5-at-10: Surprises, College hoops, Chuck Norris and Will Wade

5-at-10: Surprises, College hoops, Chuck Norris and Will Wade

March 10th, 2014 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Where do we begin on this March 10, the 74th birthday of Chuck Norris?

From the "Talks too much" studios, Chuck Norris can cut through a hot knife with butter.

Didn't you used to be...

Maybe the craziness that is this March is formed because of the juxtaposition of a few of the familiar faces in the sports of this time.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Follow along:

Tiger Woods looked like Tiger Woods on Saturday at Doral with a 66. He looked like James Woods on Sunday. And when did we get to the place that Patrick Reed and Jimmy Walker are the best golfers on the planet?

LeBron James scored 61 a week ago and three games since, he has failed to match that total collectively. James has struggled mightily from the perimeter, going 3-of-27 from outside the paint in scoring 58 total points in three Heat losses.

Dale Junior is the fastest thing on four wheels. Read that again, and know that being the fastest thing on four wheels is way better than being the most popular thing of four wheels.

Also know that there once was a street named for Chuck Norris, but they had to change it because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives to tell about it.


College hoops update

Love TFP ace columnist Mark Wiedmer's take today, and folks, there are few that have witness as much college hoops as our man Weeds.

The Lady Vols celebrate after beating Kentucky on Sunday in championship game of the SEC women's basketball tournament.

The Lady Vols celebrate after beating Kentucky on...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Here's our Big 3 - Chuck Norris Style

1) UT is in. Amid the constant hand-wringing and the familiar laments of a current family-oriented, interweb-based sports columnist, the Tennessee Vols have saved the best for last. The manhandling UT delivered to Missouri on Saturday was impressive. And thorough. While it does not wash away the inconsistencies of the season, the Vols recent surge has been fun. It also has been based on sharing the basketball. They had 17 assists at Auburn and 18 more against Missouri, and the offense started inside with Jarnell Stokes and worked out. So either UT owns all Tigers - they smashed LSU too - or UTR may have stumbled into an offensive identity. And Chuck Norris made a Happy Meal cry.

2) Who wants the final No. 1 seeds? Going in to the major conference tournaments, there appears to be Florida and unbeaten Wichita State firmly planted with No. 1 seeds. From there it's a mix, made even more fuzzy by Virginia's loss. Duke's win over UNC gives the Blue Devils a leg up. And remember, Chuck Norris is the only thing that can touch MC Hammer.

3) Major props to the Lady Vols for winning the SEC tournament and to Jim Foster's XX Mocs for advancing to the SoCon final tonight. And this year's Southern Conference tournament is example No. 1 for the conference tournament/regular-season champ discussion we had last week.


NFL Free agency

And they're off.

Free agency in the NFL starts this week and early moves leave some with heads scratched.

Minnesota signed defensive end Everson Griffen to a long-term, lucrative deal. Yes, Everson Griffen, no relation to Everson Walls who's no relation to Another Brick in the Walls.

Reports have the clock ticking on Chris Johnson's time with the Titans, and while we can see that play, it's not like the Titans are supremely cash-strapped.

Still the decisions made this week will help sharpen the focus of where teams will be headed in the draft in May. We love the draft. You know this.

Also, Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now known as just the Islands.


This and that

- Rashard Mendenhall retired from the NFL. He's 26.

- The Braves are stuggling - huge - this spring at 2-9. Ouch-standing.


Today's question

We're close to the Dance, and we have some special things planned in the coming days here and on Press Row, our radio show with David Paschall from 3-6 on ESPN 105.1 FM.

Will Wade

Will Wade

Photo by Doug Strickland /Times Free Press.

Next week we'll have our annual first-out, last-in here and we're going to play in the ESPN 105.1 bracket challenge. Here are the early details:

Contestants must have an account on www.ESPN.com to enter. If they don't have one, they must create one. Click on "Tournament Challenge" under the "Fantasy & Games" tab. Search for the group name "ESPN 105.1 The Zone." Use the password "chattanooga." One bracket per player and prizes are still to be determined.

Feel free to weigh in on any of the above, but if you need a talking point here you go:

How does the one-and-done end change how we few Will Wade's first season at UTC? To fair, not a great deal, although it does feel somewhat anticlimactic, and is doubly painful since Davidson got bounced in the semifinals.