Travis: two aces in a day

Travis: two aces in a day

February 18th, 2011 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

Black Creek Club general manager Rob Riddle told club member Chris Travis that he'd better hurry and buy some lottery tickets.

But Travis already smashed the odds he would need to pick five balls and win $200,000 in the Powerball lottery. Those odds are 5.1 million to 1.

He beat odds of 64 million to 1.

Travis scored two holes-in-one Thursday at Black Creek, a feat Riddle had never heard of from an amateur, and so unlikely that Golf Digest reported in 2008 that it's a 1-in-64-million chance.

'"They were both today?' That's the question I've been getting a lot," said Travis, who finished the round at even-par 72. "We were making a lot of noise out there this morning."

The first cheer came after he aced No. 7 from 218 yards with a 4-iron. He said it hit the left hill, rolled onto the green and dropped in.

Travis and David Wehunt celebrated again when he aced No. 11 from 176 yards with an 8-iron. Travis said he argued with Wehunt whether the ProV1 went in because he didn't see it due to a shadow.

"We went crazy again," said Travis, a former Bryan College basketball player who's been playing golf about 10 years.

"It could have been a real good day if I had a putter," Travis said. "I missed five birdies inside five feet."

Two aces and it could have been better?

Only if he hits all five numbers and the Powerball at 195-million-to-1 odds. Or if he has another two-ace day at Tennessee National.

They probably don't have calculators for that.