Preps Preview: Dade County Wolverines

Preps Preview: Dade County Wolverines

August 17th, 2012 by Staff Report in Sports - Preps

Dade County coach Bradley Warren is hoping the strong leadership of Travis Nunley the Wolverines senior can mean a return to the postseason this fall.

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2 - Players named after big cities in Texas. Dallas Robinson wears jersey No. 6 and Houston Poston wears No. 9.

4 - Victories needed to make this Dade's winningest senior class of the last 38 years.

78 - The largest number for any player on the roster - Reid Hulgan.


Aug. 31 at North Sand Mountain

Sept. 7 North Murray

Sept. 14 at Lakeview-F.O.

Sept. 21 Calhoun*

Sept. 28 at Pepperell*

Oct. 12 Coosa*

Oct. 19 Armuchee*

Oct. 26 at Murray County*

Nov. 2 Chattooga*

Nov. 9 at Model*

* Region 7-AA game


Coach: Bradley Warren (21-21 here in four seasons, 80-65 in 13 years overall)

Stadium: Wolverine Stadium

Address: 300 Tradition Lane, Tenton, GA 30752


Dade County reach a zenith in 2010 when the Wolverines won 10 games including a 48-21 victory in the first round of the playoffs at Heard County. But the 2011 season had a much different feel. The Wolverines won four games and lost two games by a single point. Coach Bradley Warren said his squad did not handle the success of the previous season.

Here's a look at the regular-season win total for the last five years:

2011 ----(4)

2010 ---------(9)

2009 ------(6)

2008 -(1)

2007 --(2)


1) Improved character. Younger players vacuumed and cleaned the locker room following preseason camp. "Last year, coaches would be sweeping it," Coach Warren said. "Kids are taking pride. I think after the 2010 season we had things taken for granted and we didn't handle success. We're doing things that make us successful."

2) Leadership. Seniors Travis Nunley and Kolbie Gass have taken over ownership and releasing some responsibility from the coaching staff. "If we have to babysit, we're in trouble," Warren said.

3) Athleticism. Yes, read that again. The Wolverines, especially under Warren, have been big and bruising teams who would win a tug-of-war playing nine against 11. But not this year. "We are not very big but we can run," Warren said. "We have a lot of 5-foot-10, 180-pound kids running around."


1) Depth. Preseason camp ended with 43 players to play at the GHSA Class-AA level. Warren said 35 players made at least 90 percent of summer workouts. "We knew our numbers weren't going to be big, so I feel like we've done well getting some young guys prepared."

2) Establishing the line of scrimmage. "I wouldn't say it's a weakness, but it's a question mark," Warren said. In the 2010 season, Dade County's offensive linemen averaged about 310 pounds. This season, Warren said, the average offensive lineman weighs about 220. "We'll be moving more than we have been in the past," Warren said.

3) Crunch time. Dade County lost two games by one point last season, and Warren attributes that to an altered ego within the team. "Going from 10-2 to 4-6 was not fun," he said. "We learned how to win and last year we had enough talent to win. But we weren't doing the little things and had penalties and turnovers at just the wrong time. We were doing enough wrong at the wrong time to get beat."


(Senior running back)

Q: What game are you looking forward to the most this year?

A: North Sand Mountain. That's a big rival since rec league. I'm also looking forward to playing Calhoun, but that opening game is what I thrive for on the schedule.

Q: What was it like sleeping in the gym a few nights for camp?

A: I've slept in better places. My back is a little more sore than normal. I had a full futon and it still didn't feel good.

Q: What sort of goals and expectations do you have for Dade County this year?

A: We want to beat last year's record and for the young kids to step in and help us with our depth and play a big role on our team.


1 Jarrett Page - Senior

2 Austin Forester - Sophomore

3 Travis Nunley - Senior

4 Luke Ridle - Junior

5 Dallas Robinson - Sophomore

6 Houston Poston - Freshman

10 Chandler Gaddis - Senior

11 Tanner Faircloth - Senior

12 Brett Swader - Sophomore

13 Chase Wallin - Freshman

14 Jordan Buckles - Senior

16 Payton Brannom - Senior

17 Garett Moore - Sophomore

18 Stephen McCormick - Sophomore

19 Aaron Williams - Junior

21 D.Q. Cole - Freshman

24 Teddy Cole - Freshman

26 Ken Stone - Sophomore

28 Damien Pickering - Freshman

30 Levi Stevens - Junior

32 Roby McMahan - Sophomore

40 Blake Lynn - Sophomore

44 Robert Eastman - Freshman

52 Tyce Beaudoin - Senior

53 David Cocuzza - Sophomore

54 Kyle Adkins - Junior

55 Austin Mooneyhan - Senior

56 Kolbie Gass - Senior

57 Tanner Avery - Junior

58 Grayson Sharp - Junior

64 Logan Taylor - Senior

66 Josh Devlin - Senior

70 Jake Whittington - Freshman

74 Chris Leverett - Junior

75 Hunter Dean - Senior

78 Reid Hulgan - Freshman