5-at-10: Goodbye 2014 and don't let the door hit you

Published Dec. 31 2014

Today's 5-at-10 a not-so-quick sports top five.

Wiedmer: UT, UTC should like how 2014 is ending

Published Dec. 31 2014

We wave out the old year tonight, packing 2014 in mothballs, a trash can or a time capsule that one...

5-at-10: Tuesday top-fives and Rushmore of old-school Johnny Footballs

Published Dec. 30 2014

From the "Talks too much" studios, let's play the Feud.

Greeson: Black Monday leaves winners and losers

Published Dec. 30 2014

It's called Black Monday in the NFL for a reason. More than 12 percent of the league lost head coaches...

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, contest update and Rushmore of HBO shows

Published Dec. 29 2014

Who you got in a weekend that was extreme in the winning and losing category?

Wiedmer: Falcons did their coach no favors

Published Dec. 29 2014

ATLANTA -- So much for winning one for the ol' ball coach.

Wiedmer: UK's Cal may finally have his dream team

Published Dec. 28 2014

With his postgame radio show almost done Saturday afternoon, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari made this final observation after his...

5-at-10: Top five bowl games ahead

Published Dec. 26 2014

Taking the semifinals out of the equation, here's our personal top five bowl games left on the schedule:

Wiedmer: Too bad these 2014 sports moments can't be returned

Published Dec. 26 2014

Ah, another Boxing Day in England, another Return Day here in the States on the morning after Christmas. Credit or...

5-at-10: Merry Christmas and Hail Mary

Published Dec. 25 2014

Merry Christmas everyone. Remember the mailbag for Friday's 5-at-10, and know that the crack web team is still working to...

Wiedmer: Too many kids need better Christmases

Published Dec. 25 2014

The Highland Park Boys and Girls Club is closed today. Even Santa's helpers can use a brief vacation every now...

Greeson: A Christmas wish list for the sports world

Published Dec. 25 2014

We spend a lot of time and a lot more ink debating the items, interest and the intent of the...

5-at-10: Sports Christmas list, interview tips, college football stuff, Rushmore of Jays

Published Dec. 24 2014

Are you ready? No, not for Christmas... for the mailbag?

Greeson: More mere man than Peyton in Monday loss to Bengals

Published Dec. 24 2014

Peyton Manning looked more mere man than Peyton on Monday night. Manning was picked off four times, and the Broncos...

5-at-10: Manning struggles, Mocs roll, Bobo leaves and Rushmore of Christmas movies/quotes

Published Dec. 23 2014

Peyton Manning looked more man than Peyton on Monday night.

5-at-10: Who won the weekend, who lost the weekend, Jameis and Rushmore of TV moms

Published Dec. 22 2014

Small Ernie and the Biggist missions,part :2 temple of the robot emeralds. ernie has died, but...

Wiedmer: Rice case makes every other sports story secondary

Published Dec. 21 2014

When you work for a newspaper in Chattanooga and your assignment for today is to write about the biggest sports...

Henley: Mocs show toughness even in loss at MTSU

Published Dec. 21 2014

I'm back! It was a brief hiatus, as I'm trying to center this blog on conference season and road games...

5-at-10: Friday Mailbag with college bowl contest, Rushmore of Christmas songs and picks (eventually)

Published Dec. 19 2014

Is it too late to enter the bowl contest?

Greeson: Harbuagh-to-Michigan is a high-dollar rumor

Published Dec. 19 2014

Things escalated in a hurry. Yeah, Brick killed a guy.

5-at-10: College bowl contest to win stuff, Mike Vick, monster win for UTC and Rushmore of directors

Published Dec. 18 2014

One week out. You guess it, we're pretty pumped for Christmas.

Wiedmer: UTC's 'Red' making foes blue

Published Dec. 18 2014

It's certainly been nice while it lasted, these giant basketball upsets the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga women have been...

5-at-10: Story of the year candidates, College bowl contest, NBA big 3, Rushmore of Simpsons characters

Published Dec. 17 2014

We are eight days from Christmas. Eight. Rushmore of eights would be Willie Stargell, Troy Aikman, Figure 8 and Crazy...