Wiedmer: A Father's Day lesson for every day

Published Jun. 21 2015

Seven years have passed since I last spent a Father's Day with my dad.

Greeson: Best NBA players since 1979 and more MVP discussion

Published Jun. 20 2015

I answer emailed sports questions every Friday in my online column, the "5-at-10."

5-at-10: Mailbag with Tiger's woes, Rushmores of TV dads and historical collectables and Top 10 NBA players since '79

Published Jun. 19 2015

Great week. Let's do work.

Greeson: Open possibilities for Fox and the field this weekend

Published Jun. 19 2015

The U.S. Open that started Thursday offers an amazing opportunity.

5-at-10: Rookie QBs, Green machine, Golf's Open opportunity, Rushmore of tight ends

Published Jun. 18 2015

From the "Talks too much" studios, how do you measure yourself against other golfers? By height.

Wiedmer: Warriors' NBA title is a win for teamwork

Published Jun. 18 2015

Anyone who ever watched Draymond Green play so much as a single half of basketball at Michigan State should have...

5-at-10: NBA Finals, NBA issues, Open predictions, Rushmore of famous quotes form everyday Joes

Published Jun. 17 2015

We have a mailbag coming, so what do want to know?

Greeson: Chambers Bay a cross between Sir Gooney's, St. Andrew's

Published Jun. 17 2015

The story lines for this week's U.S. Open are familiar.

5-at-10: Game 6 preview, Open story lines, Huesman and coaching hot seats

Published Jun. 16 2015

LeBron and the Cavs are at home.

Greeson: James has been brilliant; Curry-led Warriors have been better

Published Jun. 16 2015

These NBA Finals have, barring a second-half snoozefest in Game 4, been awesomely entertaining.

Atlanta ProView: Dawn of the Dead Arms

Published Jun. 15 2015

Like zombie shows? Welcome to Dawn of the Dead Arms, Atlanta's latest ode to the un-dead. It features a group...

5-at-10: Winners and losers, NBA finals, and the Hope Solo witch hunt, Rushmore of sports lies

Published Jun. 15 2015

It's Monday. You know how we roll.

Wiedmer: Braves still worth a look

Published Jun. 15 2015

Atlanta's 30-33 record suggests no great reason for Braves Nation to feel anything beyond disappointment and disillusionment toward its baseball...

Wiedmer: SEC's riches tough to beat

Published Jun. 14 2015

In case you missed it, when the NCAA Women's College World Series took place a couple of weeks ago, five...

Greeson: Baylor, UTC alum Jaeger has his wide eyes on Open

Published Jun. 14 2015

Stephan Jaeger plays golf for a living.

Greeson: UTC basketball coach moving at quick pace

Published Jun. 13 2015

Two months ago today, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga athletic director David Blackburn announced he had hired Matt McCall to...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with Rushmore of remakes, Game 4 reaction, McCall on rule changes

Published Jun. 12 2015

Well, that was interesting.

Wiedmer: Pressley's Hall of Fame shadow box

Published Jun. 12 2015

Ever since the University of Tennessee football team won the 1998 national championship, Alan Pressley's hand-built shadow boxes have created...

5-at-10: Game 4 preview, Trouble for UTs?, second helping of Rice, Rushmore of women's basketball players

Published Jun. 11 2015

We're more than a little bit stoked for tonight's Game 4.

Wiedmer: Education woes with athletes start long before college

Published Jun. 11 2015

Whether intentional or not, the irony couldn't be ignored. Placed side by side near the top of this newspaper's website...

5-at-10: LeBron's control, More Mariota praise, Awesome Open stories, Rushmore of worst SEC football coaches

Published Jun. 10 2015

From the "Talks too much" studios, time to make the doughnuts.

Wiedmer: UTC's Foster sees positives in rules changes

Published Jun. 10 2015

Few human beings anywhere choose their words more carefully and wisely than University of Tennessee at Chattanooga women's basketball coach...

5-at-10: NBA Finals preview, Braves old friends, questionable Bills, Happy birthday Dickie V

Published Jun. 9 2015

Huge showdown tonight in the NBA Finals.