5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, college football rewind, Rushmore of Johnny Cash songs

Published Sep. 12 2016

The Weekend winners and losers include Andrew Luck, Jack Del Rio, Lamar Jackson, the Falcons and the Titans.

Wiedmer: Falcons and Titans look sadly the same

Published Sep. 12 2016

As any Tennessee Vols fan can happily tell you this morning, you can make too much of the opening game...

Wiedmer: Vols finally look like a contender

Published Sep. 11 2016

With ESPN's GameDay crew all but swallowed whole by a sea of Tennessee Orange during their Saturday morning show at...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on Adam Sandler's 50th birthday, SEC rewind, Kaepernick followers

Published Sep. 9 2016

Talking Adam Sandler, SEC football, Michigan, Les Miles and Colin Kaepernick.

Greeson: College picks against the spread looking for opportunity

Published Sep. 9 2016

How was your first week? If you followed the picks here — and bought the half with Georgia Tech, as...

5-at-10: Fab 4 picks, SEC things to watch, NFL playoff picks, Rushmore of drive-thru restaurants and things we have memorized

Published Sep. 8 2016

College picks, SEC notes, NFL pre-season playoff picks and more.

Pasquali's Pix: LSU still finishing a 'stinking' second

Published Sep. 8 2016

Les Miles is in his 12th season as LSU's football coach, but it's his first with an 0-1 record.

5-at-10: Birthday thank-you, NFL awards picks, Tebow's future team, Rushmore of cold cuts

Published Sep. 7 2016

Happy birthday 5-at-10 the Third. NFL, Time Tebow and more.

Wiedmer: Lookout Mountain Conservancy offering hope, opportunity to Howard students

Published Sep. 7 2016

As the final seconds ticked off in Howard's 28-13 high school victory victory over Red Bank last Friday night, its...

5-at-10: Breaking down the opening weekend of college football, NFL roster moves, Rushmore of ice cream flavors

Published Sep. 6 2016

College football rewind, rethinking college football picks, NFL season begins and more.

Wiedmer: Vols to focus on foe instead of record-setting fans

Published Sep. 6 2016

Perhaps because he's not just a senior, but an aerospace engineering major, Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs didn't take long to...

5-at-10: Winners and losers from a wild college football weekend, and a Rushmore of Michael Keaton movies

Published Sep. 5 2016

Morning firends. Happy Labor Day.


Wiedmer: Bama best, Kentucky worst of SEC's first weekend

Published Sep. 5 2016

Good thing the Southeastern Conference counts No. 1 Alabama, No. 18 Georgia and unranked Texas A&M among its 14 member...

Wiedmer: Kirby Smart already has UGA playing winning football

Published Sep. 4 2016

Kirby Smart probably would have preferred his Georgia Bulldogs not find themselves down 10 points to North Carolina in the...

5-at-10: So, what do we make of Tennessee now?

Published Sep. 2 2016

Completely fair question and one that is staggeringly reverent this morning at a time when I thought Butch and Co....

Wiedmer: Are Vols still who we thought they were?

Published Sep. 2 2016

Could it be that the Tennessee Volunteers may not be who we thought they were?

Greeson: First football weekend packed with entertainment

Published Sep. 2 2016

Football is back. Oh, blessed day. Here are four things we are watching for:

Hargis: It's football time in Tennessee

Published Sep. 2 2016

After an offseason filled with building expectations for both programs, the kickoff of the most highly anticipated football season in...

5-at-10: College football is back, Fab 4 (plus 1) picks, MLB pennant races, Fill in the blank and Rushmore of ships

Published Sep. 1 2016

Football is back. Oh blessed day. Here are five things we are watching for...

Pasquali's Pix: SEC will be put to early test

Published Sep. 1 2016

The greatest opening weekend of Southeastern Conference football in at least a generation is finally upon us.

5-at-10: UTC football forecast, a race conversation, college projections and more

Published Aug. 31 2016

Mocs football, more thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, BYU's college hustle and more.

Wiedmer: Mocs show how to build a championship-caliber FCS program

Published Aug. 31 2016

If the steady, heady rise of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football can be measured in a single person, it...

5-at-10: More Kaepernick talk, Vols three biggest questions, Peyton's place, Rushmore of modern-day comedies

Published Aug. 30 2016

Better late than never, right? Enjoy, and blame the columnist. It's the easy way out.