Wiedmer: Georgia looks like NCAA tournament team

Published Feb. 8 2015

ATHENS, Ga. -- His team's 15th victory of the season complete with Saturday's 56-53 defeat of Tennessee, Georgia basketball coach...

Wiedmer: Tebow Foundation shining bright

Published Feb. 7 2015

Though she's long admired his personal character and faith, Valerie Sullivan can't say she's ever previously been a big fan...

Greeson: Brady's place as QB not 'tainted'

Published Feb. 7 2015

Well, hasn't this been a fun-filled week with a ton of things happening.

5-at-10: Friday Mailbag ton Tiger, Brady, gambling and UT OC

Published Feb. 6 2015

The 5-at-10 has been great recently during the Super Bowl stuff and then recruiting. Thank you for making the work...

Greeson: Signing-day hubbub yields to perception spin

Published Feb. 6 2015

Signing day has come and gone. Some people are sad, and some are tickled. We are, as of this morning,...

5-at-10: Signing day wrap, Tiger hits bottom, Rushmore of spinoffs

Published Feb. 5 2015

In truth, the hubbub and craziness of national signing day and the drama created by the select few in a...

Greeson: Time for Vols to turn recruits into wins

Published Feb. 5 2015

Game on.

5-at-10: Merry recruitmas, college hoops, Falcons cheating

Published Feb. 4 2015

We are going to be full speed on the Twitter today and checking back here throughout the day for updates...

Wiedmer: We need different dreams for today's signees

Published Feb. 4 2015

The commercial has appeared often in recent days on ESPN's seemingly endless collection of channels.


Published Feb. 3 2015

Football is finished and we were scanning the sports wire for five things at 10 a.m. — like a 5-at-10...

Greeson: Brady, Belichick, bettors super big winners

Published Feb. 3 2015

By now everyone knows the score of the Super Bowl.

5-at-10: Super weekend of winners and losers, GOAT quarterback discussion settled

Published Feb. 2 2015

Happy Groundhog day. Yes, we enjoyed the Bill Murray movie celebrating the most beloved holiday classic centered around a rodent....

Wiedmer: Nothing deflating about this Super Bowl

Published Feb. 2 2015


Wiedmer: Both Pearl and Vols survived his return

Published Feb. 1 2015

KNOXVILLE -- With Thompson-Boling Arena filled as it had not been filled all season, the anticipation at a fever pitch...

Greeson: Food spots for SEC coaches ... and Bible athletes

Published Jan. 31 2015

It's the weekend and we're hours from the biggest sporting event of the year. That means only one thing. ...

5-at-10: Friday Mailbag on SEC coaches favorite restaurants, Biblical athletes and Super tidbits

Published Jan. 30 2015

My buddy and me were talking about what would be the favorite restaurant of each SEC coach. We're not thinking...

Greeson: Time to legalize sports gambling in Tennessee

Published Jan. 30 2015

When is gambling not gambling? When you know it's a sure thing.

5-at-10: Super Bowl turning points, Hawks, Rushmore of TV cool

Published Jan. 29 2015

Gang, remember the mailbag.

Wiedmer: Let Vanderbilt rape case be a lesson for us all

Published Jan. 29 2015

The details of what took place between four Vanderbilt football players and a heavily inebriated, unconscious coed on June 23,...

5-at-10: Super Bowl, UT stumbles, Tiger smiles, Rushmore of coaches

Published Jan. 28 2015

The media circus of Super Bowl week is in the rear view, so maybe now we can start to look...

Wiedmer: UTC proves Title IX not always perfect

Published Jan. 28 2015

Sometimes justice wins out in sports. Monday's news that the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga women's basketball team received its...

5-at-10: Super Bowl first act, Lance tells the truth, Rushmore of Wolfs

Published Jan. 27 2015

Morning. Hope you slept well and ate a good breakfast.

5-at-10: Who won/lost the weekend, Rushmore of commissioners

Published Jan. 26 2015

Hope you had a great weekend.