Who golfs? Former baseball player Scott Rollins

Who golfs? Former baseball player Scott Rollins

July 2nd, 2014 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

Scott Rollins


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Scott Rollins started playing golf as a kid in a cow pasture.

He's graduated to actual golf courses and plays the game to fuel the competitive drive he had while playing baseball for Whitwell High School.

"When Dad tore out to play golf, I went down in the field with some of his old clubs and started in," Rollins said. "He knew, maybe not the first few times."

Scott never got in trouble or used the bovines for target practice. In fact, his father, Rick, helped teach Scott the fundamentals much like he taught him the intricacies of baseball.

"We have a building beside the house, and there were old clubs that weren't being used," Rollins said. "So I'd get a few of those, go out in the field and hit them back and forth."

Rollins had his first set of clubs before he became a teenager and remembers playing his first 18 holes with his father at Hidden Valley Golf Course in Bryant, Ala.

"It was pretty nice," he said. "My score was probably high."

Baseball took up most of his athletic time in high school. Rollins and his father found that playing both sports at the same time would decrease efficiency in both. The baseball swing messed with his golf swing, and his golf swing messed with his baseball swing.

"I wasn't allowed to play golf during baseball season," Rollins said. "Sometimes I'd go from baseball practice and hit balls. You could tell in the next game if I'd played golf the day before."