5 at 10: It's a numbers deal

5 at 10: It's a numbers deal

February 11th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Disney World

Disney World

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Morning gang, we are live from the 5-at-10 studios here at Disney World. The rent is pretty steep, but the grounds are nice and there are famous folks everywhere.

"Hey, is that a star?"

"No, that's Keanu Reeves."

Seriously as we tweeted Sunday, Disney World is (fill in the blank with any word you can think of). There is no wrong choice.

As for the vacation 5-at-10, this marks the 600th consecutive Monday-through-Friday we have met at here at the family-oriented, interweb-based sports column. In tribute, we thought we'd share the five most important numbers in sports. Our reasons vary and fluxuate -- kind of like the 5-at-10. Discuss, and know about the time you read this, we'll be having brunch with the Disney princesses. We'll tell Cinderella you said hello.

5) 300 -- the hallmark for excellence as a batting average; the hall of fame mark for pitching wins; perfection in bowling.

4) 56 -- length of Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak (which is one of sports most unbreakable and improbable records); Lawrence Taylor's number, and few players have shaped the modern-day monolith that is the NFL like LT.

3) 32 -- no jersey number can offer this list of legends in the three major sports, considering if you had all-time NBA, MLB and NFL teams, you could make a hard argument that the 32s of Magic Johnson, Sandy Koufax and Jim Brown would be in the starting lineups.

2) 100 -- number of points Wilt scored in Hershey, Pa.; the recognized standard for single-game success for a running back or a receiver and the season mark for success in RBIs and runs scored.

1) 3 -- no single number has changed more in the sports world than 3; Babe Ruth, the father of the long ball wore 3; Dale Earhardt, the father of today's NASCAR and the man who completed the sport's transformation from bootlegging to national broadcasts on Sunday afternoons; Joe Montana, the standard of modern quarterbacks wore 3 at Notre Dame; can you even fathom a basketball game without a 3-point line.

Discuss, and play nice. We may check in later today, or we may not. Depends if Keanu wants to grab a beer or not.