5-at-10: Friday mailbag with Rushmore of remakes, Game 4 reaction, McCall on rule changes

Published Jun. 12 2015

Well, that was interesting.

Wiedmer: Pressley's Hall of Fame shadow box

Published Jun. 12 2015

Ever since the University of Tennessee football team won the 1998 national championship, Alan Pressley's hand-built shadow boxes have created...

5-at-10: Game 4 preview, Trouble for UTs?, second helping of Rice, Rushmore of women's basketball players

Published Jun. 11 2015

We're more than a little bit stoked for tonight's Game 4.

Wiedmer: Education woes with athletes start long before college

Published Jun. 11 2015

Whether intentional or not, the irony couldn't be ignored. Placed side by side near the top of this newspaper's website...

5-at-10: LeBron's control, More Mariota praise, Awesome Open stories, Rushmore of worst SEC football coaches

Published Jun. 10 2015

From the "Talks too much" studios, time to make the doughnuts.

Wiedmer: UTC's Foster sees positives in rules changes

Published Jun. 10 2015

Few human beings anywhere choose their words more carefully and wisely than University of Tennessee at Chattanooga women's basketball coach...

5-at-10: NBA Finals preview, Braves old friends, questionable Bills, Happy birthday Dickie V

Published Jun. 9 2015

Huge showdown tonight in the NBA Finals.

Greeson: Warriors' coaching strength will be too much

Published Jun. 9 2015

The story lines of these NBA Finals have been incredible.

Atlanta ProView: Do the Braves go all-in?

Published Jun. 8 2015

At the one-third mark of the Major League Baseball season, the Atlanta Braves have an interesting choice to make.

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, NBA Finals, Rushmore of horses

Published Jun. 8 2015

It's a Monday. You know how we roll.

Wiedmer: Glavine delivers a gem to Sunrise Gala

Published Jun. 8 2015

CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- When Bradley Sunrise Rotary Club president Keith Munford began looking for a speaker for the club's annual...

Wiedmer: Can American Pharoah save horse racing?

Published Jun. 7 2015


5-at-10: Friday mailbag on Brady's value in Vegas, transformative TV, Calipari's mission

Published Jun. 5 2015

I have a bunch of questions and I am a little ticked off right now.

5-at-10: Kerr's greatness, NFL's sneaky brilliance, Braves bullpen woes, Rushmore of coaches

Published Jun. 4 2015

We have picked the Cavs in six. We are all-in with LeBron. You know this.

Wiedmer: When will we be free of Jenner?

Published Jun. 4 2015

A few weeks ago, the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer he wasn't discussing his transition to...

5-at-10: Tip of the visor to Jim Foster, More Jenner, franchise QBs in reality or pay scale

Published Jun. 3 2015

Been a quick week. We're already at hump day. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike.

Greeson: Mariota's early returns give hope to Tennessee Titans

Published Jun. 3 2015

The weekend reviews of Marcus Mariota could not have been much better.

5-at-10: Titans future, Best sports message, Braves building blocks, Rushmore of underrated all-time greats

Published Jun. 2 2015

Gang, hope all is well with you and yours and you are ready for summer.

Wiedmer: Smoltz sends message worth repeating

Published Jun. 2 2015

As Tiger Woods taught us, Lance Armstrong reaffirmed and Tom Brady needlessly underscored, it's always dangerous placing famous athletes on...

Atlanta ProView: Ending aside, Hawks were no fluke

Published Jun. 1 2015

The Hawks title hopes ended with barely a whimper, allowing critics to proclaim they were a fluke. While they may...

5-at-10: Who won/lost the weekend, summer movies, Rushmore of Morgan Freeman movies

Published Jun. 1 2015

Wow, each league team got a touch more than $31 million at the SEC meetings.

Wiedmer: Tar Heels may face tough call after NCAA allegations

Published Jun. 1 2015

Ten days have come and gone since the University of North Carolina received its notice of allegations from the NCAA...

Wiedmer: Volunteers at heart of Chattanooga's acclaim

Published May. 31 2015

The name of the volunteer isn't important. His response to a citizen made angry over not being able to turn...