5@10 -- All-time Heisman head scratchers

5@10 -- All-time Heisman head scratchers

May 16th, 2013 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

NAVARRE BEACH, Fla. -- The 5-at-10 has taken the show on the road.

Vince Young

Vince Young

We are going to move quicky as the sand, tots and mini-golf are on the agenda. Again. Side note: Watching the joy of youth and its uncomplicated pleasures and intentions is magical. And a treasure. Side question, part II: why do the Co-Colas at the beach seem to taste better. Side note, part III: want to know the best on the beach? Cheetos, because even if you get some sand on them, it does not affect the taste or the texture. Not sure if that is a good thing from a health perspective, but we're here for wisdom and wittasisms, for hits and giggles. Well played Chester Cheeto, well-played indeed.

From the sun-splashed veranda of the "Talks too much" studios, we can see why tigers eat their young...

Top five college football players who did not win the Heisman

For the regular readers, you know the drill. The 5-at-10 is normally five things on our mind at 10 a.m. Five at 10, pretty genius, huh?

Well, since we are sneaking up on 700 consecutive 5-at-10s on Mondays-Fridays, we can hardly stop now.

That said, when we're on vacation, we have to adapt and overcome -- i.e. shorten the process. The Mrs. 5-at-10 has us on the clock. Hey, on the clock is a draft term and we love the draft. You know this.

So we do top 5 lists (and if you have any suggestions/requests, fire away). Today, we are cracking a request from friend of the show StuckinKent from last week. After the lavish praise we doled on former Nebraska QB Tommie Frazier, Stuck posed the question about who are the best college players that finished Heisman- less. Frazier is chief among them of course.

Since our first draft was QB-dominated, we went with two lists, one of quarterbacks, and one of players from other positions. Feel free to discuss your lists, and we'll get TFP college football ace David Paschall's to weigh in too.

Best college QBs who did not win a Heisman

1) Tommie Frazier -- easy choice here, and as Stucknpointed out in his or initial question, Frazier never had one superior season, but looking back his career was amazing.

2) Peyton -- yes, he deserved it over over the novelty act that was Charles Woodson. That said, it is also time Johnny Vols Fans everywhere moved beyond that decision.

3) Vince Young -- dude was a great, Great, GREAT college player. As for being a pro, well, did we mention he was awesome in college

4) Steve McNair -- the man was MJ of small college football, even down to the nickname.

5) Andrew Luck -- bad timing -- overlapping years with Heisman runaways RGIII and Cam Newton -- left the former Stanford star out of Luck. (See what we did there? Nice, huh?)

Honorable mentions to Mike Vick, Joe Hamilton, Colt McCoy and Jonathan Crompton.

Best non-QBs who did not win a Heisman (moving quickly here)

1) Hugh Green, Pitt linebacker

2) Derrick Thomas, Alabama linebacker

3) Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma running back

4) Tommy Nobis, Texas LB/OL

5) Darren McFadden, Arkansas running back

Discuss -- and yes, we were just kidding about Crompton, with all credit to Stuck's original email.