5-at-10: Scoreless Braves, Rushmore of sports movie actors, Happy birthday Wrigley

5-at-10: Scoreless Braves, Rushmore of sports movie actors, Happy birthday Wrigley

April 23rd, 2014 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Remember Friday's mailbag.

From the "Talks too much" studios, hey whatever happened to Gallagher. That boy was good - and terrible.

The Braves

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez (16) works in the sixth inning of a baseball game against Atlanta Braves on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 in Atlanta.

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez (16) works...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Atlanta lost to Miami 1-0. It was the text book example of a pitcher's duel. The Braves are back at it this afternoon at 12:10 with Aaron Harang (3-1, 0.70 ERA) going against Nate Eovaldi (1-1, 3.55).

The good: Alex Wood is legit. Dude was scary good in getting his second consecutive 1-0 loss. Tough break, but he's got nasty stuff. He was simply out done by Jose Fernandez, who simply stellar. Together the sophomore pitchers went 16 innings, allowed seven hits, one run and struck out 25 while walking no one. Someone put out there on Twitter it was like watching the 6-foot tall 12 year-olds with mustaches mowing down the little leaguers, and that's pretty fair. Beyond that, the pace of this game was simply sublime. In and out in 2:08. Good times. Fast times. No shirt, no shoes, no dice.

The bad: Interesting stat from friend of the show Scott Simmons: The Braves have scored 1 run or less seven times this year (or in 35 percent of their games this season). And they are 13-7 overall despite that anemic offense. Crazy. Another hidden number that was somewhat surprising: 18,275. It was the announced attendance at the game. Yes, it's a school night, but that's roughly two-thirds of the Ted empty for the game.

The Uggla: Hi Danny. Welcome back. Although it's tough to heckle anyone for not putting good wood on Fernandez, who was throwing in the high 90s with a slider that needed a blinker. Uggla went 0-for-3 with 3 Ks and is hitting .222 this season.


Donnie T time

Donnie Tyndall, right, is introduced as Tennessee men's basketball coach by athletic director Dave Hart during a news conference Tuesday in Knoxville. The former Southern Mississippi coach succeeds Cuonzo Martin, who resigned last week to take the coaching job at California.

Donnie Tyndall, right, is introduced as Tennessee men's...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Hi, Donnie Tyndall, Tennessee's new basketball coach. His name sounds as country as grits and NASCAR. His reputation and style have earned praise from basketball folks we respect.

The Donn has been hired. Long live The Donn.

So we know that there are several questions about The Donn's past run-in with the NCAA. Those questions are fair.

They also apply to most every coach in college basketball, which makes college football look like operating room in the cleanness category.

We also believe that the stage is set - in some ways similarly to what Butch Jones has - for success for The Donn to be the guy that followed the guy.

Follow along.

Bruce Pearl supercharged Tennessee basketball, giving it a pulse and a hope that pumped blood and excitement across the fan base at levels never before seen. He also tripped over some questionable decisions and a run-in with the truth.

So Cuonzo Martin follows Pearl with honesty and integrity and a very solid brand of basketball that overachieves early and bores late before a magical March last month. Martin was doomed to fail because he was not Pearl - in both bad and good ways - so the Vols were left looking for the next Pearl, and they appear to have found what looks to be a close replica.

In both good and bad ways.


Happy birthday Wrigley

Wrigley Field turned 100. One hundred.

And let's get this out first - Wrigley has never seen a World Series championship for the home team. Crazy right?

Chicago Cubs fans gather on opening day outside Wrigley Field.

Chicago Cubs fans gather on opening day outside...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

But 100 years in the same stadium is awesome and something that in today's sports landscape seems down right dinosaur-like considering that the city of Atlanta is about to build a new football stadium and a new baseball park to replace the Dome and the Ted - two buildings that were launched in the 1990s.

So Wrigley is 100, and the magic of the place is the history of course. It's a destination.

Which begs two questions: One, going to Wrigley is the trip, not watching the Cubs, right? And second, what is your bucket list of American sports venues you'd like to see/visit. Wrigley is pretty high on ours considering we've been to Notre Dame, been to Yankee Stadium, played Augusta National, and been to Churchill Downs.


This and that

- Looking for extra work? Apparently the sherpas have decided to leave Everest during the climbing season which has been marred by an avalanche that killed 16. Being a sherpa is a tough way to climb the success ladder. (Thank you. Thank you.)

- Julius Randle declared for the NBA draft. We're not particularly surprised by the UK one-and-doner's decision. We believe Mr. Randle can score on the NBA level with his mix of offensive skills. Now, the rest of the NBA graduation/preparation for the talented baby Cats commences. Kind of a pompous circumstance, no? (Thank you. Thank you.)

- How about that story that David Paschall had in today's TFP that the SEC women's tournament could return to Chattanooga? If that's the case, then we may be in line for the SEC football title game at Finley. Or maybe not.

- Albert Pujols hit homer No. 500 last night, a magical number that deserves mention. Dude is 34, and has averaged roughly 40 homers a year. How high could he go, considering he looks like the old Albert this year with eight homers in 20 games? Could he join the 700 club? Say hi to Tammy Faye and Jim.


Today's question

Happy 25th anniversary to Field of Dreams, the Kevin Costner classic about fathers and sons and baseball and magic and believing. Good times.

With that, and we've covered a ton of sports movies in this space, let's give Costner his proper praise as a sports movie actor Hall of Famer. From Bull Durham to Field of Dreams to Tin Cup to For Love of the Game, Costner has a solid-to-excellent collection of four sports movies that stand up against anyone.

In fact, who would be on our Rushmore of sports movie actors? Costner seems likely. Wesley Snipes has a bunch - Major League, White Men Can't Jump, Wildcats, The Fan - which is especially amazing because we read somewhere that you never see him throw a baseball because his form was that bad. Crazy.

Who you got?