Must-see games in greater Chattanooga area prep football this season

Must-see games in greater Chattanooga area prep football this season

August 22nd, 2013 by Stephen Hargis in Sports - Preps

Whether its the renewal of a decades-old rivalry or simply the two biggest bullies on the block butting heads, there are certain games that make the prep football season special for players and fans alike.

Here are the area's must-see games for this season:

Friday, Aug. 23

East Hamilton at Signal Mountain, 7: Although both programs have been around fewer than 10 years, they have become the city's premier teams now. This matchup has everything prep football fans could want -- both are contenders to make deep playoff runs, each with several college prospects and large fan following that promises to fill the stands and give it a postseason atmosphere. There's also the revenge factor for the Eagles, who took their programs' worst loss in last year's season opener.

Other games

Boyd-Buchanan at Red Bank

Bledsoe County at Cumberland County, 8

Bradley Central at Polk County

Chattanooga Christian at Grace Academy

Coalfield at Copper Basin

Grundy County at Marion County, 8

Howard at Baylor

Lookout Valley at Silverdale Baptist

Marion County at Grundy County, 8

McMinn Central at McMinn County

Mt. Juliet Christian at Whitwell, 8

Notre Dame at Knox Catholic

Ooltewah at Brainerd

Sale Creek at Oakdale

Sequatchie County at Community

Soddy-Daisy at Hixson

South Pittsburg at Bell County (Ky.)

Walker Valley at East Ridge


Ringgold at Dalton

Friday, Aug. 30

Calhoun at Ridgeland: This matchup pits two teams that appeared in state championship games to end last season. Each team has high expectations for this year as well, but each also has major graduation losses. Last year's game was a back-and-forth affair, with the Yellow Jackets handing Ridgeland its only regular-season loss.

Other games

Baylor at Knox Webb

Bledsoe County at Marion County, 8

Boyd-Buchanan at McMinn Central

Cleveland at Cookeville, 8

Coffee County at Rhea County

Community at Silverdale Baptist

Copper Basin at Hayesville (N.C.)

Dobyns-Bennett at East Hamilton

East Ridge at Notre Dame

Grundy County at Grace Academy

Hixson at South Pittsburg, 8

Lookout Valley at Chattanooga Christian

McMinn County at McCallie

Meigs County at Sweetwater

Murfreesboro Riverdale at Bradley Central

Polk County at Central

Sale Creek at Red Boiling Springs

Red Bank at Soddy-Daisy

Sequoyah at Walker Valley

Siegel at Ooltewah

Stratford at Howard

Tyner at Signal Mountain, 7

Whitwell at Midway


Ringgold at Heritage

Pepperell at Northwest Whitfield

North Murray at Southeast Whitfield

Murray County at Coahulla Creek

Gordon Central at Coosa

Gordon Lee at Lakeview-F.O.

Sonoraville at Pickens County

Chattooga at East Hall

North Sand Mountain at Dade County

Model at Christian Heritage

Armuchee at Trion


Buckhorn at Scottsboro, 8

Ider at Addison, 8

North Jackson at Fort Payne, 8

Friday, Sept. 6

Dalton at Calhoun: This annual matchup has turned into quite a rivalry, though the Yellow Jackets have gotten the better of it lately. Its the middle game of a brutal stretch for Calhoun, while Dalton sees it as a chance to prove this season could be special.

Other games

Baylor at MBA, 8

Brainerd at Red Bank

Chattanooga Christian at Notre Dame

Cleveland at McMinn County

East Hamilton at Walker Valley

East Ridge at Central

Franklin Road Academy at Boyd-Buchanan

Grace Academy at Davidson Academy

Greenback at Meigs County

Grundy County at Sequatchie County, 8

Marion County at Whitwell, 8

Ooltewah at Soddy-Daisy

Pope John Paul II at McCallie

Sequoyah at McMinn Central

Signal Mountain at Bledsoe County, 8

Silverdale Baptist at Copper Basin

South Pittsburg vs. Sale Creek at Finley Stadium

Tyner at Hixson

White County at Rhea County


Heritage at Lakeview-F.O.

