Wiedmer: Spurs vs. Warriors looks more and more likely

Published May. 2 2016

Maybe this Stephen Curry cat has been holding back the Golden State Warriors.

Greeson: Let's give Dan Quinn benefit of doubt for now

Published May. 1 2016

Like a vast majority of the teams stuck in the middle of the NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons are torn...

Wiedmer: A good draft doesn't guarantee a good season

Published May. 1 2016

Yipppeeeeeee! It's over. The second or third most overblown television event in American sports — behind national signing day (for...

5-at-10: Mailbag all about the NFL draft with a couple of Gameshow Rushmores mixed in

Published Apr. 29 2016

Jay Greeson answers NFL draft questions in Friday's mailbag.

Greeson: With Jon Robinson pulling the strings, Titans maximize value

Published Apr. 29 2016

A month ago, the Tennessee Titans had the No. 1 overall pick in a draft that did not have a...

5-at-10: NFL draft contest and mock first round guesses, John Daly, NCAA hates North Carolina and Rushmore of draft moments

Published Apr. 28 2016

Greeson's full first round mock draft plus the draft contest, John Daly, NCAA puts pressure on North Carolina and more.

Wiedmer: Braves need a new manager — now

Published Apr. 28 2016

Watch the Atlanta Braves for even an inning or three these days, and your first thought is sure to be...

5-at-10: Braves struggles, draft preview and a contest to win stuff, more DeflateGate, Rushmore of code

Published Apr. 27 2016

How tired of DeflateGate are you? One day away from the draft, Positive Paul's three positive things and more.

Wiedmer: Notre Dame's Moms Football Safety Clinic was right kind of hit

Published Apr. 27 2016

For a few moments last week, Sylvetta Edwards said she "felt like a football player."

5-at-10: UNC allegations, NFL draft stars, NBA playoffs, Shakespeare Rushmores

Published Apr. 26 2016

More UNC allegations, Chris Paul's bad break, draft steals and more with Jay Greeson's 5-at-10.

Wiedmer: Could Brady be last among Monday's three big sports stories?

Published Apr. 26 2016

Three huge news stories hit the sports wire Monday afternoon before drive-time traffic slowed to its daily gridlock on the...

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, NFL draft stars, Rushmore of Godfather lines

Published Apr. 25 2016

Who won the weekend? Who lost? Who will the Titans pick?

Wiedmer: Special Olympics special to athletes and many others

Published Apr. 25 2016

Haley Lockhart couldn't sleep Friday night. Not a wink.

Wiedmer: Mocs defense has look of a champion

Published Apr. 24 2016

When a relative of the offensive team says the defense carried the day, well, you begin to understand how the...

5-at-10: Mailbag on Butch Jones' dilemma, high 5s, Prince, dropping some science and a mock draft

Published Apr. 22 2016

Friday mailbag covers Butch Jones, high 5s, Prince, the theory of relativity and a mock draft.

Wiedmer: No chance for these Braves to party like 1999

Published Apr. 22 2016

If only this year's Atlanta Braves could give their fans reason to party like it was 1999, which just happens...

5-at-10: Draft moves, NBA playoffs, Olympic snubs, Rushmore of Queens

Published Apr. 21 2016

The draft is heating up, so is LeBron, not so much for the Olympics and more in Greeson's 5-at-10.

Wiedmer: Sailing transforms veterans' lives

Published Apr. 21 2016

Becky Michel and Benny Alicea are American heroes. No one may lobby to put their faces on our nation's paper...

5-at-10: Tiger talk, Braves' roll, Predators jinx, Rushmore of pot and celebrity lookalikes

Published Apr. 20 2016

Tiger Woods return imminent? Braves win fourth straight, NHL playoffs and more.

Wiedmer: Death of Baylor grad Kelly Smith tough on many in area

Published Apr. 20 2016

Dr. Bill Stacy walked slowly toward one of the Long Branch Residential Preserve's vast, communal lawns Tuesday afternoon.

5-at-10: Is Durant elite, New York primer, Titans titanic draft possibilities, Rushmore of The Simpsons characters

Published Apr. 19 2016

Kevin Durant elite? Clinton and Trump lead in critical New York primary, NFL draft,

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, Braves proving us right, Rushmore of worst TV sports innovations

Published Apr. 18 2016

5-at-10's weekend winners and losers, Braves winning again and more.

Wiedmer: Kids shape perspective on spring football games

Published Apr. 18 2016

The University of Tennessee's 56th spring football game officially in the books, the contrived scoring system beginning to wear thin,...