5+5-at-10: Tab's are done so let's double our fun. Giddy up.

5+5-at-10: Tab's are done so let's double our fun. Giddy up.

August 20th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

And it's done. The preseason football tab process has been completed. The 40-page college preview section will be in Sunday's paper. We feel like we've been paroled.

OK, we're less than 10 days from the Thursday night start to the college football season. Hey, the No. 10 - we like the look of that number.

OK, here's a 5+5 at 10. And thanks for your patience during the last two weeks of blurred lines and groggy eyes. We're trying something new and different today. It could be new and stinky, like New Coke. It could be new and awesome like Xbox. We'll see. Tomorrow, we'll be back to the regular 5-at-10, and if we work the occasional 5+5 at 10 into the rotation, well, there you go. And as always, remember the mailbag for Friday.

From the "Talks too much" studios, she's into malakas Dino.

10 - The number 10 is roundly viewed as the top grade for a woman. Thanks Bo Derek back in the day. Seriously, thanks. One of the 10s from our childhood was in the news this morning. Olivia Newton John reportedly had a dead man's body found at her home.

Spy, do you think they were getting Physical? Thank you. Thank YOU.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

9 - Worst headline to wake up to this morning: "MLB to A-Rod: Happy to show all." Uh, no thanks guys, let's all keep our pants on. In fact, let's keep the Full Monty sports references to successful pro golfers who gag in majors. Deal? Deal.

8 - Wow, it only took insulting someone willing to sacrifice their life for our country and offending about 99.9 percent of the free world for the NCAA to act quickly. OK, after they moved at a non-glacier-like pace to grant eligibility to Steven Rhodes, the 24-year-old walk-on freshman at MTSU who spent the last five years in the Marines, the NCAA proved they are not completely tone deaf. Sure they need a tone hearing aid, but at least they can hear some things.

7 - In nine days, Jadeveon Clowney, who wears No. 7, and the South Carolina Gamecocks will face North Carolina. How scary good has Mr. Clowney been? (And as much as we love, Love, LOVE the name Jadeveon, we feel obligated to call him Mr. Clowney for the foreseeable future.) Steve Spurrier and the USC-east coaches had to pull Mr. Clowney from a scrimmage last weekend, because they could not get anything done because he was disrupting almost every play.

6 - There are roughly six weeks left in the regular baseball season. Looking around the National League, there are exactly six teams over .500 chasing five playoff spots. This is not a good argument for playoff expansion by the way. But looking at those clubs chasing the playoff spots, it dawned on us that this may be the first full-blown award season predicated on the new-stat systems in baseball. Look at the NL, where Andrew McCutchen could be a front-runner for MVP despite not being among the league leaders (top five) in average, homers or RBIs but being among the game's best in WAR. Clayton Kershaw is a likely runaway Cy Young leader, and he is 12-7, all of five games over .500. (Side note: StuckinKent and the 5-at-10 have had frequent debates about the worth and the role of the closer in baseball. Good times. We can make an argument that Craig Kimbrel is Kershaw's chief competition in the Cy Young race.)

5 - Let's ask pretend LSU coach Les Miles what he thinks of the 5+5-at-10 (as always this is a real quote from the good folks at The Quotable Les Miles): "I know I vote, and I am excited to vote. I do a great job, but I have to be very honest. I vote based on record and things that are not significant."

Ladies and Gentleman, the one, the only, Les Miles. He shares his excitement. He shares his pride - yes Les you do a great job. And he shares the fact that records are everything and nothing at the same time.

Ladies and gentleman, there's a real argument that Les Miles is the Plato of the 24/7 sports news cycle.

(Side note: Don't you love when someone answers a question and includes the phrase "To tell you the truth" or "I have to be very honest" in the answer? Does that mean unless they include that phrase they are full of seabiscuits?)

4 - Should Johnny Vols Fans be troubled that none of the four QBs have really been eliminated from the race to be the starter. Well, at least publicly that is the case. Does that mean each of these guys could be a contributor or does it mean none of them are really ready? Discuss.

3 - Alabama is going for its third consecutive national title. Maybe you have heard about it. We'll ask a similar question as was posed by Chris Low on ESPN.com, and we'll definitely talk about it on Press Row today from 1-3 p.m. on ESPN 105.1 FM: When is Alabama's dominance bad for the sport of college football?

2 - Let's turn two and have two questions for today: Best tandem in sports history? Discuss. Or best tandem in movie history?

1 - One fearless prediction about football season: We'll stand by our outlandish call that the Mocs are a 10-2 football team and if they get a break or two will head to Tuscaloosa 11-0 in November. If that's the case, we're going. Who's with us?

Tabs are dead. Long live the Tabs.