5-at-10: Friday mailbag

5-at-10: Friday mailbag

October 17th, 2014 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

Great week folks. Thanks for the discourse and for the course of the dish.

From the "Talks too much" studios, never forget to enjoy the silence and never silence the memories of forgotten enjoyment.

From Manning Fan

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Peyton Manning is about to break the greatest record a quarterback could get and there has been very little discussion about it.

Why? Are you like the rest of the haters? Whatever.

The most TD passes in the history of the NFL would be the coolest of all sports records don't you think?

Manning Fan -

We love the myriad of images the media can become depending on the eye of the beholder. We are far from a Peyton hater and believe he is on the Rushmore of all-time NFL quarterbacks, but we can certainly understand the criticisms of his playoff mediocrity.

Being somewhere in the middle means we're often confused by each camp as being in the other camp when we're actually in neither the "He is the greatest EVER" or "He's way OVER-rated" groups.

So it goes.

As for the greatest record, well, Manning owning the TD record will elevate the record's status, because when true superstars hold a record, that record becomes more prestigious. So this would be a cool one to topple no doubt.

For the longest time, the most career home runs would be the coolest career sports record to own, but the PED scandals changed that some. Most career hits or wins would be cool, too.

Most points marks in the NBA and NHL are obvious - although the scoring numbers Wilt put up... never mind - but those do not have the panache.

Here are the top two records we think would be the coolest to have:

World's fastest 100. We would so make people introduce as the "Fastest Human on Earth" when we entered rooms, too.

Most career golf majors. That would be awesome in its awesomeness.


From Press Rower

Jay, you and David are great on Press Row. I listen every day and look forward to what you are going to say next.

You have been all over Jameis Winston this week, and I know you are a fan of the draft.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

So my question for you is would you draft Jameis Winston if you were running the Titans?

Thanks, and if this could make your mailbag or maybe you guys talk about this on Friday on 105.1 that would be great.

Press Rower -

Hey, thanks for the kind words.

First as a clarification, we have not been on Jameis this week as much as we have been on Jimbo and the Florida State administration. They have pushed all their chips in and committed to whatever fleas they get.

That seems somewhat a sketchy plan when you are forced to lead a program with dozens of players and coaches and millions of fans and lead a university with tens of thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of alumni for one dude to win a few more games in the next two months.

Whatever. And please stop with the "don't you believe he's innocent until proven guilty" stuff when it comes to the latest of his missteps. Winston has signed more than 2,000 pieces memorabilia that has been sequenced and authenticated and those signatures are all roughly in the same place. He did this obviously for the dealer and to think he did it for free is ridiculous.

And while we get the innocent until guilty statement in matters of legal difference - a place Winston also has frequently encountered - the NCAA or the opinions of the decision-makers at FSU are under no such mandate. Cloaking themselves in the innocent until guilty cloak in the signing scenario is simply an easy excuse and gives Jimbo a chance to deflect blame when/if the next shoe drops.

As for drafting Jameis, we'd say yes, we would draft him but not in round one, which means we'd never get a chance at him because someone will draft him in round one. And the Titans need to be doubly careful about a Winston or a Mariota or another quarterback who has a strong arm and moves around pretty well but has questionable decision-making (Winston off the field; Mariota more on it) because the last two taken in the first round have not worked in Nashville.


From Anonymous (via Twitter and since deleted)

Didn't you say Auburn would beat Mississippi State by two touchdowns on the radio?

Your bias is showing. You suck. Get off the radio.

Anonymous -

Thanks for listening and the feedback.

(Side note: We get more questions in our day job at the TFP about why do we hate Auburn, so there's that. Again, the form/opinion/ideas/et al. of the media is frequently shaped by the view of the beholder.


From chas9

Seems LBJ is now hawking Kias. Can you picture The King driving a Kia kar? Me neither. What's the worst ever product endorsement by a sports figure? Broadway Joe's pantyhose?

9er -

We simply love, Love, LOVE this question.

