Who golfs? CPA Jerry Jenkins, 61 years old

Who golfs? CPA Jerry Jenkins, 61 years old

August 8th, 2012 by David Uchiyama in Sportlocal

Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins

Photo by David Uchiyama /Times Free Press.

There are four seasons on a typical American calendar -- winter, spring, summer and autumn.

But there are only two seasons in Jerry Jenkins' world.

"My wife [Trish] says there is tax season and then there is golf season," Jenkins said. "The tax season is January, February, March and half of April. The rest of the year is golf season."

Jenkins is in the heart of his favorite season. He plays the game a few times per week this time of year, including at Chattanooga Golf and Country Club. He's been a member there since 1978, when he was in his late 20s.

"I was exposed to golf in my younger and teenage years, but I didn't play regularly until I was older," Jenkins said. "My dad, who joined in 1951, came to me and said the club had a good deal and that he would pay my initiation fee if I paid the dues.

"I should have flip-flopped the deal and had him pay the dues."

Jenkins has dropped his handicap to a 4-point-something and usually plays from the back teeing ground despite being 61 years old, which allows him to play one ground closer to the cup if he chooses. He lowered his handicap over the years by just playing.

"You can always find somebody to play with," Jenkins said. "I started playing in Saturday morning dogfights and moved up from there."