5-at-10: Friday mailbag

5-at-10: Friday mailbag

August 29th, 2014 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

From Ted's drunken email (spelling has been corrected and curses removed) and several others on social media

Dude, I am so stoked college football is here.

Thanks for the Ole Miss pick -- nice start on the entertainment investment plan. Who do you like tonight?

(Also) What is your 'BIG story' from the first night Mr. Fancy Pants newspaper man?

Ted -

Thanks for the email - much better than a phone call all things considered. And have another.

You're welcome. (As for tonight, we think BYU is going to be very good this year and UConn is, well, Geno is not coaching them so there's that.)

Here are the four headlines we take away and one bonus for guys who pay attention to entertainment-investing-type things:

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is doused by linebacker Chase Garnham (36) after they defeated Houston 41-24 in the BBVA Compass Bowl NCAA college football game in Birmingham, Ala.

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is doused by linebacker...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

James Franklin was confirmed as the best coach in the history of the free world that does not include Saban. Holy Schnikees, did you see the egg Vandy laid? Franklin took them to record-setting heights not seen in the 80 years of the SEC. He's been gone eight months and Vandy goes right back to being Vandy. Wow.

Kevin Sumlin can flat coach some offense. Texas A&M torched South Carolina, and the gap between the West and the East - A&M was picked fifth in the West; South Carolina was picked to win the East - continues to grow.

Bo Wallace giveth and he taketh. Ole Miss fans better buckle up, the ride with the INT-prone senior quarterback is going to be bumpy. (Side note: We asked for a Rushmore of Wallace on Twitter - @jgreesontfp - last night and have settled on William, Marsellus, Mike and Marcia. Thoughts?) Did anyone else feel like the games were moving in slow motion last night? Egad. The Ole Miss-Boise State game just ended. Also, hope you enjoyed your time as relevant Boise State.

The Mocs let what sounded like a winnable game slip through their fingers. Stewwie, we'll say it for you: Close does not count this year and they are going to have to figure out a way to finish in big situations. Yes, they were on the road against a team that paid them $300K (thanks for those stats MT), but they had control and found a way to fall short. As TFP UTC football ace Stephen Hargis noted this morning, the Jax State game next week is H-U-G-E on a ton of different levels. (Side note: We thought Hargis was aces last night and you can follow his coverage here and with the #tfpUTC all year.)

Finally, the early bad-best story of the first Thursday of the season: Tulsa covered -6 in a double-overtime 38-31 win that not only worked the only way possible under the overtime rules (Tulsa scoring first, kicking the extra point and then holding Tulane out of the end zone) but was allowed to continue when Andrew DiRocco missed a 21-yard field goal in the final minutes. Ouch-standing.

Entertainment for everyone.


From BillyinBrainerd

What were Butch Jones' 1st + 2nd year records at CMU + Cincinnati? Brian Kelly probably left him more at those 2 schools than Doo-little left him at UT. Thanks.

BiB -

UTC fullback Taharin Tyson and the rest of the Mocs are fired up to start the season after just missing the FCS playoffs last year.

UTC fullback Taharin Tyson and the rest of...

Photo by Doug Strickland /Times Free Press.

Your Mocs were close last night. Very close. Close enough to wonder what if, you know?

Butch had three conference titles in his six seasons before coming to UT.

He won titles in years 1 and 3 of his three-year stay at Central Michigan and in years 2 and 3 of his three-year stint at Cincinnati.

And yes, we believe Brian Kelly left the cupboard way more stacked in way more forgiving leagues than what Heir Dooley did.

Chopping Bamboo.


From Scott

I have started reading the 5@10 after listening to you and Paschall on ESPN. Man, you are hilarious.

I was wondering if you saw the Grantland bracket on the best Saturday Night Live cast members? It is pretty cool.

They picked a final four of Hartman, Murphy, Ferrell and Bill Hader. Who do you have on your Rushmore of SNL cast members?

Thanks and keep up the good work on the radio -- you guys are great.

Scott -

We did see the Grantland bracket and must note that they grouped the cast by years, so that's how Bill Hader advanced to the Final Four.

It's also to note which way you are going to rank the cast. Are we ranking them completely on their SNL days or are we using their post-SNL success as part of it too?

We'll be back with our list for both. This is like a fine wine, and can't be rushed more. (See what we did there?)


