Ryan Martin taking a break after a 7-0 start

Ryan Martin taking a break after a 7-0 start

July 5th, 2014 by David Paschall in Sports - Professional

Rapper 50 Cent, left, has been very active in promoting young boxer Ryan Martin from Chattanooga, right.

Rapper 50 Cent, left, has been very active...

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Ryan "Blue Chip" Martin of Chattanooga improved to 7-0 as a professional lightweight boxer Wednesday night with a unanimous four-round decision over Matthew Baca in Connecticut.

The bout was televised by ESPN2.

Martin, a 6-foot, 135-pounder, signed last September with 50 Cent's SMS Promotions and has been training in Ohio. The 21-year-old was a guest Thursday on "Press Row" on Chattanooga's ESPN 105.1 The Zone.

Q: Does it change your mindset at all when you're fighting in front of a national audience on ESPN2?

A: "My mindset is really no different from any other match I go into. The bright lights and the cameras don't affect me at all. I just go in there with a game plan and try to execute it."

Q: There had to be some point early on where beating the snot out of someone gave you a thrill. How did that happen?

A: "When I was seven years old, I first put on boxing gloves. I would follow my older brother to the gym, and I hit this guy one time in the face, and it's been a thrill ever since. I love everything about the sport of boxing, from the work I put in to a victory like I had last night."

Q: What's next for you, and at what point will there be a title shot?

A: "My ranking went up like 10 points after last night, so I'm very excited about that. Right now, my team and I are going to take a break from boxing, because we've been working really hard this past year. We're going to take a break and let my body heal up. I plan to enjoy myself around my family and friends."

Q: How important is still being undefeated in regards to the opportunities you would like to have?

A: "It's very important, but what's most important is just to keep developing. We're just going to keep working so when we do get that shot, I'll be as sharp as a pencil."

Q: What is your favorite "Rocky" movie?

A: "I like all of them but especially Rocky IV when he fought the Russian. The Russian was a machine and so powerful."

Q: What do you call 50 Cent?

A: "I call him 5."

Q: Who was your favorite boxer growing up?"

A: "Sugar Ray Leonard."

Q: When you're on the road and doing all the traveling that you do, what's the restaurant you miss most in Chattanooga?

A: "Smokey Bones."

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