Who golfs: Lisa Smith

Who golfs: Lisa Smith

June 26th, 2013 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Outdoors

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

East Brainerd

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Lisa Smith cruised to the family car in a golf cart at Brown Acres on Tuesday with her daughter riding shotgun and her husband and son in the cart in front of them leading the way.

This week, they decided to stay.

Smith and her husband, Jason, took a week off from work and chose to stay in the area instead of heading out on a vacation to the Carolinas or Florida or another part of the globe.

It's a stay-cation, Chattanooga style.

"We wanted to stay in town and enjoy what Chattanooga has to offer," Lisa said. "This is good family time."

Day two included a family four-some of golf at one of the two city-operated courses. They played a best-ball format, with the father and son beating mother and daughter.

But Lisa said, in the end, they all won because they spent a morning together.

Lisa has roots in the game dating back to her days in high school when she lived in England and her father taught her how to play. She is passing the game on to her children, Austin and Lauren, who also play team sports.

"You have to learn etiquette, and you don't necessarily learn that in team sports, and learning individualism is important," Lisa said. "Team sports are also important to learn that it takes a team and not just one show-boat."