From SportsFan

Jay - Let's change it up a bit for the mailbag. Let's call it a mailbag challenge. No. Not an ice bucket challenge. I recall your have a degree in English from AU. Can you publish a football haiku in the Friday mailbag? Bonus points for a Rushmore of haiku. Have a great week.

Here's a baseball haiku to get the ball rolling:

Ball hurtles to plate

Cowhide and thread spins through air

Uggla swings and misses

SportsFan -

We're in on the Haiku Challenge. (Side note: We got a Public Administration degree from the Lovliest College on the Plains.)

Our football Haiku:

Kickoff gives promise

Saturday means believing

Tears or joy follow

As for a Rushmore, let's do a Rushmore of football Haikus from some infamous football folks. Deal? Deal.

Dexter Manley's

Uh, hitting people

Reading is fundamental

Still hitting people

Les Miles'

The want to make plays

Defines our Tigers' wanting

To be our Tigers

Lou Holtz's

Ssssaturday ssstarts soon

Ttthhhat's great newssss for everyone

Even goofball Mark May

Josh Gordon's

I was going to

Make some big plays but I got high

Pass the Doritos


From TennFlyer

Since this weekend is the first weekend of college football, can you do your annual SEC draft. Same rules - bottom to top, teams can lose no more than 2 players (more if you do a second round again).


We love this question. And remember, age factors into this every bit as much as area of need and talent. Case in point our No. 1 overall pick may surprise you.

Arkansas - Admittedly we do not know as much as we should about the Hogs, other than one Press Row caller has started calling their coach "Bulimia" which is kind of funny on several levels. That said, with the way Arkansas likes to run first, last and always, the Hogs take LSU freshman running back Leonard Fournette.

Kentucky - The Wildcats are building so another young player will come off the board here. Kentucky has a huge hole at corner. Combine those two and we see Stoops taking Alabama freshman corner Tony Brown. (And yes, two kids that have never stepped on the field are the first two players off the board.)

Tennessee - Alabama freshman tackle Cam Robinson. Three rebuilding teams, three true freshmen off the board.

Ole Miss - This is a little different. While offensive line is a concern - and we're far from sold on the first three quarters when Bo Wallace looked more like Marcia Wallace than William Wallace - we see Hugh Freeze foaming at the mouth to add Todd Gurley to that offense.

Florida - There is not a QB in the league worthy of going this high - although Kenny Hill at Texas A&M sure looked the part last night. (Side note: Can we stop the Kenny Football now? Please? Thank you.) Florida would love a difference maker on the perimeter too and since Will Muschamp has to win like yesterday, the Tide lose three of the first five picks as Florida takes Amari Cooper.

Mississippi State - Another team that is a couple of difference makers away from a potentially big-time season. They take Vernon Hargreaves, the sophomore corner from Florida

Texas A&M - The Aggies may be players sooner rather than later after Thursday's showing in Columbia. Wow. That defense still needs some help, so they take Robert Nkemdiche, the Ole Miss defensive line monster.

Vandy - They appeal the commissioner to try to draft James Franklin back but are informed that is not allowed. Heart-broken and stunned by the 37-7 beatdown from lowly Temple, Vandy candles its picks and celebrates the success of baseball and academics.

LSU - Les Miles sends an email wanting to know if Bennie Blades, Gerald Grass or Mark "Weeds" Wiedmer are available. Sorry Coach, but no. So the Tigers boss takes Kenny Hill after a dazzling showing Thursday. Overreaction? Maybe, but we believe Les is more.

Georgia - The Bulldogs pick Ole Miss wide out Laquon Treadwell, who upon arriving to Athens, gets in trouble with the authorities, gets dismissed and transfers to Auburn.

South Carolina - Spurrier, after blowing a gasket after the debacle that was Thursday night, asks about picking Jadeveon Clowney. He's off the board Coach. Knowing the Gamecocks needs are huge, he decides to take Florida's Dante Fowler so maybe South Carolina can get a sack this year

Alabama - Saban picks Myles Garrett because he was the only five-star player last year that he really wanted that he didn't get. So there's that.

Missouri - Gary Pinkel, looking to replace the river of receptions he lost from last year's miracle, looks to the future and present and takes Tennessee's Marquez North.

Auburn - We think Auburn would look long at some of the young wide outs and maybe a young QB. But a team ranked No. 6 in the country and a little thin at safety, we think Auburn would pick Tony Conner, the Ole Miss safety.

Crazy huh, that Ole Miss was second team with the maximum three players off the board and none of them were Laremy Tunsil.

Round two this afternoon.