Who golfs? Corys begin in their 60s

Who golfs? Corys begin in their 60s

May 29th, 2013 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

Pat and Tom Cory

Pat and Tom Cory

Photo by David Uchiyama /Times Free Press.


Signal Mountain

Pat and Tom Cory needed something new in their lives about three years ago.

The married couple of 46 years needed a new challenge -- both mentally and physically -- as they accepted the fact they could no longer run the marathons or even 10k races they used to do.

So they decided to start playing golf to continue feeding their desire to compete -- this time against par instead of a clock -- and to participate in activities in the outdoors while still enjoying the love they've shared for decades.

"We're 68 and 67, and we decided that golf is easier on our body, it's a challenge and it keeps us outdoors," Tom said. "And we learned a new skill, which I think is important as you get older.

"But I think the skill part has eluded us."

Pat chimed in.

"We have a good time, and we've tried something different," she said. "That's something we should have learned when we were 12."

Both pulled their carts on a glorious Tuesday afternoon, which falls in line with their desire to stay physically active as they play in their late 60s. But they've been working and playing in the outdoors almost all of their lives.

"We lead photography workshops all over the world, and we're getting ready to lead one in Scotland," Tom said. "We just got done in Costa Rica and we'll be in Switzerland together later this year."

They're also together on the golf course.