Small districts hamper prep scheduling

Small districts hamper prep scheduling

December 16th, 2012 by Ward Gossett in Sports - Preps

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2013 area Tennessee prep football schedules


Rhea County

A30 // Coffee County

S6 // White County

S13 // at Walker Valley

S20 // Cumberland County

S27 // Red Bank

O4 // at Cookeville

O11 // at Soddy-Daisy

O18 // at Warren County

O25 // East Hamilton

N1 // at Stone Memorial


Bradley Central

A23 // at Polk County

A30 // Murf. Riverdale

S6 // Open

S13 // at Hixson

S20 // Walker Valley

S27 // Signal Mountain

O4 // at Ooltewah

O11 // at Cleveland

O18 // McMinn County

O25 // Soddy-Daisy

N1 // at East Hamilton


A23 // McCallie

A30 // at Cookeville

S6 // at McMinn County

S13 // at Hixson

S20 // Soddy-Daisy

S27 // at Knoxville West

O4 // at East Hamilton

O11 // Bradley Central

O18 // at Walker Valley

O25 // Ooltewah

N1 // Open

East Hamilton

A23 // at Signal Mountain, 7

A30 // Dobyns-Bennett

S6 // at Walker Valley

S13 // at Riverdale

S20 // at Ooltewah

S27 // Open

O4 // Cleveland

O11 // McMinn County

O18 // at Soddy-Daisy

O25 // at Rhea County

N1 // Bradley Central

McMinn County

A23 // McMinn Central

A30 // at McCallie

S6 // Cleveland

S13 // Alcoa

S30 // at Oak Ridge

O4 // Soddy-Daisy

O11 // at East Hamilton

O18 // at Bradley Central

O25 // at Walker Valley

N1 // Ooltewah


A23 // at Brainerd

A30 // Siegel

S6 // at Soddy-Daisy

S13 // at Tyner

S20 // East Hamilton

S27 // Dobyns-Bennett

O4 // Bradley Central

O11 // Walker Valley

O18 // Open

O25 // at Cleveland

N1 // at McMinn County

Walker Valley

A23 // at East Ridge

A30 // Sequoyah

S // East Hamilton

S13 // Rhea County

S20 // at Bradley Central

S27 // at Polk County

O4 // Open

O11 // at Ooltewah

O18 // Cleveland

O25 // McMinn County

N1 // at Soddy-Daisy


Bledsoe County

A23 // at Cumberland County, 8

A30 // at Marion County, 8

S6 // Signal Mountain, 8

S13 // York Institute, 8

S20 // Notre Dame, 8

S27 // at Lookout Valley

O4 // at Sequatchie County, 8

O11 // Open

O18 // Grundy County, 8

O25 // Silverdale Baptist, 8

N1 // at Chattanooga Christian

Chattanooga Christian

A23 // at Grace Academy

A30 // Lookout Valley

S6 // at Notre Dame

S13 // Open

S20 // Sequatchie County, 8

S27 // at White County

O4 // at Grundy County, 8

O11 // Silverdale Baptist, 7

O18 // at Signal Mountain, 7

O25 // Marion County, 8

N1 // Bledsoe County, 8

Grundy County

A23 // Marion County, 8

A30 // at Grace Academy

S6 // at Sequatchie County, 8

S13 // Silverdale Baptist, 8

S20 // at Signal Mountain, 7

S27 // South Pittsburg, 8

O 4 // Open/trying to fill

O11 // Chattanooga Christian

O18 // at Bledsoe County

O25 // at Cumberland County

N1 // Notre Dame

Notre Dame

A23 // at Knoxvilleville Catholic

A30 // East Ridge

S6 // Chattanooga Christian

S13 // at Boyd-Buchanan

S20 // at Bledsoe County

S27 // Open

O4 // at Signal Mountain

O11 // at Polk County

O18 // Sequatchie County

O25 // Open/looking

N1 // at Grundy County

Signal Mountain

A23 // East Hamilton

A30 // Tyner

S6 // at Bledsoe County

S13 // at Red Bank

S20 // Grundy County

S27 // at Bradley Central

O4 // Notre Dame

O11 // Open

O18 // Chattanooga Christian

O25 // at Greeneville

N1 // At Sequatchie County



A23 // Ooltewah

A30 // at McCallie

S6 // at Red Bank

S13 // at Baylor

S20 // East Ridge

S27 // Austin-East

O4 // Howard

O11 // at Central

O18 // Tyner

O25 // Open

N1 // Hixson //


A30 // Polk County

S6 // East Ridge

S13 // at Marion County

S20 // at Red Bank

S27 // Open (p/u Ga. team in 2014)

