5-at-10: Who are the top-five sports movies villains?

5-at-10: Who are the top-five sports movies villains?

February 14th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Morning gang. From the Disney Studios 5-at-10 satellite office, let's get two. Or five. Pool, pond... Pond would be good for you.

Today's agenda includes a lengthy stay at Disney Studios, and if you think our 5-year-old is stoked to see Lightning McQueen and the gang, well, you couldn't be more right even if you said "Spy was not a fan of the state of the nun address."

That said, if there is a news report from Orlando about 5-year-old being held after taking a swing at Chick Hicks, the good-for-nothing rival of Lightning, well, somebody get Jerry Summers on the horn.

Chick got us thinking about the top-five sports movies villains. Here's our list and remember to send us any top fives you want answered in Friday's High Five Mailbag from Disney.

There are a slew of honorable mentions from Clue Heyward, Ivan Drago, Don Johnson in Tin Cup, Judge Smails, Jay Mohr in Jerry Maguire, the guy with huge boobs in Bloodsport and Bird in Above the Rim.

5) The Judge - The guy behind the scenes in the Natural, which is such a study of good and evil, that the villain gets bonus points for cause.

4) Johnny Lawrence - Yes, saying The Karate Kid is a sports movie is a stretch, but we are making it. Plus, actor Billy Zabka deserves bonus points for being the villain in Back to School.

3) Ivan Drago - This may seem a little low, but Drago, while plenty villainous in his "If he dies, he dies," about Apollo Creed, was more pawn than power. Plus, we all hated the Russians when Rocky IV came out and that magnified Drago as a villain.

2) Roy Turner - The super-competitive Little League dad in Bad News Bears, which ranks among the best sports movies ever, and this side of It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Carol as the most copied movie/TV formula ever.

1) Clubber Lang - If you think asking Adrian if she needed a real man was not enough, remember that Clubber indirectly killed Mick. Repeat -- he had a hand in Mick's death. Top that Chick Hicks.