Fox at Masters: Rickett diary for April 9

Fox at Masters: Rickett diary for April 9

April 10th, 2013 by Ben Rickett in Sports - Golf

Former University of Tennessee at Chattanooga golfer and assistant coach Ben Rickett is providing a first-person account of his daily activities as caddie at the Masters for UTC senior and U.S. Amateur champion Steven Fox.

To: Chattanooga area golf fans

From: Ben Rickett

Subject: A surprise addition

What he said: It started out the same way as Monday -- Starbucks and then breakfast in the caddie hut. We knew that we were going to be playing with Henrik Stenson, so Steven warmed up and got to chipping and putting and Henrik said, "Do you mind waiting a few more minutes? Graeme [McDowell] and Alan [Dunbar] would like to join us."

It was Henrik and Fox versus Alan and Graeme. We only played nine holes. It was a really good day. It was about fine-tuning things and getting more knowledge on the course.

I was impressed with the way he played today. There are some holes that don't look the distance they are. On No. 9, the number was perfect for his 8-iron. He hit a soft 7. Then we threw down another ball, he hit an 8 and it was just right. Just because it looks different, the numbers aren't going to lie. He hit the ball fantastic today.

Meeting Gareth [Lord, a former UTC golfer, who is the caddie for Stenson] was so random. He's another caddie that you get to know and another caddie whose brain you get to pick. Spending time in the caddie hut, all the caddies are talking to another to see if they can get any more information.

Graeme was very open to both amateurs. Both pros were everything you could ask for from a pro helping out the amateurs.

We took it easy after lunch. He hit balls for about 30 minutes; then he went to do his press conference.

We're going to play the back nine. We'll tee it up early and then he's got the Par-3 contest. Then I'll head to the merchandise tent and enjoy the experience outside the ropes.