Five at 10: Test scores, Trick plays and the Rise of the Indianapolis Greyhounds

Five at 10: Test scores, Trick plays and the Rise of the Indianapolis Greyhounds

November 9th, 2010 by Jay Greeson in Sports

Because of overwhelming response (thanks, Mom), the 5 at 10 is going with another full round of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy quotes today. If you don't like it, well, OK. If you have a suggestion for a movie for a later movie-themed 5-at-10, give me a holler by shooting me an email at


Burgundy quote: "We need you. Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being near you. I miss your laugh! This is Champ Kind's plea for Ron to come back to the pack." - Champ Kind

It also screams of some folks desperate to bring down Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, who is on a serious roller coaster.

Let's review: Last Thursday, reports that there were some serious violations committed during Newton's recruitment. Those violations allegedly pertained to someone named Kenny Rogers - not that one - who pledged Newton's services for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Friday, Auburn officials - including AD Jay Jacobs - said Newton is eligible and will play. Newton said Friday everything was fine and he did nothing wrong. Saturday, Newton did a lot right against UTC - accounting for five touchdowns in a 62-24 win. Monday night, reported that Newton was caught cheating on two occasions at Florida and was going to be disciplined before transferring to junior college for a year before going to Auburn. The Fox report was with an anonymous source, who could get into some hot water for releasing Newton's academic records without his approval.

If the recruiting allegations prove to be true, the Newton and Auburn may suffer at the highest levels. This is a team three wins away from playing for a national championship and Newton's their best player. If there was some under the table stuff, then the hammer will fall.

As for the latest claim, well, doesn't this seems like piling on. So much in fact, that there are people on Alabama chat rooms saying this seems like character assassination on Newton.

The recruiting stuff seemed like a lot of smoke with the possibility of serious fire. The alleged cheating stuff seems like smoke signals that some people at Florida - and there are several unsubstantiated reports that Urban Meyer has been involved in this - are trying to get word out that Newton is a bad egg.

He got a second chance at Auburn - from the laptop scandal and possibly even some academic troubles - and that has been well-documented. He has made the most of it on the field. Let's just see what the next bombshell is - it should be here in the next 24 hours.

Either way, if Auburn and Florida meet in the SEC title game, look out.

AP: Newton cheated while enrolled at Florida

Bye, bye Wade

Burgundy quote: "I love lamp." - Brick Tamland

Wow, this was up there with some of the "Duh!" moments of all time. Seriously, when the team's owner starts making claims about playing this year's Super Bowl in his stadium with his team - as Jerry Jones did in the preseason - and you start 1-7, then it's time to move on Wade Phillips.

To make matters worse, Phillips - who is also responsible for the defense - stood almost helplessly on the sideline as the Packers torched the Dallas Cowboys on national TV Sunday night.

In Anchorman, Brick had that "The lights being on and no one's home" look, but was lovable. Phillips had the same look but was not that lovable.

AP: Cowboys fire coach Phillips

UT falls to Div. II team

Burgundy quote: "I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal."

The Vols dropped an exhibition game to Indianapolis last night. UT, which hit record-setting goals a year ago, was beat handily 79-64 by the Division II team. And it wasn't that close.

The Vols turned it over 25 times, shot 44 percent from the floor and were 7-of-29 from 3. Worse still, UT was 13-of-26 from the free-throw line.

Yes, it's an exhibition, and yes the Vols have a lot of new faces, but still.

UT opened No. 23 in the preseason AP poll, and if it hopes to match last year's deep NCAA tournament run, have to believe there will not be many more efforts like this - whether they are in practice, exhibitions or games.


AP: Indianapolis upsets No. 23 Tennessee 79-64

Steelers hold on

Burgundy quote: "Brick Tamland is married with 11 children and is one of the top political advisors to the Bush White House." - the voice-over guy at the end.

Great game last night on Monday Night Football, and three huge stats from the Steelers' 27-21 win over the Bengals.

First - the Steelers have lost all of two games after holding a 10-point lead in the second half. That's stunning.

Second - Hines Ward has more career receptions (925) than former start Steelers receivers John Stallworth (537) and Lynn Swann (336). Wow.

Third - If you followed Monday's 2:00 Drill, you noticed we picked Pittsburgh to cover. We got a tip from a friend, let's call him Mark, to lay the 5 and 1/2 points. You can thank us later.

AP: Steelers hold on for 27-21 win over Bengals

Middle school slight of hand

Burgundy quote: "They've done studies, you know. Sixty percent of the time it works, every time." - Brian Fontana

Just watch this video of some middle school football players pulling off the best trick play not involving Les Miles in recent memory.

Two things to note: First, the defensive team on the video was not to blame. Second, this just in, Florida coach Urban Meyer is blaming Cam Newton for this.