OK, here's a quick Rushmore of the worst product endorsements ever for athletes:

1) Tony Siragusa, the former Ravens defensive lineman and current Fox sideline commentator/cartoon character, is the spokesperson for some sort of male leakage product. Dam.

2) Joe DiMaggio pitching for Mr. Coffee made the career of one of the best and most graceful players of a generation simply an after thought of the guy that became "Mr. Coffee."

3) Jimmie Johnson is one of three guys to win football titles in college and the NFL. That's a big accomplishment. He also endorses Extenze, a product that alleges to accomplish bigger things. Moving along.

4) While the thoughts of Joe Namath in pantyhose or Earl Campbell's smoked sausage or the countless athletes who started cereals or Muhammed Ali doing Roach Motel ads or even Shaq starting a vodka brand all deserve consideration, our final one has more than a twist of irony. Former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw was the pitch man for Qaylar Hair Tonic, which claimed it would prevent baldness. Bradshaw, who went bald before his playing days were done seemed like a poor choice as the face - or scalp - of the franchise. Like Roseanne pitching a diet pill or Allen Iverson backing a financial planner. To no one's surprise, Qaylar went out of business.


From McPell

And in two years, which would be more jaw-dropping - UK in a New Year's Day bowl or Auburn in the Elite Eight?

I'd say Auburn in the Elite 8, but in 4 years which is more likely Mark Stoops still in Bluegrass country or Auburn BBall on probation?

Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

McPell -

Great question. First, we'll say that Auburn is going to be quickly improved under Bruce Pearl, considering the transfers that are coming to the Plains and this eye-popping stat: For the 2015 class, Auburn's football recruiting class is ranked No. 7 in nationally and Auburn's basketball recruiting class ranks No. 8 nationally. Yes, Auburn's basketball recruiting class. That happens about, oh, never.

That said, the Elite Eight is a tall order that calls for more fortune that fortitude in most cases. Look at The Conz and the Vols last year, who were a break or three from making it to the Elite Eight on a team that underachieved for most of the winter. Nuts, right?

As for your question, we think neither of your offers - Stoops in the Bluegrass or Auburn on probation - are likely within the next three years for the following reasons.

For Pearl, following the letter of the law is a paramount underwriter on his second chance in the SEC. Do we think Uncle Bruce is finding creative ways to bend rules? You bet. But meaningful probation would be a massive second strike and it also would put Auburn back in the shadows, a place that Pearl avoids like vampires dodge sunshine.

We believe there could be considerable movement around the SEC football coaching circles in coming months and years. Stoops will be an interesting name to watch, too, because how high can you build Kentucky in an SEC dominated football heavyweights? We're curious to see if Stoops' name hits the circuit this offseason, and a win over LSU on Saturday could really move Stoops to the forefront for some of the heavy-hitting programs who could have openings this year.


From Fredo

Mr. 5-at-10 - you asked us on your F-O-I-B daily online column for our favorite Godfather quotes. A buddy of mine said he heard you give the Rushmore of Godfather quotes on your radio show but I missed it. What did you settle on?

Thanks, and you and Paschall make the drive home fun ESPN 105.1. Keep up the good work.

Fredo -

We had a lot of fun celebrating Mario Puzo's birthday - SAL-loot - this week and we did reveal our Rushmore of Godfather quotes on Press Row.

We should have been more mindful to share them here, as well.

Here's our Rushmore of Godfather quotes, and put simply this is one of the toughest Rushmores of all:

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." Used by Vito and Michael in the original and again by a young Vito in GF II, this one is the signature line that with which even casual Godfather fans can identify.

Side point because we know there are several monster GF fans like us on here - Our Rushmore of images and single scenes from Godfather I, our favorite movie ever: When Michael lights the Enzo's cigarette outside the hotel and his hands are not shaking and he knows this is the business he has chosen; When the door closes slowly and Michael is sitting in the chair as Kay stands in the hall; the anger and hatred on Michael's face when he gets Carlo to admit he set up Santino; the futility that was Fredo trying to get his gun and then laying in the street when they shot the Godfather.