5-at-10: Friday mailbag on B.J. Coleman, cool jury duty chums, movie truths, radio favorites and SEC wedding controversy.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on B.J. Coleman, cool jury duty chums, movie truths, radio favorites and SEC wedding controversy.

August 9th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Gang, it has been a crazy week. Simply unreal. We've spent roughly 65 hours in the office already this week - hello football preview sections - and we'll be back at our desk tomorrow morning too. We have not responded to the 5-at-10 discourse with our normal activity. In fact, if we were Ronald Miller's childhood chum you each could ask us, "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" (Not sure how we got there - the guy in "Can'y Buy Me Love" who was monster creepy in "Children of the Corn" swirling to an old-school REM tune. Selah.)

Where were we? Ah yes, Kronos, the world is ripe for the plucking.

Let's get to the mailbag before we lose our family-oriented, interweb-based sanity.

Quick side note before we get there: The first month of the Press Row radio show from 1-3 on 105.1 FM with David Paschall has been a lot of fun. And that's because a lot of you guys who are calling. Yesterday, we talked about peeing in the pool after Michael Phelps' comments, which of course led us to a dude calling in and talking about throwing a deuce in the lake at Chester Frost Park. Seriously.

Where were we?

From the "Talks too much" studios, we'll make them an offer they can't refuse.

Green Bay Packers quarterback B.J. Coleman, right, has shown significant improvement in his second season, and could challenge Graham Harrell (left) for the No. 2 job backing up Aaron Rodgers, center.

Green Bay Packers quarterback B.J. Coleman, right, has...

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

From several of you

If you're BJ Coleman, what's your reaction to the Packers signing Vince Young to be the third quarterback in a battle for the two spots behind Aaron Rodgers?


This is something that we'll know more about tonight when the Packers play their first preseason game.

We believe first and foremost that this move serves as a clear sign that the Packers are putting Graham Harrell on the clock for the No. 2 job.

That said, it should serve as a wake-up call for B.J. The Packers are looking for someone to grab the No. 2 job for the foreseeable future, regardless of who that is.

This is a great spot to be a No. 2, learning behind the best QB in football. But, whomever it is has to show that he can manage a game if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt or manage and maintain for a month if Rodgers gets injured.

It also could be the Packers way of motivating Harrell and Coleman. A not-so-subtle reminder of Jerry Glanville's most meaningful contribution to the NFL - that it means "Not For Long" if you are not delivering the goods.

We still think the Packers think very highly of B.J. and want it to happen for him.

We also think the Packers are going to make personnel decisions on what they see and what they know rather than what they think or what they want to happen.

Put up or shut up time starts tonight when the Packers play the Cardinals.

As Michael Corleone says, "This is business not personal"


From Joe

Did you see that LeBron showed up for jury duty? That's pretty cool, right? Who do you think would be the coolest person to have jury duty with?

LeBron James

LeBron James

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Joe -

No doubt. That would be so boss. And if LeBron was on the jury pool, he has to be the foreman, right? There's no way the retired school teacher or the former military guy is getting elected if King James is in the house, right?

And once he's elected foreman you have to try to convince him to read the verdict like this: "We have reached a Decision your honor and the defendant will have to take his talents to... THE POKEY. Lock 'em up."

As for your question, well, a Rushmore seems in order. And for the purpose of this Rushmore we've taken all super models and hot actresses and what have you out of the equation. The question was the coolest person to have jury duty with. And let's be real, if Kate Upton was sitting next to you in the jury pool, you would instantly become the exact opposite of cool.

Our Rushmore includes LeBron and Derek Jeter.

We'll add Will Ferrell and Eastwood.

Who's on yours?

"You never told me you knew Johnny Fontain? Sure wanna meet him?"


From Free Johnny

The NCAA has stopped selling "personalized" stuff on their website. Mike and Mike called this "getting Bilased" after Jay Bilas went on social media and unloaded about the double standard of the NCAA making money off Johnny Manziel while Johnny Manziel is in trouble for making money off Johnny Manziel.

Your thoughts?

Free Johnny -

We love that story, and think Bilas was spot on.

We also think that the NCAA deserves at least some credit for seeing it had a bad policy and changing it quickly. That's not as easy as most think. Look at all the leagues that ignore the criticism or the complaints and stand strong despite being 100 percent wrong (we're talking to you baseball and the PEDs and the home-field advantage in the World Series being decided by an exhibition between half-interested all-stars).

There's a real chance that a lot of the big-money schools could use this Johnny Manziel stuff as the final straw - real or imagined - as the precursor to breaking away from the NCAA.

There are a lot of things that could be said about him or terms used to describe Johnny Manziel, but it would take the neverending ineptitude of the NCAA and the greed of big-money college sports to turn Johnny Hangover into Johnny Martyr.


From Spy

If this is true, be afraid, NBA. Be very afraid...


