Wiedmer: Sergio Garcia's Masters win another 2017 sports gem

Published Apr. 10 2017

With the sun about to disappear behind Augusta National Golf Club's towering pines, Sergio Garcia's 18-year hunt for an elusive...

Wiedmer: Old school or new school, Mocs football looks good

Published Apr. 9 2017

A kid being a kid, regardless of his age, Kota Nix tweeted out the following Saturday morning: "(University of Tennessee...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with the Week's Rushmores and a ton of Masters questions

Published Apr. 7 2017

Friday mailbag: The Masters edition.


5-at-10: Masters kicks off, NBA winds down, NFL draft three weeks out, Rushmores in honor of Arnold Palmer

Published Apr. 6 2017

NFL draft, NBA playoffs approaching, the Masters and more.

Wiedmer: Kip Henley a Masters caddie like no other

Published Apr. 6 2017

At 12:35 this afternoon, Chattanooga native and 1978 Central High School graduate Kip Henley will stand just off the No....

5-at-10: Masters memories and contests, CBS's big week, UTC new hire

Published Apr. 5 2017

The best day of the Masters, UTC's new hire, CBS's big week and more.

Wiedmer: April with Paris hints of a magic March

Published Apr. 5 2017

According to some historians, the late, great X and O whiz Confucius was the first to observe: "Do what you...

5-at-10: UNC's clunky title-game win leaves a few questions, Masters contest and memories, ESPN's new policy on politics, True or False Tuesday

Published Apr. 4 2017

Where does Roy Williams rank all-time,

Wiedmer: KU's Mason the best, officiating the worst of this college hoops season

Published Apr. 4 2017

As I write this, North Carolina and Gonzaga have not yet played in the NCAA title game, so this is...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, UTC hires Paris, Rushmore of Eddie Murphy movies

Published Apr. 3 2017

Weekend winners and losers features Alabama fans, Mississippi State, college basketball, Art Briles and more.

Wiedmer: UTC's David Blackburn hits another home run with coaching hire

Published Apr. 3 2017

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga athletic director David Blackburn will quickly tell anyone willing to listen that "my reputation and...

Wiedmer: Braves good enough to win more than they lose

Published Apr. 2 2017

A few minutes after new Atlanta Braves pitcher and former Tennessee Volunteer R.A. Dickey wrapped up his relief work in...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with Final Four and baseball predictions, some Rushmore answers and NFL stadium idea

Published Mar. 31 2017

MLB picks, Final Four champion, the Raiders and more.

Hargis: David Cobb ready to build on Patrick Brown's Vols coverage

Published Mar. 31 2017

For the past six-plus years the Times Free Press has been fortunate to have Patrick Brown, who I believe was...

5-at-10: McCall leaving gives Blackburn another chance to hit a home run, Great NBA Ws... Warriors and Westbrook, Final Four shoes, Rushmore for Hammer Time

Published Mar. 30 2017

Matt McCall's departure, Russell Westbrook, the Warriors, the Final Four and more.

Wiedmer: UTC needs a men's basketball coach who will stay longer than two years

Published Mar. 30 2017

Remember the song "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone," most famously recorded by the Monkees? If you're a University of Tennessee...

5-at-10: NFL Patriots envy, Being "intellectually lazy," McCall on the move?, Rushmore in honor of Cy Young

Published Mar. 29 2017

The Patriots, Matt McCall leaving UTC, Dr. J and more.

Wiedmer: NFL wrong to move Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas

Published Mar. 29 2017

It didn't take former Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Terdell Sands long to form an opinion about this week's news that...

5-at-10: Laettner's all-time moment turns 25, SEC tempers flair and faux sportsmanship, Cleveland hurting, True or false Tuesday

Published Mar. 28 2017

'The shot', the Cavs struggles and sportsmanship.

Wiedmer: Making real noise in March Madness no cheap trick

Published Mar. 28 2017

When Middle Tennessee State University announced late last week that it was signing longtime basketball coach Kermit Davis to a...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, tons of NCAA tournament reflection, Rushmore of female singers

Published Mar. 27 2017

Who were this weekend's winners and losers? Jay Greeson breaks it down.

Wiedmer: UNC now the Final Four favorite

Published Mar. 27 2017

North Carolina's men's basketball team launched a private Twitter account during the offseason. The Tar Heels labeled it "Redemption."

Wiedmer: Graham Spanier's guilt a lesson for us all

Published Mar. 26 2017

What price for innocence lost? What is a fair penalty for protecting the image of an institution over the heart...