Jay Greeson: Stirring lists add to sports enjoyment

Jay Greeson: Stirring lists add to sports enjoyment

May 4th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

I love these lists. Lists of stat leaders, lists of the all-time bests and the all-time worsts.

It's the part of sports that makes anyone an expert and gives everyone a voice.

Simply put, it's fun.

Let's enjoy a few lists.

Most wins for an active MLB pitcher

1. Andy Pettitte -- 248

2. Roy Halladay -- 201

3. Tim Hudson -- 200

Those are the active starting pitchers who have enjoyed the most long-term success.

Are any of those guys Hall of Famers? We say Pettitte is a fringe guy, but the other two still have work to do.

Most strikeouts in a season

1. Mark Reynolds -- 223

2. Adam Dunn -- 222

3. Mark Reynolds -- 211

Wow, Reynolds is the Babe Ruth of this one. For comparison, Reynolds' 434 whiffs in 2009 and '10 were 65 more than Joe DiMaggio had in his 13-year career.

Keep an eye on Braves second baseman Dan Uggla, though. Going into Friday's game, Uggla had 37 strikeouts this year -- in but 90 at-bats.

He's on pace for 214 whiffs, and at his current clip he's going to have to hit .500 on the balls he puts in play to hit .265.

Worst possible Kentucky Derby Horse names

The first Saturday in May for most means picking winners. How about picking some sure-fire stinkers?

1. DFL

2. Lead Foot

3. Equine like a baby

4. Pokey

5. AirBiscuit (his brother DogBiscuit made the list last year; less-than-the-pick-of-the-litter of the next generation of the Seabiscuit line)

6. Jockey Itch

7. Stumble Bee

8. Elmer's Glory

9. AlpoExpress

10. Spay it Again

Best NFL players who weren't drafted

Former Tennessee Vols standouts Tyler Bray and Da'Rick Rogers were not picked in last week's NFL draft. That seemed surprising, at least to some. To a lot of Vols followers, maybe that was not so much of a shock.

Both have a lot of football skills; each needs to mature. Here are five players who showed being picked is only one way to make it.

1. Kurt Warner

2. Antonio Gates

3. Arian Foster

4. Adam Vinatieri

5. Warren Moon

Best bets to be drafted in the top 10 of the 2014 draft

There assuredly will be a Bray or Rogers -- guys everyone expected to be picked but weren't next year. And it assuredly won't be any of these guys:

1. Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina defensive

2. Cyrus Kouandijo, Alabama left tackle

3. Anthony Barr, UCLA defensive end

4. Marqise Lee, USC receiver

5. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville quarterback