Young: Hallow-Dega promises to be a devil of a time

Young: Hallow-Dega promises to be a devil of a time

October 31st, 2009 by Lindsey Young in Sports - Nascar

Talladega and Halloween. It's such a perfect match that it makes you wonder why the two haven't been paired before now.

The track is calling it "Hallow-Dega," where NASCAR and its most fervent (i.e., intense, crazy, unpredictable) fans get together for a couple of days on its most unpredictable track on the country's wackiest weekend.

Under normal conditions, the infield at Talladega is a different world where folks use their love of racing for an excuse to throw a big party - actually, big parties. Imagine what that massive infield will be like this Saturday. Halloween Saturday.

The costumes (I hear the Michael Waltrip masks are a big hit), the food (beer-soaked devil eggs, anyone?), the haunted No. 3-painted old school buses ... what more could you want? I've even been told that several drivers, under cover of costume, will be making the rounds Saturday night.

Are you going? Want to share some experiences? Shoot me an e-mail with your stories of the weekend. I'm sure they'll be priceless.