Good deals available on gifts for golfers

Good deals available on gifts for golfers

December 24th, 2012 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

Winn Medalist Grips are great for any golfer. Most golfers do not regrip their clubs often enough.

Photo by Staff File Photo /Times Free Press.

TaylorMade Rocketbladez

Retail price: $799.99

Who's it best for: Occasional golfers with a handicap of 10.0 or higher

Picking the best irons: Begin with a standard set with the base shafts, then get them fit by a PGA pro or equivalent.

Titleist 913 D3 Driver

Retail price: $399.99

Who's it best for? Frequent golfers with handicaps of 5.0 or better

Picking the best driver: Start with a standard angle and shaft, then get it fit by an authorized retailer.

Bushnell neo+ GPS watch

Retail price: $199.99

Who's it best for: Golfers who prefer to play fast and require a precise distance

Picking the best GPS or RF: Better players tend to prefer a range finder; average players typically like a GPS.

Odyssey Double Canopy Umbrella

Retail price: $49.99

Who's it best for: Golfers willing to play through a spring or autumn rain shower

Picking the best umbrella: Bigger is usually better to keep clubs and towels dry.

Pumpa Sport Lifestyle shirt

Retail price: $40.00

Who's it best for: The ladies on the links who want more color in their wardrobe.

Picking the best outfit: Pick them like choosing any other clothing item -- very carefully.

OnCourse Automatic Ball Return

Retail price: $19.99

Who's it best for: A golfer with some spare time who can practice putting inside

Picking the best practice gear: Some kits come with mats; this is best for those with short carpet.

Puma Monoline Youth Hat

Retail price: $18.00

Who's it best for: Kids under 18 years old and nobody over 25

Picking the best hat: Rickie Fowler is the most popular golfer for kids, and this is the latest in his line.

Collegiate ball-mark kit

Retail price: $14.99

Who's it best for: Golfers who have a favorite university

Picking the best gear: Picking the proper school; headcovers are good, too, in order to protect the longer clubs.

Winn Medalist Grips

Retail price: $9.99 each

Who's it best for: Anybody -- most golfers do not regrip their clubs often enough

Picking the best grips: Some grips perform better in wet conditions, and color can enhance some college headcovers.

Dawgs Golf Golf Spirit shoes

Retail price: $39.99

Who's it best for: The little ones on the links who play a few holes in the summer.

Picking the best shoes: The right size is the most important thing, and colors can be cool.

There's a myth that Santa Claus has a 9:30 a.m. tee time on Dec. 26.

It might be true.

Gifts from GolfSmith, Golf Headquarters and other area golf retailers will make almost all of the Chattanooga-area golfers smile at least a little on Christmas.

From balls and tees, to grips and glasses, to rangefinders and Rocketbladez, gifts abound this holiday season - and so do sale prices.

"This Christmas is the year of the bargain," Golf Headquarters manager Chris Harris said. "All of the big golf companies are coming out with now products in February, and they want to clear inventory."

Harris, owner Jon Williams and the staff came up with a list of hot items ranging from basics - Titleist Pro V1 balls always are a good gift -- to the latest in GPS technology and the always popular gift certificate. Here's a sample of what's been hot this December, and remember, Christmas is now just three days away: