Who golfs? Retired contractor Thomas Paulsin

Who golfs? Retired contractor Thomas Paulsin

August 14th, 2013 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

Thomas Paulsin

Thomas Paulsin

Photo by David Uchiyama /Times Free Press.

Thomas Paulsin


Retired Contractor

Thomas Paulsin gave his granddaughter, Marisa Boni, a great gift earlier this summer -- a set of golf clubs.

The rising sixth-grader from Boston tagged along with her grandpa to Moccasin Bend on Tuesday to chip and putt together for the first time in a while.

"She plays a lot of sports like basketball and baseball, and she's just starting in the game," Paulsin said. "I bought her a set of clubs because it's something that later on in life we can both enjoy. I'm healthy, and if I live long enough we can go out there, hit the ball and have a good time."

Paulsin has taught Boni many lessons. He figures she will learn many others by playing the game he's played for about 35 years.

"Teaching her is part of keeping the game going, keeping it the way it should be played," Paulsin said. "Golf is a great game and teaches you a lot of things about life."

Boni chimed in: "Like how to control your temper."

Paulsin picked up the game after his high school years and became addicted during his years working in Vermont. Paulsin remembers playing a fun round with Keegan Bradley when the current PGA standout barely stood to his navel.

"He was probably shooting in the 90s when he was a 12-year-old," Paulsin said. "I was in Torrey Pines two years ago and walked beside him in the pro-am on the Wednesday before the tournament. I threw out key words to connect with Keegan. I still email with his dad on occasion."

It's another example of passing the game from one generation to another.