5-at-10: Friday mailbag with great 'What if' questions, NBA Finals talk, week's Rushmores and more hate mail

Published May. 26 2017

This week's Rushmores, the NBA Finals, what-ifs featuring Len Bias and Tiger Woods and more.

5-at-10: Summer Games not so fun, NBA draft deadline winners and losers, Tiger update, Rushmore of NFL TD celebrations

Published May. 25 2017

Tiger Woods, NBA draft deadline, Rio Games fallout and more.

5-at-10: Cavs answer, Hypocrisy of Marvin Lewis, Happy Birthday Rich Rod, Rushmore of sports 'What if' questions

Published May. 24 2017

Kyrie Irving's brilliance, Marvin Lewis doesn't like fun, what if Nick Saban never went to Alabama and more.

5-at-10: Preds rolling, Warriors cruising, NFL OT rule changing, True or False Tuesday and worst sequels to great movies

Published May. 23 2017

Smashville Tennessee, what a difference Kawhi makes, new NFL overtime rules and more.

Wiedmer: Is SEC softball now as dominant as SEC football?

Published May. 23 2017

Sure, having eight Southeastern Conference softball teams among the last 16 standing in the NCAA tournament is nice. It's almost...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, baseball's incomprehensible unwritten rules, Rushmore of all-time TV personalities

Published May. 22 2017

The unwritten rules of baseball and this weekend's winners and losers.

Wiedmer: Whether 69.9 miles or 70.3, Ironman a rousing success for Chattanooga [photos]

Published May. 22 2017

Swimming 0.8 miles, biking 56 miles and running 13.1 miles in six hours, 19 minutes and 14 seconds probably wouldn't...

Wiedmer: Butch Hannah has thrown his final NFL flag [video]

Published May. 21 2017

His attitude may change come the fall when the leaves turn and frost dusts the pumpkins, but Butch Hannah isn't...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on LeBron, NFL owners, Danica and sports numbers

Published May. 19 2017

It's the Friday mailbag for the 5-at-10!

Wiedmer: Signal Mountain's baseball Eagles a father-son thing

Published May. 19 2017

But in 2017 — at least within the Signal Mountain high school baseball program that will compete for a Spring...

5-at-10: LeBron's awesomeness, Celtics dilemma, Brady bunch of concussions, Rushmore of post-1980 country music artists

Published May. 18 2017

LeBron James simply looked like a Division I college player against a middle school team last night. OK, the Celtics...

5-at-10: NBA blowout and lottery talk, Big Orange Caravan correction, Go Preds, Rushmore of Cool

Published May. 17 2017

OK, without Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs were absolutely massacred, 136-100. And it was not that close.


Wiedmer: Better late than never for Big Orange Caravan stop

Published May. 17 2017

A Tuesday morning news release from the University of Tennessee announced that its long-running Big Orange Caravan event not only...

5-at-10: Brady on the GOAT, Swanson's importance to the Braves, fun Game 7, Rushmore of best sibling singers

Published May. 16 2017

Belichick was 41-55 heading into the 2001 season with the Patriots, when two weeks into the season Drew Bledsoe goes...

Wiedmer: Braves getting better everywhere except 2017 wins column

Published May. 16 2017

It's easy to look at the Atlanta Braves as they are currently configured and see little reason for anything more...

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers (Hello, San Antonio), Yankees greats and numbers, Rushmore of best known sports stats

Published May. 15 2017

The Spurs. That was gross. And unfortunate. And series altering.

Wiedmer: Cavs-Warriors NBA final looks all but certain

Published May. 15 2017

There aren't a lot of folks out there who would argue against San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich being the NBA's...

Wiedmer: Is Vols' Dave Serrano on the brink of unemployment?

Published May. 14 2017

If the Southeastern Conference baseball tournament began today instead of May 23, the Tennessee Volunteers would be on the outside...

Wiedmer: UTC's Corey Levin getting acclimated to life in the NFL

Published May. 13 2017

It isn't taking Corey Levin long to embrace at least some of what's important to the Music City these days.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with sports-related TV shows, WNBA fantasy leagues, summer blockbusters, MJ vs. LeBron and a busy May 12

Published May. 12 2017

Best tv shows based on sports, WNBA fantasy leagues, LeBron vs Jordan and more.

Wiedmer: Ross Bernstein a writer we can like and trust

Published May. 12 2017

Ross Bernstein was one of the lucky ones during his college days at Minnesota. His frugal parents had saved enough...


5-at-10: College football coaching rankings, next year's college hoops favorite, race and sports

Published May. 11 2017

NCAA hoops title chances, best coach in college football, race in sports and more.

5-at-10: Glorious golfing weekend, NBA drama, Bartolo's badness, Rushmore of former football players turned announcers

Published May. 10 2017

A weekend of golf, Rockets/Spurs, Bartolo Colon and more.