Preps Preview: Chattooga Indians

Preps Preview: Chattooga Indians

August 17th, 2012 by Staff Report in Sports - Preps


7 - Seniors on the Indians' roster.

12 - Freshmen on the roster.

10 - Returning lettermen.


Aug. 31 East Hall

Sep. 7 at Heard County

Sep. 14 Darlington

Sep. 21 Model*

Sep. 28 Murray County*

Oct. 12 at Armuchee*

Oct. 19 at Coosa*

Oct. 26 Pepperell*

Nov. 2 at Dade County*

Nov. 9 Calhoun*

* Region 7-AA game


Coach: Clay Livingston (first year)

Stadium: Little Big Horn Stadium

Address: 989 Highway 114, Summerville, GA 30747


The Indians went 5-5 last year and enter this year with first-year coach Clay Livingston in charge. They last went to the playoffs in 2009, when their only regular-season loss came against Calhoun. But that season ended with a 45-7 loss to Lovett from Region 6-AA. Last year, the Indians won their first game, lost four straight, then ended the year with four straight victories.

Here's a look at the regular-season win total for the last five years:







1) Speed. The Indians are continuing their tradition of being an athletic team with speed at almost every position. Livingston will try to use the quickness with the spread offense and let the players use their strengths in space. "We don't have a lot of lineman-type kids, so we'll go three or four wide," Livingston said. "Then the defense is going to make a choice. In high school, most folks will make you beat them through the air."

2) Youth can be a positive. As Livingston explained, young players may have fewer bad habits and "don't know they're not supposed to beat Calhoun [for example]. We have kids who didn't play middle school ball and they don't look at past struggles. Ignorance can be bliss."

3) Coaching staff. Livingston is a head coach for the first time, but his staff is balanced with youth and experience. Offensive coordinator Jeff Bullen is 48 years old, while defensive coordinator Nick Sikes is 28. "All of them have embraced their role and what they can contribute," Livingston said. "Everybody does everything they can. We have a good mix."


1) Lack of experience. Ignorance may be bliss at times, but it can also be a detriment. "You have kids who haven't been under the lights and you never know until you turn them on," Livingston said. "Some kids will embrace that and feed off of it. Some kids will fold."

2) Undeveloped football IQ. With such a young and inexperienced team, the Indians have to spend more time on Football 101. "You can't take anything for granted with our kids," Livingston said. "They're good athletes, but you have to teach everything. You can't assume they know anything, and that can be frustrating."

3) A new region. The Indians are playing in Region 7-AA this season, which is a switch from Region 6-AA. So there are unknown teams on the schedule. "It's still pretty tough," Livingston said. "It's tough from top to bottom There are good programs and hard-nosed tough kids at these schools. Then there's Calhoun and Pepperell, who are good year in and year out."


(senior center/defensive end)

Q: What is your favorite drill during practice?

A: It's the defensive pursuit drill. Coach passes the ball to one receiver, and every player on defense has to pursue that guy.

Q: What game are you looking forward to most this season?

A: It's not a game, but our scrimmage against Trion. It's a big rivalry. That's what I'm looking forward to most right now, because when we beat them, that will be a point proven.

Q: What are your favorite college and pro football teams?

A: Florida State and the Green Bay Packers.


1 Nigel Dickerson - Junior

2 Trey Tucker - Sophomore

3 Anthony Laughlin - Freshman

4 Jacob DeBerry - Freshman

5 Shaun Lawrence - Junior

7 Darius Williams - Junior

8 Garret Salmon - Junior

9 Joe Laughlin - Senior

13 Tevin Shropshire - Junior

14 Justice Wilson - Junior

15 Trevor Curtis - Sophomore

16 Dalton Brown - Junior

17 Donovan Dallas - Sophomore

19 Gary Snead - Sophomore

20 Ricky Lamb - Senior

21 Sergio Mosqueda - Junior

22 Thomas Maddux - Senior

23 Jaylin Moore - Junior

24 Rashud Price - Freshman

25 Raj Patel - Sophomore

26 J'ahaddias Adams - Junior

28 Zay Underwood - Freshman

30 Christian Turkett - Sophomore

32 Travel Bankston - Freshman

34 Ronell Sims - Senior

35 Mar'klin Christopher - Freshman

37 Nick York - Sophomore

40 Damian Childress - Junior

42 Devan Byers - Junior

43 Dylan Mathis - Junior

46 Brandon Lawrence - Senior

48 Tyler Hughes - Sophomore

50 Brandon Pope - Junior

51 Spencer Hogg - Junior

52 Renzel Adams - Senior

54 Skyler Esman - Junior

55 Dustin Hall - Sophomore

57 Josh Bailey - Junior

58 Jay Williams - Freshman

60 Michael Leming - Sophomore

63 Charles Davis - Freshman

65 Casey Harris - Senior

67 Austin McGraw - Freshman

70 Chandler Edgeworth - Sophomore

74 Jason Galloway - Sophomore

75 Chris Murphy - Freshman

76 Davone Evans - Freshman

79 Anthony Ledbetter - Sophomore

81 Jayden Poarch - Junior

85 Darius Floyd - Junior

86 Ricky Cardoza - Junior

88 Dee McCutchins - Freshman