Wiedmer: Honors Course's Stone is a bird of a different feather

Published Jul. 10 2016

David Stone wasn't looking for a job that hot summer's day in 1982. He already had one he loved as...

Greeson: SEC media days kick off without two ones-of-a-kind

Published Jul. 9 2016

Earlier this week there was a drinking game with an SEC media days theme. Some fellow from Bolton Sports put...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with a Rushmore of sandwiches, UT's potential football narrative, SEC drinking game and NBA title contenders

Published Jul. 8 2016

Jay Greeson answers your mailbag questions concerning the best sandwiches, the Warriors, a new contest, an SEC drinking game and...

Greeson: Don't expect loyalty from sports superstars or teams

Published Jul. 8 2016

There is no loyalty from sports superstars.

5-at-10: Loyalty in sports? Nope, A Frozen political future, Calvin Johnson on concussions, Rushmore of Sevens

Published Jul. 7 2016

Jay Greeson on loyalty in sports, Trump and Hillary, NFL concussions and more.

Wiedmer: Butch Jones big winner in UT decision to settle

Published Jul. 7 2016

Funny how time can lessen legal bravura regarding a lawsuit.

Case: Feral pigs are a real problem

Published Jul. 7 2016

One of the latest hot topics concerns the feral pig issue. We have talked about feral swine here before and...

5-at-10: UT settlement, All-star in the all-stars, More Durant, Happy Fried Chicken Day

Published Jul. 6 2016

UT's settlement, the MLB All-Stars, more on Durant and Ray Allen's comeback.

Wiedmer: Are Warriors now the ultimate dream team?

Published Jul. 6 2016

However spectacular the fireworks you may have seen or heard on the Fourth of July, they almost assuredly paled in...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, Durant thoughts, R.I.P. Dr. B, Rushmore of gangster female roles

Published Jul. 5 2016

Who won the weekend? Plus, Greeson does a deep dive on Kevin Durant's decision.

Wiedmer: Dr. Basketball was a solid gold personality

Published Jul. 5 2016

The year was 1989. At a restaurant on Brainerd Road, WGOW-AM 1150 was about to do a live feed for...

5-at-10: Happy Fourth of July edition

Published Jul. 4 2016

Who wore it best? Ranking the best No. 4s of all-time.

Wiedmer: MLB's Fort Bragg game needs encores

Published Jul. 4 2016

Interviewed by Sports Business News late last week, the Atlanta Braves' Jeff Francoeur said of Sunday night's baseball game against...

Wiedmer: Joe Jacobi a model Olympian through and through

Published Jul. 3 2016

For a moment, it looked like nothing more than a tin can lid sailing through the air — a tiny,...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on SEC Rushmore, Coastal Carolina, Would you go to the Olympics, and Bobby Bonilla gets paid today

Published Jul. 1 2016

Jay Greeson answers this week's mailbag questions covering SEC Rushmore of coaches, Jordan Spieth, NBA free agency, Ghostbusters, Andrew Luck's...

Greeson: Rocky start to 2016 means only one way to go

Published Jul. 1 2016

Today is the first day of the second half of 2016. And in this view, here's hoping for a strong...

5-at-10: Wrapping up a bad first half, Durant's options, A Punk move, and Rushmore of U.S. Olympians

Published Jun. 30 2016

A recap of the first half of 2016, KD's free agency, CM Punk enters the Octagon, Andrew Luck's new deal,...

Wiedmer: Pat Summitt's hold on women's game should last awhile

Published Jun. 30 2016

Due to a class she was taking that semester at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Sharon Fanning found herself...

5-at-10: Pat's tributes, Braves 'interesting' few days, Tebowing, Rushmore in honor of iPhone's ninth birthday

Published Jun. 29 2016

More on Pat Summit, positive Braves things and Tim Tebow.

Wiedmer: Unfairly burdened, former Lady Vols coach can now fly free

Published Jun. 29 2016

Grace Keith was one of the first coaches on the planet to feel the power of Pat Summitt's coaching skills.

5-at-10: Good-bye Pat tributes, her reach beyond coaching, 2016's been a tough year for legends

Published Jun. 28 2016

Jay Greeson remembers and celebrates Pat Summitt.


Wiedmer: Braves could be much better in 2017

Published Jun. 28 2016

Is it time to start getting mildly excited about the future of the Atlanta Braves?

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, thinking of Pat Summitt and all-time SEC Rushmore of coaches

Published Jun. 27 2016

The Starks, Tony Stewart and Lionel Messi highlight this weekend's winners and losers, plus an ode to Pat Summitt.