Rickett's Masters diary

Rickett's Masters diary

April 11th, 2013 by By Ben Rickett in Sportlocal

Rickett's Masters diary

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Former UTC golfer and assistant coach Ben Rickett has volunteered to provide a first-person account of his daily activities as caddie at the Masters for UTC senior and U.S. Amateur champion Steven Fox.

To: Chattanooga area golf fans

From: Ben Rickett

Subject: An afternoon off

What he said: Steven wanted me to be out there about 7:45 and we hit a few golf balls with the understanding that we had to play the back nine today. He did a lot of work on the front nine earlier this week. If we could find someone to play with, great, if not, we know what we have to do.

We played 10 and 11 by ourselves but there were a couple three-somes in front of us. [Ted] Potter was behind us and we joined up with him. He was very nice guy and he had a caddie that I was talking to a lot.

There are situations where looking at a number you know a club doesn't get there but you want to prove it.

Today, on 12 the number was the same as earlier this week and he wanted to hit a 9-iron. He hit it flush and it came up short. That goes down in the notebook that's not the club. We've got a little bit of logging done because that's a big part of the practice rounds.

We looked at areas that were questionable and we tried to see if he could get up and down.

We grabbed lunch in the caddie hut and then he played in the par-3. I got time to do merchandise shopping outside the ropes and watched a little bit of the par 3 contest. You couldn't really see that much. We watched Steven come through.

Then we went out to practice for about 20 minutes re-iterating what he's been doing the last few days. Then we did speed work on the greens and he said he wanted to get rested up.

So did I.