5-at-10: Olympics and NFL issues, Michael Phelps, National joke day and Rushmore of celebrity deaths

Published Aug. 16 2016

Have the Olympics peaked? Kris Humphries beating Michael Phelps, Clay Matthews juicing and more.

Wiedmer: Vols sound more like champs every day

Published Aug. 16 2016

The clear class clown of Team 120, redshirt running back Alvin Kamara attempted to run last Friday's Tennessee football media...

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, Titans looking good, Olympics at the midway point

Published Aug. 15 2016

Weekend winners and losers: Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Olympics golf and Dak Prescott. Jay Greeson also gives you...

Wiedmer: Phelps will never find a better time to retire

Published Aug. 15 2016

Michael Phelps should always follow his heart regarding his probable retirement from competitive swimming. Gosh knows if he decides to...

Wiedmer: Chattanooga's Polly Boyd was on last U.S. Olympic golf team selected

Published Aug. 14 2016

The black and white photograph hangs in a hallway at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club.

Wiedmer: Baylor grad Colton Jumper now a scholarship Vol

Published Aug. 13 2016

His exams finished, his car packed, Tennessee junior linebacker Colton Jumper was asked to stop by head coach Butch Jones's...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on NBC's coverage, Phelps' all-time dominance, A-Rod and Hard Knocks

Published Aug. 12 2016

This week's mailbag covers NBC's Olympics coverage, Michael Phelps, fantasy football, LeBron and much more.

Greeson: Saban comes around and to his senses on Smith transfer

Published Aug. 12 2016

So with that, the the most powerful man in college sports surrendered the power.

5-at-10: Olympics, Saban relents on Smith transfer, three weeks until college football, Rushmore of ESPN hosts

Published Aug. 11 2016

Olympic swimming, Alabama lets Smith go, college football begins soon and more.

Wiedmer: Olympics always worth losing sleep over

Published Aug. 11 2016

It has kidnapped my family every four years for as far back as I can remember, at least since 1968,...

5-at-10: Olympic awesomeness, Sports gambling, A-Rod the observer, Rushmore of acting dogs

Published Aug. 10 2016

Michael Phelps and the amazing stars of the Olympics, betting in sports, A-Rod and more.

Wiedmer: Could Yasiel Puig become the next Johnny Manziel?

Published Aug. 10 2016

We now know who Yasiel Puig really is. He's Johnny Manziel with talent.


5-at-10: Tebow's return, Braves' hot streak, More Olympics magic, Rushmore of best commercial voices

Published Aug. 9 2016

Tim Tebow returns to...baseball?, Positive Paul isn't happy the Braves are winning, and the Olympics.

Wiedmer: Could both sides be right and wrong in Maurice Smith flap?

Published Aug. 9 2016

What if nobody's wrong in the Nick Saban/Maurice Smith transfer tug of war?

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, glorious Olympics start, Rushmore of Dustin Hoffman movies

Published Aug. 8 2016

Weekend winners and losers include Ichiro, the NFL and more.

Wiedmer: Favre's speech special for former Mocs coach Allison

Published Aug. 8 2016

The letter from Brett Favre arrived a few weeks ago at Rodney Allison's home in Lubbock, Texas. Favre wanted Allison...

Wiedmer: Buck Johnson is thrilled that softball will return to Olympics in 2020

Published Aug. 7 2016

When Don Porter first envisioned making softball an Olympic sport in the late 1980s, he turned to former Chattanooga Times...

Greeson: Wow, Alabama coach Saban looks silly on Smith transfer issue

Published Aug. 6 2016

Nick Saban is the best coach in the history of college football.

5-at-10: Changes in media, ESPN's dilemma, Saban's terrible look, Best (and worst) Olympic gold medals

Published Aug. 5 2016

How to become a sportswriter, the fall of ESPN, Rushmore of Olympic gold medals and Nick Saban.

5-at-10: Nike's slice, College football countdown, Westbrook extension, Rushmore of real-life sports movies

Published Aug. 4 2016

Nike and golf, college football is coming, Russell Westbrook stays in OKC and more.

Wiedmer: Is Huesman planning to psych-out UTC foes this season?

Published Aug. 4 2016

If University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football coach Russ Huesman contracted a colossal case of overconfidence this season, no one...

5-at-10: AP's polling numbers tab THE Ohio State, Olympics spirit, Braves' deal, Rushmore of best trio from one university

Published Aug. 3 2016

Ohio State No. 1 all-time, a day to remember, Matt Kemp's debut and more,

Wiedmer: Gunner Miller, others wrestling for a good cause

Published Aug. 3 2016

The People's Captain.