite schools in TV/movies

Published Aug. 10 2017

The Mocs upcoming season, the NFL preseason and competitive balance in the NBA.

Greeson: New attacks on old talk of new Lookouts stadium

Published Aug. 10 2017

The email was clear and somewhat alarming:

Wiedmer: Joshua Dobbs gets another chance to prove he's a winner

Published Aug. 10 2017

Sometimes nice guys really do finish first.


5-at-10: PGA Championship picks, Around the SEC, UCLA QB sounds off, one-word Wednesday, Rushmore of board games

Published Aug. 9 2017

The PGA Championship, SEC stuff, Rosen and more.

Wiedmer: Will new season bring different result for UTC against JSU?

Published Aug. 9 2017

Six hundred thirteen days. That's how long it's been since the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football team had its...