LaFayette at Trion

Gordon Central at Southeast Whitfield

Coahulla Creek at Gordon Lee

Dade County at North Murray

Sonoraville at Gilmer County

Heard County at Chattooga

Christian Heritage at Murray County


Ider at West End, 8

Madison County at North Jackson, 8

Scottsboro at Arab, 8

Thursday, Sept. 12

Notre Dame at Boyd-Buchanan: The Fighting Irish promise to have one of the area's top offenses, while the Buccaneers are traditionally stout on defense. And while it's a non-district game, it's a good early-season measuring stick that will help both teams determine how far away they are from being postseason contenders.

Friday, Sept. 13

Ooltewah at Tyner:

Other games

Alcoa at McMinn County

Brainerd at Baylor

Central at Marion County, 8

Copper Basin at Tellico Plains

East Hamilton at Murfreesboro Riverdale, 8

Grace Academy at Lookout Valley

Knox Grace at McMinn Central

Loudon at Howard

McCallie at Seigel, 8

Meigs County at Sale Creek

Polk County at East Ridge

Rhea County at Walker Valley

Sequatchie County at South Pittsburg, 8

Signal Mountain at Red Bank

Silverdale Baptist at Grundy County, 8

Whitwell at Harriman

York Institute at Bledsoe County, 8


Cass at Heritage

Cedartown at LaFayette

Pickens County at Northwest Whitfield

Ridgeland at River Ridge

Southeast Whitfield at Gilmer County

Christian Heritage at Coahulla Creek

Murray County at Gordon Central

Lakeview-F.O. at Dade County

Johnson, Gainesville at North Murray

Central, Carroll at Ringgold

Model at Sonoraville

Calhoun at Carrollton

Darlington at Chattooga

Gordon Lee at Armuchee


North Jackson at Ardmore, 8

Southside Gadsden at Scottsboro, 8

Westbrook Christian, 8

Friday, Sept. 20

East Hamilton at Ooltewah:

Other games

Bowling Green (Ky.) at McCallie

Central at Red Bank

Chattanooga Christian at Sequatchie County, 8

Cleveland at Soddy-Daisy

Copper Basin at Andrews, N.C.

Cumberland County at Rhea County

East Ridge at Brainerd

Grundy County at Signal Mountain, 7

Hixson at Howard

Knox Catholic at Tyner

Marion County at Lookout Valley

McMinn Central at Polk County

McMinn County at Oak Ridge

Notre Dame at Bledsoe County, 8

Pope John Paul II at Baylor

Rockwood at Meigs County

Silverdale Baptist at Hayesville, N.C.

Walker Valley at Bradley Central

Whitwell at South Pittsburg, 8


Gilmer County at Dalton

Heritage at Pickens County

River Ridge at LaFayette

Northwest Whitfield at Cass

Ridgeland at Cedartown

Sonoraville at Coahulla Creek

Gordon Central at Ringgold

Lakeview-F.O. at Adairsville

North Murray at Cartersville

Dade County at Calhoun

Chattooga at Model

Armuchee at Murray County

Fellowship Christian at Christian Heritage

Mt. Paran Christian at Trion


DAR at North Jackson, 8

Fyffe at Ider, 8

Scottsboro at Boaz, 8

Friday, Sept. 27

North Jackson at Scottsboro, 8: Although both teams have first-year coaches, rest assured they have already been informed how important this cross-county rivalry is. The Chiefs have had the upper hand for some time, but Scottsboro coach Patrick Nix has pumped a lot of energy into that program, and for the first time in recent memory the Wildcats have the edge in talent as well.

