2013 - Grace Academy Golden Eagles

2013 - Grace Academy Golden Eagles

August 16th, 2013 by Kelley Smiddie in Sports - Preps

Grace Academy coach Bob Ateca, right, will lean on experienced playmakers such as Will Slack (7) this fall for the Golden Eagles.

Grace Academy coach Bob Ateca, right, will lean...

Grace Academy Golden Eagles

Coach: Bob Ateca (11-20 in three seasons here; 46-69 in 13 seasons overall)

Last year: 2-8

'13 dreams: Grace enters the season with more questions than answers. There are some talented players among the 34 on the squad, and about half the starters return on each side. Also, the schedule doesn't seem to be as brutal as last year's, when eight of the Golden Eagles' opponents advanced to at least the second round of the state playoffs. They'll have to stay healthy and the offensive line must jell to have a shot at a winning record. Senior running back Will Slack (6-foot, 180) is looking to return to the form when he was a sophomore before he tore an ACL halfway through the year. Grace is switching to more of a multiple-I offense with Slack at tailback and senior Dequan Hughes (5-7, 185) at fullback. He'll also play defense this year as the safety opposite Slack. Senior Kent Scruggs (5-9, 195) anchors the line on both sides.

Number of interest: The Golden Eagles have 13 seniors this season.

13 years ago: The program did not exist.

1-through-3: Senior safety and wide receiver Ike Ateca

Q. What can we expect to see from Grace Academy this season?

A. I think you'll see a lot more team play instead of individual play. We've got to play more as a team because we lost a lot of talent last year. It's got to be more of a team effort this year.

Q. What specifically does Grace have to do well to be a better football team?

A. Run the ball. Most teams tell you that, but we've got to do that. Not having a high-velocity-armed quarterback, we've got to run the ball to be able to set up some good pass plays.

Q. What's it like having your father as your head coach?

A. It's interesting. I don't know if it's a lot different, but it's a little bit harder. He's tougher on me, but I think he's pretty equal. He'll let other people pass me up if they're better and work harder than me.

2013 Schedule

Aug.23 Chattanooga Christian 7:30

Aug. 30 Grundy County 8

Sep. 6 at Davidson Academy 8

Sep. 13 at Lookout Valley 7:30

Sep. 27 at Eagleville 8

Oct. 4 Boyd-Buchanan* 7:30

Oct. 11 at Sale Creek 7:30

Oct. 18 at Silverdale Baptist Academy* 7:30

Oct. 25 Jackson County 8

Nov. 1 Copper Basin* 7:30

  • District 5-A game

2012 STATS


C-A-I Pct. Yards TDs

Josh Smith 35-69-5 50.7 700 7


Att. Yards TDs

Aaron Tisdale 90 797 7

Josh Smith 86 686 11

Will Slack 103 587 5

Dequan Hughes 113 541 4


No. Yards TDs

Drew Shumaker 9 237 3

Austin Powell 13 212 3

Will Slack 10 155 1


Solo Assists Total

Aaron Tisdale 94 40 114

Austin Powell 89 44 111


No. Name Class

1 Ike Ateca Senior

2 Larry Mason Junior

3 Tres Boyd Junior

5 Jared Thompson Freshman

7 Will Slack Senior

9 Dequan Hughes Senior

11 Austin Smith Senior

12 Ethan Bradshaw Freshman

13 Isaac Spencer Senior

14 Austin Walls Freshman

15 Chet Matheny Senior

21 Tyler Wynn Senior

23 James Rowell Sophomore

28 Josh Leamon Junior

30 Chace Underwood Senior

33 Alex Blandon Sophomore

35 Caleb Sanders Sophomore

41 Dalton Morrison Freshman

45 Nathan Merritt Freshman

49 Tommy Short Freshman

50 Kent Scruggs Senior

52 Waldo Odens Senior

53 Caleb Guffey Freshman

55 Dakota Doss Sophomore

56 Brandon Sherr Freshman

57 Stephan Lawrence Junior

62 Austin Parks Junior

68 Logan Groves Junior

70 Nolen Turner Senior

72 Sam Coward Junior

75 Eli Rogers Sophomore

78 Alex Ratledge Sophomore

84 Cody Sanders Junior

88 Chandler Cook Senior