O4 // Tyner

O11 // Brainerd

O18 // at Howard

O25 // Hixson

N1 // at McMinn Central

East Ridge

A23 // Walker Valley

A30 // at Notre Dame

S6 // at Central

S13 // Polk County

S20 // at Brainerd

S27 // Loudon

O4 // at Hixson

O11 // Red Bank

O25 // Open

N1 // at Howard


A23 // Soddy-Daisy

A30 // at South Pittsburg, 8

S6 // Tyner

S13 // Bradley Central

S20 // at Howard

Sept. 27 // at Livingston Academy, 8

O4 // East Ridge

O17 // Red Bank

O24 // at Central

O31 // at Brainerd


A23 // at Baylor

A30 // Stratford

S6 // Open

S13 // Loudon

S20 // Hixson

S27 // at Greater Atlanta Christian

O4 // at Brainerd

O11 // at Tyner

O18 // Central

O25 // at Red Bank

N1 // East Ridge

Red Bank

A23 // Boyd-Buchanan

A30 // at Soddy-Daisy

S6 // Brainerd

S13 // Signal Mountain

S20 // Central

S27 // at Rhea County

O4 // Open

O11 // at East Ridge

O18 // at Hixson

O25 // Howard

N1 // at Tyner


A30 // at Signal Mountain, 7

S6 // at Hixson

S13 // Ooltewah

S20 // Knoxville Catholic

S27 // Soddy-Daisy

O4 // at Central

O11 // Howard

O18 // at Brainerd

O25 // at East Ridge

N1 // Red Bank


McMinn Central

A23 // at McMinn County

A30 // Boyd-Buchanan

S6 // Sequoyah

S13 // Knoxville Grace

S20 // at Polk County

S27 // at Meigs County

O4 // Sweetwater

O11 // at Knoxville Carter

O18 // at Loudon

O25 // Open

N 1 // Central

Polk County

A23 // Bradley Central

A30 // at Central

S6 // Open

S13 // at East Ridge

S20 // McMinn Central

S27 // Walker Valley

O4 // at Sequoyah

O11 // Notre Dame

O18 // at Sweetwater

O25 // at South Pittsburg

N1 // Loudon


Lookout Valley

A23 // at Silverdale Baptist

A30 // at Chattanooga Christian

S6 // Open

S13 // Grace Academy

S20 // Marion County

S27 // Bledsoe County

O4 // at Whitwell

O11 // Meigs County

O18 // at South Pittsburg, 8

O25 // at Copper Basin

N1 // Sale Creek

Marion County

A23 // at Grundy County, 8

A30 // Bledsoe County, 8

S6 // at Whitwell, 8

S13 // Central, 8

S20 // at Lookout Valley

S27 // Sequatchie County, 8

O4 // Sale Creek, 8

O11 // at Copper Basin

O18 // Open

O25 // at Chattanooga Christian

N1 // South Pittsburg, 8

South Pittsburg

A30 // Hixson, 8

S6 // at Sale Creek

S13 // Sequatchie County, 8

S20 // Whitwell, 8

S27 // at Grundy County

O4 // Open/looking to fill

O11 // at Boyd-Buchanan

O18 // Lookout Valley, 8

O25 // Polk County, 8

N1 // at Marion County


A23 // Mt. Juliet Christian, 8

A30 // at Midway

S6 // Marion County, 8

S13 // at Harriman

S20 // at South Pittsburg

S27 // at Mid. Tenn. Christian, 8

O4 // Lookout Valley, 8

O11 // Clay County, 8

O18 // at Sale Creek

O25 // Richland, 8



A23 // at Red Bank

A30 // at McMinn Central

S6 // Franklin Road Academy

S12 // Notre Dame

S20 // open

S27 // at Donelson Christian Academy

O4 // at Grace Academy

O11 // South Pittsburg

O18 // at Copper Basin

O25 // at Sequatchie County

N1 // Silverdale Baptist

Copper Basin


A30at Hayesville (N.C.)

S6 Silverdale Baptist

S13at Tellico Plains

S20at Andrews (N.C.)


O4 at Towns County (Ga.)

O11 Marion County

O18 Boyd-Buchanan

O25 Lookout Valley

N1 at Grace Academy

Grace Academy

A23 // Chattanooga Christian

A30 // Grundy County

S6 // at Davidson Academy

S13 // at Lookout Valley

S20 // Open

S27 // at Eagleville

O4 // Boyd-Buchanan

O11 // at Sale Creek

O18 // at Silverdale Baptist

O25 // Jackson County

N1 // Copper Basin

Silverdale Baptist

A23 // Lookout Valley

A30 // Community

S6 // at Copper Basin

S13 // at Grundy County, 8

S20 // at Hayesville, N.C.