Other games

Austin-East at Brainerd

Bledsoe County at Lookout Valley

Boyd-Buchanan at Donelson Christian, 8

Chattanooga Christian at White County, 8

Cleveland at Knox West

Dobyns-Bennett at Ooltewah

Grace Academy at Eagleville, 8

Hixson at Livingston Academy, 8

Howard at Greater Atlanta Christian

Loudon at East Ridge

McCallie at Ensworth, 8

McMinn Central at Meigs County

Red Bank at Rhea County

Sale Creek at Tellico Plains

Sequatchie County at Marion County, 8

Signal Mountain at Bradley Central

Soddy-Daisy at Tyner

South Pittsburg at Grundy County, 8

Sweetwater at Silverdale Baptist

Walker Valley at Polk County

Whitwell at Middle Tenn. Christian, 8


Dalton at Cass

LaFayette at Gilmer County

River Ridge at Northwest Whitfield

Pickens County at Ridgeland

Cedartown at Southeast Whitfield

Coahulla Creek at Cartersville

Lakeview-F.O. at Gordon Central

Sonoraville at North Murray

Adairsville at Ringgold

Coosa at Calhoun

Chattooga at Murray County

Pepperell at Dade County

Christian Heritage at Mt. Zion, Carroll

Whitefield Academy at Gordon Lee

Trion at Darlington


Cherokee County at Ider, 8

Friday, Oct. 4

This week offers more headline games than any other, including two games that will likely decide district titles -- Cleveland at East Hamilton and Notre Dame at Signal Mountain. And while the Ridgeland at Dalton game will also determine the Region 7B-AAAA subregion title, the one game that shouldn't be missed is the annual grudge match of McCallie at Baylor. No other rivalry can match that one for its history and pageantry.

Other games

Bradley Central at Ooltewah

Bledsoe County at Sequatchie County, 8

Boyd-Buchanan at Grace Academy

Chattanooga Christian at Grundy County, 8

Copper Basin at Towns County, Ga.

East Ridge at Hixson

Howard at Brainerd

Knox Grace at Meigs County

Lookout Valley at Whitwell, 8

Polk County at Sequoyah

Rhea County at Cookeville, 8

Sale Creek at Marion County, 8

Soddy-Daisy at McMinn County

Sweetwater at McMinn Central

Tyner at Central


Northwest Whitfield at Heritage

Southeast Whitfield at LaFayette

Gordon Central at Coahulla Creek

Cartersville at Lakeview-F.O.

North Murray at Adairsville

Ringgold at Sonoraville

Christian Heritage at Gordon Lee

Trion at Glascock County


Butler at North Jackson, 8

Etowah at Scottsboro, 8

Ider at Section, 8

Friday, Oct. 11

Dalton at Northwest Whitfield or Bradley Central at Cleveland: If you like a packed, rowdy stadium watching two playoff-caliber teams that really do not like each other, then either of these games are the ones not to miss on this night.

Other games

Brainerd at Central

Clay County at Whitwell, 8

Grace Academy at Sale Creek

Howard at Tyner

Marion County at Copper Basin

McCallie at Brentwood Academy, 8

McMinn Central at Knox Carter

McMinn County at East Hamilton

Meigs County at Lookout Valley

Murfreesboro Oakland at Baylor

Notre Dame at Polk County

Red Bank at East Ridge

Rhea County at Soddy-Daisy

South Pittsburg at Boyd-Buchanan

Signal Mountain at Greeneville

Silverdale Baptist at Chattanooga Christian

Stone Memorial at Sequatchie County, 8

Walker Valley at Ooltewah


LaFayette at Heritage

Southeast Whitfield at Ridgeland

Calhoun at Pepperell

Armuchee at Chattooga

Dade County at Coosa

Murray County at Model

Darlington at Christian Heritage

Mt. Zion, Carroll at Trion


North Jackson at Randolph, 8

North Sand Mountain at Ider, 8

Scottsboro at Brewer, 8

Friday, Oct. 18

Northwest Whitfield at Ridgeland:

