Wiedmer: Now with 500 wins, Baylor's Austin Clark is an old-school treasure

Published Feb. 8 2017

When Austin Clark was growing up in Kingston, Tenn., any time his father Roy spied a turtle placed atop a...

5-at-10: How many can the Patriots win, Can the Falcons come back, LeBron being great, True or false Tuesday

Published Feb. 7 2017

Post-Super Bowl thougts on Tom Brady and the Falcons. Plus, some NBA talk.

Wiedmer: Even by Loserville standards, Falcons loss will leave a lasting mark

Published Feb. 7 2017

At least Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan delivered a world championship answer when asked late Sunday night to explain how he...


5-at-10: Winners and losers and a whole lot of superlatives from a super Super Bowl

Published Feb. 6 2017

The Falcons are peak weekend losers, Tom Brady and more.

Wiedmer: Only Atlanta could lose this Super Bowl

Published Feb. 6 2017

How else to explain the greatest collapse in Super Bowl history. How else to explain how a 28-3 Super Bowl...

Wiedmer: Mocs' underdog days in SoCon are over

Published Feb. 5 2017

At first glance, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's 77-65 men's basketball victory over woeful Western Carolina on Saturday would...

Wiedmer: U.S. Soccer warms up fans on a cold night

Published Feb. 4 2017

Yes, the weather seemed a better fit for the Jamaican bobsledding team than its national soccer squad, but in a...

5-at-10: Super Bowl questions, championship connections, Show cause penalty, Holiday traditions

Published Feb. 3 2017

Friday mailbag questions covering the NCAA, Super Bowl, Bill Russell and more.

Greeson: Falcons have Super chance for super fan Shadrick

Published Feb. 3 2017

Super Bowl Sunday, in a lot of ways, is the pinnacle of American excess.

5-at-10: Frisky 4 NFL picks, crazy prop bets, Signing Day grades, Rushmore of rodents

Published Feb. 2 2017

Super Bowl prop bets, Super Bowl winner, National Signing Day grades and more.

Wiedmer: Signing day at Howard a reason to smile

Published Feb. 2 2017

What happened at Howard for 12 of its senior football players on Wednesday should make us all smile with pride....

5-at-10: Recruiting good and bad, UT and UTC recruiting thoughts, Falcons offense, Rushmore of current legendary broadcasters

Published Feb. 1 2017

National Signing Day 2017, recruiting and the Super Bowl.


Wiedmer: Falcon Fever building as Super Bowl approaches

Published Feb. 1 2017

The official adult-sized Atlanta Falcons jerseys, the ones that sell for $100 apiece, have been sold out for several days...

5-at-10: Brady's soft side, Falcons secondary challenge, LeBron fires back, Worst loss as a sports fan

Published Jan. 31 2017

Super Bowl week, Lebron's diatribe and more.

Wiedmer: When will college recruiting reflect our best instead of our worst?

Published Jan. 31 2017

For now it's nothing more than a lawsuit brought by a former female student against Baylor University. No court has...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, Baylor University's growing scandal, Rushmore of Hackman movies

Published Jan. 30 2017

Weekend winners and losers and Baylor outrage.

Wiedmer: Roger Federer wins one for the ages

Published Jan. 30 2017

His fifth Australian Open title just won Sunday, his nemesis Rafael Nadal topped in a Grand Slam for the first...

Wiedmer: Don't count Vols out of NCAA tourney just yet

Published Jan. 29 2017

Could these Volunteers still play their way into the NCAA tournament?

5-at-10: Friday mailbag looking at the awful adjective that is roach-infestation, Best vs. greatest, NFL scheduling and more

Published Jan. 27 2017

The greatest trade in NFL history, Tostitos, the NFL schedule, the best QB ever and more.

Wiedmer: Falcons' Julio Jones responds to Pats' Malcolm Butler

Published Jan. 27 2017

As Atlanta Falcons wideout Julio Jones began to answer reporters' questions Thursday afternoon about facing the New England Patriots in...

5-at-10: Tiger returns, UTC part of college hoops craziness, Musburger signing off, Rushmore of Scott Glenn movies

Published Jan. 26 2017

Tiger Woods, college basketball, Brent Musberger and more.

Wiedmer: Girls Leadership Academy gym now sparkles as much as its students

Published Jan. 26 2017

A few years ago, while looking for a new career challenge, veteran Hamilton County school administrator Mario Beck kept focusing...

5-at-10: Top 10 quarterbacks in value, UK falls to UT, Adler fired by ESPN, Rushmore of most famous songs

Published Jan. 25 2017

The NFL's elite quarterbacks, UT-UK hoops, the Australian Open and more.