5-at-10: Friday Mailbag

5-at-10: Friday Mailbag

July 18th, 2014 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Gang, great stuff as normal. Enjoyed the week at the SEC media event. We cooked.

From the "Talks too much" studios, you know the drill. Pssstttt, we're like six weeks away from college football starting. Crazy, right?

From OG

John Wayne

John Wayne

Not much comment locally regarding the elitist Duke University going after the John Wayne's family (yes THE John Wayne) and their signature label "Duke" whiskey. Their claim is that it damages the reputation of the institution...Thank goodness that KICKBALL is over, if it is so popular world wide why did the Lookouts have 2000 more Saturday night than CFC????

OG --

Missed the Duke stuff, but after the lacrosse allegations and sitting behind Coach K for a cussing lesson during any basketball event, it's mighty uppity for any school to be worried about what a brand of whiskey would do to their rep.

You don't think any of the Duke students partake in alcohol do you? Oh, the humanity.

Stuff it in your briefcase Duke. That's silly.

And the reason there were 2,000 more at the ballpark -- if we had to guess -- is the little commodity known as fireworks. (We assume there were the post-game show that normally fills a Saturday night sky.)

Chattanooga folks love to see things get blowed up.

From TT

Man, the British Open could be fun this weekend.

Is it really all because Tiger is in the mix... does that make it that much more entertaining?

I'm not really a Tiger fan but this is way better than the US Open and this year's Masters.

For the 5-at-10, what would be the best story this weekend from The Open?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

TT --

Yes, Tiger means that much. It's crazy to think about, but you're 100 percent right, this British Open is way more fun than we expected and a lot of that has to do with Tiger. Period.

As for the story lines, we'll go with a Rushmore of story possibilities and we can kick this around when we call in to Press Row today:

1) Tiger winning. For the foreseeable future this is the best story line of any major.

2) Sergio being in contention late Sunday. He was in the final group the last time it was here. Another run could be cool.

3) David Duval making a charge. Just because we're a history buff.

4) Rory and Tiger being in the final group and Rory just crushing him. Yanking golf's torch -- Nike swoosh and all -- right from the man himself.

From Spy

What would I ask Commissioner Slive? I'd ask if it hurt when Darth Vader threw him down the shaft to stop from tasing Luke to death on the Death Star II.

Seriously, who was the most impressive chap you spoke with at the media extra-ganza?

Georgia receiver Chris Conley

Georgia receiver Chris Conley

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

Spy --

Nice. Didn't think to ask Emperor Slive that specific question, but why risk the chance of making him mad and he shoots electricity through your teeth. That could ruin your morning.

We were blessed this week with a ton of guests on Press Row -- 18 in all -- and we know this: Our co-host David Paschall has some legit contacts in the SEC. Period.

Here's the top five of people we were impressed with from the Press Row interviews:

1) Georgia receiver Chris Conley. We think he could be governor some day.

2) ESPN bigwig Justin Connolly. Dude got a big-boy job because he is a sharp cookie. We were trying to make this list only about players, but man, Connolly was as smooth as glass.

3) Tennessee defensive end Curt Maggitt. Kid was funny and engaging and great to talk to.

4) Auburn tight end CJ Uzomah. Sharp and charismatic.

5) Vandy tight end Adam Butler. Spoke with him early in the week. Let's just say, he and former coach James Franklin are not swapping Christmas cards any time soon.

We did not have him on the radio, but we were also super impressed with Auburn defensive lineman Gabe Wright as well.

From Stewwie

Jay, what are your thoughts on the NBA's latest proposal to modify the draft lottery to help discourage teams from tanking? What changes (if any) would you recommend if you don't agree with this proposal? See the link below for info on the proposal: http://grantland.com/the-triangle/nba-lottery-reform-is-coming/

Stewwie --

We believe they have to address the tanking situation. It is a real issue, and since it makes sense -- any sports organization in which it becomes a quality franchise move to be as bad as possible -- to tank, it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

The ideas vary.

There is a wheel proposal, in which every team is slotted every year regardless of record and each franchise gets the No. 1 overall pick once every 30 years. This has a ton of negative consequences.

There is the thought to lowering the odds of the worst teams of getting the No. 1 overall pick that Grantland is suggesting. Part of this proposition is drawing for the top 6 spots -- they currently draw the top 3 spots and then slot Nos. 4-through 30 by best record there after -- which we are in favor of.

There is even some thought to putting every team in the lottery regardless of record.

Each idea is flawed because the system is filled with loopholes and there's not all-encompassing net.

Here are some tweaks that could apply to each system that we would consider:

First, we could stop teams from having back-to-back lottery selections. Now that would mean no team could have top-3 picks in back-to-back seasons. If they start drawing for the top 6, that would expand. That would address the supreme luck of a Cleveland or the long-term tanking that appears to be Philadelphia's plan.

Second, team that do not make the playoffs are in the lottery. But for purposes of seeding the odds for the draft process, why not review each team's games and void tanking losses. If teams are bad, that's fine and they should be given the chance to find a difference-maker in the draft. But if teams sit guys for rest or for tanking or if they decide to let Mark Madsen hoist 3s, well, that can be addressed and those losses are wiped away and seed the lottery odds by winning percentage.

Third, we like the idea of rewarding teams that come close to making the playoffs. We need way to make chasing the playoffs a desired event.