2013 Times Free Press Dynamite Baker's Dozen

2013 Times Free Press Dynamite Baker's Dozen

August 16th, 2013 by Stephen Hargis in Sports - Preps

No. 1 Rafael Gaglianone<br /><br /> Kicker, Baylor<br /> Size: 6-foot, 220 pounds<br /> Interested colleges: North Carolina State, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU.<br /> Odd fact: Had never played American football before arriving at Baylor as a sophomore.

No. 2 Tre Herndon<br /><br /> Defensive back, East Hamilton<br /><br /> Size: 6-foot, 180 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: Committed to Vanderbilt<br /><br /> Favorite pro player: "(Former UTC defensive back) Buster Skrine because I work out with him and he's a good friend."

No. 3 Jermane Conyers<br /><br /> Offensive lineman, Ridgeland<br /><br /> Size: 6-foot-3, 290 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: Committed to Indiana<br /><br /> Favorite movie: "The Blind Side because it reminds me of my life."

No. 4 Chandler Curtis<br /><br /> Receiver/Defensive back, Calhoun<br /><br /> Size: 5-foot-10, 177 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: Tennessee Tech, UT-Chattanooga, Mercer, Middle Tennessee State<br /><br /> Odd fact: Transferred to Calhoun after an all-state season at Gordon Central last year.

No. 5 Austin Herink<br /><br /> Quarterback, Cleveland<br /><br /> Size:6-foot-2, 210 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: VMI, Youngstown State, Furman, Middle Tennessee State, Duke, Cincinnati, Memphis, Samford<br /><br /> Odd fact: "I can impersonate Coach (Ron) Crawford."

No. 6 Cameron Walker<br /><br /> Defensive line, McCallie<br /><br /> Size:6-foot-4, 245 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: UT-Chattanooga, Middle Tennessee State, Alabama-Birmingham, Duke<br /><br /> Favorite pro player: "Tim Tebow because he is a Godly role model for my life and somebody I can always look up to."

No. 7 Isaiah Mack<br /><br /> Defensive line, Northwest Whitfield<br /><br /> Size: 6-foot-2, 265 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: UT-Chattanooga, Campbell<br /><br /> Who's had the most influence in your life? "My mother because she has raised me on her own."

No. 8 D.J. Jones<br /><br /> Athlete, Cleveland<br /><br /> Size: 5-foot-11, 180 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: Middle Tennessee State, Western Kentucky, Lindsey Wilson<br /><br /> Pregame ritual: "I like to sit by myself and listen to music so I can get focused on the game."

No. 9 Bailey Lenoir<br /><br /> Tight end, East Hamilton<br /><br /> Size:6-foot-4, 235 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: UT-Chattanooga, Kennesaw State, Middle Tennessee State<br /><br /> Odd fact: "I also play varsity tennis."

No. 10 C.J. Fritz<br /><br /> Receiver/Defensive back, McCallie<br /><br /> Size: 5-foot-10, 175 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: Alabama-Birmingham, Campbell University, Duke, Lehigh<br /><br /> Odd fact:"I didn't start playing football until my sophomore year because I wasn't mature enough."

No. 11 Mike Williams<br /><br /> Receiver, Ooltewah<br /><br /> Size: 6-foot-1, 175 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: UT-Chattanooga, UT-Martin, Austin Peay, Middle Tennessee State <br /><br /> Odd fact: "I listen to Taylor Swift"

No. 12 Dee Crisp<br /><br /> Receiver, Bradley Central<br /><br /> Size: 6-foot-1, 187 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges: Austin Peay, UT-Chattanooga, Furman, Middle Tennessee State, Alabama State.<br /><br /> Favorite move: The Lion King. "I don't really know why, I've just always liked it."

No. 13 Austin Gatewood<br /><br /> Linebacker, East Hamilton<br /><br /> Size:6-foot 1/2, 215 pounds<br /><br /> Interested colleges:UT-Chattanooga, Appalachian State, Memphis, Cincinnati, Middle Tennessee State.<br /><br /> Pregame ritual:Listens to music in a dark, quiet part of the locker room.