Rickett's diary on Fox's Masters week

Rickett's diary on Fox's Masters week

April 7th, 2013 by By Ben Rickett in Sports - Professional

Ben Rickett has volunteered to provide a first-person account of his daily activities as caddie at the Masters for UTC senior and U.S. Amateur champion Steven Fox.

To: Chattanooga area golf fans

From: Ben Rickett

Subject: Fox, Phil, Keegan and Dufner

Location: Augusta National Golf Course

What he said: I went down Magnolia Lane and I caught up with Steven as he was eating breakfast, and I grabbed a cup of coffee with him. I asked around for what I needed to do with my caddying credentials. I got to the caddie hut, got my locker, got my white jumpsuit and we went to the practice range.

We saw Phil [Mickelson] warming up with Keegan [Bradley] and we introduced ourselves.

We went to the first tee. For me, my job, a lot of it is learning where the sprinkler-heads are. It's pretty similar to coaching in college, but you have to be quicker and more on top of things and learning the etiquette.

I was a little jittery going in knowing that I'll be caddying in front of thousands. I think I got half of that out of the way because "Bones" [Mickelson's caddie] was there. Now I'll have to get used to doing it in front of crowds.

I know I should be ready by Thursday after having three days of crowds leading up to it.

I think Steven feeds off crowds. He takes in the whole situation and he's already soaked it all in like he did at the Am.

He'll be fine. By Thursday, we'll both be fine.