5-at-10: A top-five mailbag

5-at-10: A top-five mailbag

February 15th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Disney World

Disney World

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Morning, gang. From the Disney Studios 5-at-10 satellite office, let's get to a top-five mailbag. Let's do work on vacation, which means it is a working vacation. Work it. Vacation.

From sportsfan

Jay - for the Friday mailbag - What were the five best things about Disney (other than spending time with the family, which we all know is number 1)?

5) the amazing reach of the Mouse - people from all over the globe are here and it seems completely normal.

4) the genius that is Walt Disney - dude created the ultimate playground for all ages; there is a real argument to be made that the Rushmore of greatest American visionaries is Benji Franklin, Tommy Edison, Tommy Jefferson and lil' Walter Disney.

3) character lunches - if your kids are into it, there is nothing better than having Mickey or Handy Manny or Jake or Phineas swing by the lunch table. Good times.

2) watching as lifetime memories are made - there are few times in life when you know you are never going to forget something; there are even fewer when it happens for a group of people. It happens at Disney.

1) Joy - for all the money and energy and effort parents put into getting here and getting there at Disney, the moment of pure joy on the face of your child makes it all worth it. Period and pass the biscuits.

From StuckinKent

In honor of Nerlens Noel, what are your top five injuries? Side note: We actually saw all of these as they happened, feel free to add yours.

1) LT breaking Thiesman's leg

2) Tim Krumrie's Super Bowl broken leg

3) Dave Dravecky's arm breaking on a pitch

4) Dickie Thon getting hit in the eye socket with a Mike Torres' fastball (it affected both players' careers)

5) Doo Koo Kim getting killed by Boom Boom Mancini. Literally.

From several folks... Top five college football games next year?

1) Alabama at Texas A&M

2) Stanford at Oregon

3) Georgia at South Carolina

4) Ohio State at Michigan

5) SEC Championship (which likely will be the winners of games 1 and 3 on this list).

We know you love the draft, what are the five things you are looking forward to in this draft?

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o waits for a snap.

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o waits for a...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

1) Tyler Bray sitting down with Jon Gruden for some QB talk. (here's saying Gruden asks him about a) the back tat; b) the loco dance; c) how to get supreme accuracy when throwing beer bottles; d) all of the above)

2) how many SEC players go in the first three rounds.

3) UT's receivers at the combine

4) Georgia's defensive players at the combine

5) Manti Te'o's interview sessions

Five best steroid users (we took this as the five guys who got the most out of cheating... Allegedly)

1) Lance

2) Sammy Sosa

3) Jose Canseco

4) Raffy Palmero

5) Mark McGuire

Discuss, and see you Monday.