Watching 87 Finals between Lakers/Celtics. So much post work out there(Worthy, Jabaar, Magic, Bird, Parrish, McHale). Notes taking #Legends

I think Erk also talked about the need to sell programs at the games, so the uniforms were kept simple with no names. What was it from "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"? When the legend becomes fact, print the legend?

Spy -

We know you were asking this more rhetorically, but we felt the need to comment on this. If King James develops a back-to-the-basket arsenal, he could threaten one of the great stats in sports and match Oscar Robertson's amazing season when he averaged a triple double. Seriously.

Every time he posts up, he would command a double-team, and with an array of shooters around him, 10 assists per night operating as a true point-power forward seems like an average night.

As for Erk, that's a great story and we're a firm believer that when legend becomes familiar it becomes fact. Hey, like the Mrs. 5-at-10's Uncle Sambo (Mr. Ferrol Sams, RIP) always said at Christmas: "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

"That's a terrific story... and we have newspaper people on the payroll, don't we Tom?"


From First Time Writer

Read this week where you and your regulars were talking about radio voices. I miss John Ward and listening to those old-school guys that were there with you through the good and the bad. Maybe I am just old.

Who were your favorite guys to listen to growing up?

Thanks for the 5-at-10. To tell you the truth, it's the reason I subscribe to the paper's website. I don't comment on there, but the radio thing made me want to send this email.

Keep up the good work, and you and Paschall are really good on the radio.


Thanks for the kind words, and we were talking with the Mrs. 5-at-10 this week about how we miss saying, "Don't cost nothin'" about the 5-at-10. We could start saying it don't don't cost nothin' but that doesn't have the same ring. (Spy, that's the rare four negatives in one sentence. That's like three short of Freak's record, right?)

As for the lack of in radio broadcasts, well Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on hearing bad news at once.

John Ward was aces. We grew up listening to Larry Munson and have a soft spot for the Georgia Bulldogs because of him and his passion and his great delivery. (Now if you wanted to know the score, Munson was not the guy for you. If you are/were a Bulldog backer and wanted to be entertained, well, buckle up because Munson was the best at that.) You know who we enjoy today? We think JR Reynolds does excellent stuff for the Mocs here in town, too.

As far as radio guys growing up in Atlanta, we were blessed to hear Al Ciraldo do Tech games, too. He did them with former Tech quarterback Kim King, whom he called the young left-hander. We loved John Ward too because we have always liked Tennessee.

The overwhelming waves of TV coverage have kind of marginalized the old-school "Voice of the (fill in the blank)" guys, you know? It used to be folks would watch the game and turn the sound down for their guy. Or listen on head sets in the stadium.

Now, not so much, and that's kind of sad.

Loren, whaddya got?


From Bummed Bulldog

My cousin is an Alabama fan and is getting married at 6 o'clock on September the 7th. I am in the wedding. I have been told by every member of my family that I will be disowened if I am not at the wedding and there is nothing short of open-heart surgery that will get me a pass.

Can you get me a pass? I have tried to make it clear to everyone involved that about the time we are reporting for pictures is when Georgia's biggest game of the season kicks off.

Help me 5@10. Thanks and thanks for the daily entertainment. Good stuff.

BB -

Staying with our Godfather theme, and goodness, where did this come from and Spy knows we do love a good theme show...

You can act like a man. Yes, it sucks that you'll be showing up in a penguin suit about the time South Carolina and Georgia are deciding who will lose to Alabama in this year's SEC title game/BCS semifinal. Yes, it's tough sledding for any guy to ask other guys to stand by them at a wedding in the South in September, October or November.

So it goes.

First, your cousin is an Alabama fan, and he scheduled this wedding for an Alabama off week. Knowing that all guys have very little pull in any of the decision-making process of the wedding procedure, he likely pushed all his chips in on making sure he was not going to miss his team's game. (Side note: Any leftover pull was likely used on the honeymoon schedule. Here's saying his honeymoon ends the following Friday so he can be back and settled for the Bama-A&M game the following week. Call it hunch.)

Side story: November of 1996, we're in a wedding for a fraternity brother the Saturday of the Georgia-Auburn game. Yes, an Auburn fraternity brother was marrying a Georgia sorority girl while the Dogs-Tigers went at it. To make matters worse, the Tigers sprinted to a huge lead before we went to the church, so we were talking all kinds of junk during the ceremony. We get to the reception and about 15 minutes later, so one yells, "Georgia scored on the last play to force overtime." Of course there was no TV at the reception, so we spent a chunk of the reception listening to Munson describe the Bulldogs' Miracle on the Plains. Stupid Auburn. Stupid wedding.

So we feel you pain. That said, if you want to spook your cousin's new in-laws, feel free to catch your cousin's new father-in-law and pull the Luca Brasi... "Sir, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your event on the wedding day of your daughter. And may their first child, be a masculine child."

Stay thirsty friends.