S27 // Sweetwater

O4 // Open

O11 // at Chattanooga Christian

O18 // Grace Academy

O25 // at Bledsoe County

N1 // at Boyd-Buchanan


Meigs County

A30 // at Sweetwater

S6 // Greenback

S13 // at Sale Creek

S20 // Rockwood

S27 // McMinn Central

O4 // Knoxville Grace

O11 // at Lookout Valley

O18 // at Midway

O25 // Harriman

N1at Tellico Plains



A23 // Howard

A30 // at Knoxville Webb

S6 // at MBA

S13 // Brainerd

S20 // Pope John Paul II

S27 // Open

O4 // McCallie

O11 // Murfreesboro Oakland

O18 // at Brentwood Academy

O25 // Ensworth

N1 // at Father Ryan


A23 // at Cleveland

A30 // McMinn County

S6 // Pope John Paul II

S13 // at Seigel, 8

S20 // Bowling Green

S27 // at Ensworth, 8

O4 // at Baylor

O11 // at Brentwood Academy, 8

O18 // Open

O25 // Father Ryan

N1 // Montgomery Bell Academy //

Rhea County is moving out, Meigs County is moving down and out and East Hamilton is going up, and with each shift come major schedule changes.

Rhea is moving from District 5-AAA to 6-AAA in the 2013-14 school year, while Meigs has dropped from District 5-AA to 3-A and East Hamilton is leaving District 6-AA for 5-AAA.

Football coaches have survived piecing together new schedules, but most would rather pull weeds along their fences by hand.

"I dread it with a passion, especially in a district that has four teams that play football," Boyd-Buchanan coach Grant Reynolds said.

Reynolds got something of a late start because the Buccaneers, unlike Polk County, reached the state semifinals.

"When you get your butt kicked in the first round, you have plenty of time," Polk coach Derrick Davis said. "Of course now is better than when I first started. The phone rang constantly -- people looking for an easy win."

Class 2A Boyd-Buchanan, which went 9-1 in the regular season, lost a playoff quadrant top seed this past season because the Buccaneers lost to Class 4A Maplewood.

"I didn't look at all the [playoff] tiebreaker stuff," Reynolds said, "but the reason we didn't play enough 2A teams was because we couldn't find teams to play, and they weren't in our district. It would help if we were able to play teams in our own classification. If [the TSSAA] did away with so many districts and back to the old way (five classifications instead of six), it would help. The state needs to help when it comes to scheduling."

Reynolds' team actually has Class 1A enrollment numbers but plays up in 2A because of the 1.8 multiplier applied to all private schools playing in Division I. Because of the success the Bucs have enjoyed and their small district (5-A), opponents are hard to find.

"I'd love to play teams in my own classification," Reynolds said, adding that District 5-A would have been helped if the TSSAA had sent Meigs County and Tellico Plains, which dropped from Class 3A, south instead of northwest.

"That would have given us a six-team district, but I think they petitioned to go the other direction. I guess they didn't want to travel to Chattanooga," he said.

District 5-AA, which lost Meigs and Tellico, did add Loudon, but it still left 5-AA coaches to cover the loss of a district game.

Polk's Davis, while waiting to find out if Loudon was moving in, took to keeping a computerized list.

"I had one column for possible games, one column for definite 'no' responses and one for definite yeses," he said. "It's better than it used to be, though, from a technical standpoint. You can email or call a cellphone or even text. No more calling a school, having to leave another coach a message and just hoping that he got it."

Communication advances aside, Davis longs for the return of districts that numbered 8-10 teams. It was competitive, but he loved having a nine-team district even though his team traveled to the Chattanooga area three or four times per year.

"I know I've beat this to death, but it's the price teams are paying for having so many classifications," he said. "I'd like to start [the scheduling process] with more [automatic] games and bigger districts."

Although he is moving from playing Class 3A and 4A teams into a district of Class 5A and 6A teams, East Hamilton's Ted Gatewood chose to look at the positives.

"We're losing some rivalries and starting new ones," he said. "This will be a great challenge for the kids and the program."

He answered "probably" when asked if his program stood to generate more money.

"We've played Ooltewah and Bradley at home and both were good gates, and because of where we're situated I don't see any more travel," he said. "Our worst trip will be crossing [Highway] 153. Our other trips will be right up I-75."

Baylor and McCallie, Chattanooga's Division II representatives, each lost a built-in game when Battle Ground Academy dropped from DII-AA to DII-A. The drop came with both already traveling often in addition to struggling to have 10-game schedules.

"I don't think it's so much about us but everybody taking care of themselves," McCallie athletic director Bubba Simmons said. "Some of those good games we used to have with local teams, I think those coaches are trying to do what's best for their programs and doing what's best for them in the postseason."

Baylor and McCallie had seven built-in league games. That's now down to six.

"It was hard enough to find three [nonleague games], but now we have to find four," Simmons said.