Other games

Baylor at Brentwood Academy, 8

Boyd-Buchanan at Copper Basin

Central at Howard

Chattanooga Christian at Signal Mountain, 7

Cleveland at Walker Valley

East Hamilton at Soddy-Daisy

Grace Academy at Silverdale Baptist

Grundy County at Bledsoe County, 8

Lookout Valley at South Pittsburg, 8

Meigs County at Midway

McMinn Central at Loudon

Polk County at Sweetwater

McMinn County at Bradley Central

Red Bank at Hixson

Rhea County at Warren County, 8

Sequatchie County at Notre Dame

Whitwell at Sale Creek


LaFayette at Dalton

Heritage at Southeast Whitfield

Coahulla Creek at Lakeview-F.O.

Cartersville at Gordon Central

Ringgold at North Murray

Adairsville at Sonoraville

Calhoun at Murray County

Coosa at Chattooga

Dade County at Armuchee

Darlington at Gordon Lee


Columbia at Scottsboro, 8

Ider at Gaston, 8

J.O. Johnson at North Jackson, 8

Friday, Oct. 25

Trion at Gordon Lee: This is the game of the year for each team and community. There's never any mystery as to what these teams like to do, so get ready for plenty of physical, straight-at-you football.

Other games

Baylor at Father Ryan, 8

Boyd-Buchanan at Sequatchie County, 8

Howard at Red Bank

East Hamilton at Rhea County

Grundy County at Cumberland County, 8

Harriman at Meigs County

Hixson at Central

Jackson County at Grace Academy

Lookout Valley at Copper Basin

Marion County at Chattanooga Christian, 8

Father Ryan at McCallie

McMinn County at Walker Valley

Polk County at South Pittsburg, 8

Richland at Whitwell, 8

Sale Creek at Monterey, 8

Silverdale Baptist at Bledsoe County, 8

Soddy-Daisy at Bradley Central

Tyner at East Ridge


Dalton at Heritage

Ridgeland at LaFayette

Northwest Whitfield at Southeast Whitfield

Ringgold at Coahulla Creek

Gordon Central at Sonoraville

North Murray at Lakeview-F.O.

Armuchee at Calhoun

Chattooga at Pepperell

Murray County at Dade County

Trion at Gordon Lee


North Jackson at Pope John Paul II, 8

Sand Rock at Ider, 8

Scottsboro at Fort Payne, 8

Friday, Nov. 1

Marion County at South Pittsburg, 8: It's the state's oldest consecutive rivalry, and arguably the most heated. To say the two sides don't get along would be like saying there was a slight misunderstanding between the Hatfields and McCoys. It's also the first time since 1982 that the Pirates and Warriors have squared off in the final game of the regular season, and considering the District 6-A title will likely be on the line and this is one not to miss.

Other games

Bradley Central at East Hamilton

Bledsoe County at Chattanooga Christian, 8

Central at McMinn Central

Copper Basin at Grace Academy

Hixson at Brainerd

Loudon at Polk County

MBA at McCallie

Meigs County at Tellico Plains

Notre Dame at Grundy County, 8

Ooltewah at McMinn County

Red Bank at Tyner

Rhea County at Stone Memorial, 8

Sale Creek at Lookout Valley

Signal Mountain at Sequatchie County, 8

Silverdale Baptist at Boyd-Buchanan

Walker Valley at Soddy-Daisy


Southeast Whitfield at Dalton

Heritage at Ridgeland

LaFayette at Northwest Whitfield

Coahulla Creek at North Murray

Adairsville at Gordon Central

Lakeview-F.O. at Ringgold

Sonoraville at Cartersville

Calhoun at Model

Dade County at Chattooga

Pepperell at Murray County

Christian Heritage at Trion

Gordon Lee at Mt. Zion, Carroll


Deshler at North Jackson, 8

Ider at Sylvania, 8

Scottsboro at Madison County, 8