5-at-10: NBA power players, FSU acts on video, Cosby on Rushmore of falls from grace

Published Jul. 7 2015

We'll play a lot of True and False on Press Row today on ESPN 105.1 from 3-6 p.m.

Greeson: 'U-S-A!' Women's World Cup soccer title a unifying thrill

Published Jul. 7 2015

As we head into the second half of 2015, there are some amazing sports story lines already on the board.

Atlanta ProView: The arms race is taking shape

Published Jul. 6 2015

Say this for the Atlanta Braves. They won't let us dismiss them, even though there's no way they can actually...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, Tiger's Sunday and Rushmore of Sports Siblings

Published Jul. 6 2015

Hope you enjoyed the Fourth and thanked a veteran.

Wiedmer: Scenic City will welcome 'rock stars' of U.S. women's soccer

Published Jul. 6 2015

Payback is heaven.

Wiedmer: Matt Woods represents America at her best

Published Jul. 5 2015

When Matt Woods graduated from Dade County High School in 2005, the thought of one day heading off to medical...

Greeson: Mocs, QB Huesman enjoy incredible week

Published Jul. 4 2015

What a summer for the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga football program.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on NBA's best, Peyton's visit and several Rushmores

Published Jul. 3 2015

Gang, huge week. Thanks. Be safe of the Fourth.

Greeson: UT gets new duds, now needs better results

Published Jul. 3 2015

The marketing folks at Nike and UT obviously know their business quite well, because there was more than a little...

5-at-10: UT's new clothes, NBA free agency, Braves win, Rushmore of sports miscues

Published Jul. 2 2015

Another great back and forth yesterday. Well-played all around.

5-at-10: World Cup time, Daytona caves, Kentucky hoops, Rushmore of patriotic movies

Published Jul. 1 2015

Great back and forth yesterday. Well-played all around.

Wiedmer: World Cup fever again gripping Scenic City

Published Jul. 1 2015

It wasn't hard to figure out why Ella Sanders was visiting the Buffalo Wild Wings on Market Street early Tuesday...

5-at-10: Mickelson's money mess, NBA free agency, UT's Nike newness, halfway 2015 awards

Published Jun. 30 2015

It's only Tuesday, but it's a holiday week, so remember the mailbag.

Greeson: Vegas agrees that Tennessee Vols are improved

Published Jun. 30 2015

Two weeks from today, Butch Jones will face the throng at SEC Media Days.

5-at-10: Weekend winners/losers, free agency and should they be called the Lady Vols

Published Jun. 29 2015

Gang, we're back in the saddle and thanks for all the feedback last wee.

Atlanta ProView: Freeman injury starts swoon

Published Jun. 29 2015

The June Swoon finally hit the Atlanta Braves and it's no coincidence it came on the heels of losing Freddie...

Wiedmer: Lady Vols deserve their own identity

Published Jun. 29 2015

"I was shocked."

Wiedmer: Manning an all-pro in more ways than one

Published Jun. 28 2015

ATHENS, Tenn. -- Jason Estes and his family wanted so badly to see Peyton Manning speak at the ninth annual...

Greeson: Spieth, Fox, fans all won at U.S. Open

Published Jun. 27 2015

It's been a little less than a week since Jordan Spieth survived and won the U.S. Open.

5-at-10: Mailbag on the NBA draft, all-time golf announcers, $100 handshakes and Vandy's choice

Published Jun. 26 2015

We are wrapping up a week the panhandle. We have found some great sand castles, a few Co-Colas and avoided...

Greeson: Goodell has several balls in air in DeflateGate appeal

Published Jun. 26 2015

Most times when an NFL player appeals an NFL decision, the odds are very slim he will get anything overturned.

5-at-10: Chattanooga's soccer shine, NBA draft, second-round steals, Rushmore

Published Jun. 25 2015

Morning gang. We are on the panhandle trying to find the ultimate sand castle and a few Co-Colas and avoid...

Wiedmer: Neyland visit a dream come true for two UT fans

Published Jun. 25 2015

Perhaps because he believes he's been a University of Tennessee football fan "since the day I was born," Hunter Masters...