Larry Case: Facing fear in the outdoors

Published Aug. 25 2016

What are you afraid of?

A Tennessee group is fighting the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats

Published Aug. 24 2016

Tennessee's chapter of The Nature Conservancy and Bat Conservation International announced Wednesday they are awarding $100,000 to fund three research...

Pikeville's Bobby Worthington adds 10 world archery titles to his quiver

Published Aug. 18 2016

Saying Bobby Worthington of Pikeville, Tenn., has added to his total of national and world archery championships in the past...

Larry Case: Squirrel dogs, their trainers and why we need them

Published Aug. 18 2016

I mean, could things get any crazier in this world of ours?

Larry Case: Deer hunters, it's later than you think

Published Aug. 11 2016

Don't ask me. I don't know where it went. Summer, that is.

Dayton's Neal finishes runner-up in Forrest Wood Cup

Published Aug. 8 2016

Michael Neal from Dayton, Tenn., collected a $60,000 paycheck Sunday for his runner-up finish in the Walmart FLW Tour's 2016...

Chattanooga now has pocket-sized guidebook for outdoor adventurers

Published Aug. 7 2016

Visitors enter Outdoor Chattanooga's Coolidge Park headquarters seeking something physical to hold and guide them as they get started exploring...

Gilpin, Bell win Missionary Ridge Road Race

Published Aug. 7 2016

John Gilpin remained king of the ridge Saturday morning.

Larry Case: The Old Man and the Muskie (Part 2)

Published Aug. 4 2016

Editor's note: This is the conclusion of a story that began in last week's 'The Trail Less Traveled' column.

Larry Case: The Old Man and the Muskie

Published Jul. 28 2016

He was an old man, and he fished alone in an ancient wooden rowboat on New River and he had...

Signal Mountain's Elizabeth Baker getting ready for Rio for Paralympic Games

Published Jul. 21 2016

Baker, 42, will be plunging into the dirty water off Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach on Sept. 11 for her...

Case: Getting to know an elusive feline

Published Jul. 21 2016

The bobcat is one critter you don't see very much. You may even talk to a number of experienced hunters...

Water day for disabled at Chickamauga Lake stirs national official's emotions

Published Jul. 17 2016

She's wanted to attend a SPARC water day for people with disabilities in the past, she said, but job responsibilities...

Local trail runner snags sponsorship, coaching job at LaFayette High

Published Jul. 14 2016

Growing up at the foot of Africa's tallest mountain in an impoverished nation can make the trials of life in...

Larry Case: Ma and Pa were prepared; you should be, too

Published Jul. 14 2016

Think about how much the world has changed the past 50 years. Aside from obvious differences like the rise in...

Chattanooga area offers several popular sites for off highway vehicles

Published Jun. 30 2016

The Chattanooga area offers several popular sites for OHVs, including Prentice Cooper State Forest, the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest and privately...

Larry Case: Hungry bears are prone to wander

Published Jun. 30 2016

It's been a while since I wrote to you about bears, but they've been on my mind lately.

Around the Region: Dayton's Andy Morgan is FLW Angler of Year for third time

Published Jun. 25 2016

Andy Morgan of Dayton, Tenn., clinched his third Walmart FLW Tour Angler of the Year honor in four years Friday...

Larry Case: Muddy memories of Dad at the creek are clear in my mind

Published Jun. 19 2016

Sometimes I think there are two kinds of people in the world: those who fish with live bait, and those...

Larry Case: So you want to be a gun writer?

Published Jun. 16 2016

Back when I was a kid I read a lot of outdoors and gun magazines. I doubt that's a surprise...

Soak Creek dubbed a Tennessee Scenic River

Published Jun. 15 2016

A section of the creek that runs through Bledsoe, Cumberland and Rhea Counties is the first waterway in the state...

Mount Cammerer Lookout structure still stands tall in Smokies

Published Jun. 9 2016

While not even on one of the 10 highest points in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Mount Cammerer...

Larry Case: Wild for brook trout

Published Jun. 2 2016

"To those devoid of imagination, a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable...