Five at 10: Mail Bag

Five at 10: Mail Bag

February 11th, 2011 by Jay Greeson in Sports

Earlier this week, the 5-at-10 asked for your questions, and the response was great. The top five e-mails are below and as always, thanks for your support. The 5-at-10 is verbally committed to doing this every Friday, but as we all know, verbal commitments are nonbinding.

Here we go...

From ElJefe

I have two questions.

No. 1 - Eliminating the obvious: a. No ability to perform under pressure; b. ineffective at actual game speed; c. whole thing is a hoax; how does that kid not start at UCONN!?! (No excessive disparagement to Big East football was intended.)

No. 2. What are the 5 at 10's Top Ten Sport's movies of all time? (More importantly, how is "Side Out" not on that list? Most importantly, how does C. Thomas Howell continue to be overlooked by the Academy of Arts and Sciences every year at the Oscars?

The 5-at-10 had a few e-mails about the video of Johnny Mac Trick Quarterback posted Thursday. So much so, that we called UConn and talked to Johnny McEntee for a column in today's TFP. He didn't discuss playing time, but there's a huge difference between trick throws and game throws. (There's not a lot of call to break a plate in midair on Saturdays in the fall.) In some ways it's more of a Harlem Globetrotters-type thing. Spinning five basketballs on your fingers, knees and head or dribbling four balls at the same time is fun and cool, but it's not going to serve you all that well in the NBA. That said, the video is outstanding, and who knows what happens for Johnny Mac come spring practice under new UConn coach Paul Pasqualoni. (And rest easy, ElJefe, speaking for the Big East, no offense taken by the question. And the Big East will be more than ready to get blown out in next year's BCS regardless of your questions.)

As for the movies, whoa, that could be it's own 5-at-10 someday soon. We could break them down by sports or by actors or by quotes or by awkward smooching scenes (led of course by the lip-lock between Myra Fleener and Norman Dale in "Hooisers"). Simply put, the 5-at-10 is a sucker for cheesy sports movies, and another great list would be the Mrs. 5-at-10's least favorite sports movies that always make the clicker stop whenever they are on.

Anyhoo, here's the 5-at-10's quick top 10 with the obvious caveats that we're going to forget at least two and the list is subject to change at any time and for little to no particular reason:

1. Hoosiers

2. The Natural

3. Miracle

4. Bull Durham (If they could have cut the last 20 minutes off of it, it would be higher.)

5. Rocky (The version be it Rocky, Rocky II or Rocky III, varies depending which one we've seen most recently.)

6. Caddyshack

7. Bad News Bears (The original of course, which is in a lot of ways is the prototype of all the kids sports movies of all time, except for the harsh language and obvious political incorrectness, of course.)

8. Victory

9. Remember the Titans (This would be higher if not for the "liberties" the directors took with the historical facts.)

10. Sideout (That's a shout out to you ElJefe for the great question. Although, for the rest of you "Sideout" is a beach volleyball movie starring the previously mentioned C.Thomas Howell and Peter Horton. It is what it is, and that is straight to video cassette. C. Thomas Howell has found a comeback in the TNT series "Southland" ((the 5-at-10 Clan are fans)). As for the Oscar talk, well, if he was going to be shunned for his great work in "Red Dawn" (((Wolverines!))), then the 5-at-10 is at a lost. ((((What's the TFP record for most parentheses within a parenthesis?)))).

From SteelerFan

Two things: Will we have NFL football come September? Does anyone call the 5-at-10, nickles-and-dimes? Thanks.

Let's take the second part first. Hey, the 5-at-10 has been called a lot of things - some are not for print in a family-oriented web-based rambling. In fact, we'll continue the roll and say, "Hey SteelerFan, here's a penny for your thoughts about the nickles-and-dimes and remember (wait for it....) it's a QUARTER-back driven league." Thank you and remember to tip your waitress.

As for the NFL, until this week I thought for sure the league would work through its labor unrest before it affects games next fall. Now - after the owners walked away from the negotiation table on Thursday - the 5-at-10 is not so sure. There are billions, Billions, BILLIONS of dollars at stake and there's a billion-dollar divide between the sides right now. Know this, the longer this drags out, the more it hurts everyone - owners, players, fans - that has a stake in or a passion for the NFL.

From P-Davi

How bad are the Cavaliers?

Historic. Cleveland plays tonight with a chance to set the type of record that tarnishes a franchise forever - or at least until they breakthrough and win a championship.

Think about the New Orleans Saints. Until Drew Brees and Co. won the Super Bowl, the first image of that franchise was the 'Aints and the fans with paper bags over their head.

For those of you that have been under a rock - or for those of you like my dad who refuse to admit the NBA exists - the Cavs have lost 26 consecutive games. A loss tonight at home against the L.A. Clippers would set the record for consecutive futility for the four major professional sports.

Two other things: Unless there's a 6-foot-10 Croatian that the 5-at-10 scouting department has not heard of, there is not an immediate solution in the upcoming draft. There's no LeBron James, Dwight Howard, et al. Two, the Cavs' complete and utter hopelessness truly highlight and magnify the accomplishments of James during his six years in Cleveland - remember, he led them to 61 wins last season with roughly the same team.

From Go Vols

What did you think of the UT recruiting class? Who is Johnny Vols Fan?

Johnny Vols Fan is the 5-at-10's reference to UT's fan base in general. It also can be used as Johnny Bulldogs Fan or Johnny Titans Fan. It's a different spin than Vols Nation or Bulldogs Nation, which currently ranks up there with "Pushing him under the bus," among the most overused phrases and cliches.

As for the UT recruiting class, it's good with a potential to be very good.

Love Brian Randolph, the safety from metro-Atlanta who may be among the most underrated players in this class. Love Cam Clear and Antonio Richardson. Love A.J. Johnson.

Like our TFP UT beat ace Patrick Brown pointed out last week, Maurice Couch will play sooner rather than later, and if Marlin Lane is serious about football, he could be an NFL player.

That said, there are a few guys that could be overmatched from a talent standpoint and Derek Dooley and Co. have little room for misses after the last couple of years (Thank you so very much Lane Kiffin).

Quick side note: Our friends at have a different and interesting breakdown of the UT recruiting class that takes several factors into account. If the name Brad Shepard sounds familiar, it's because he used to work in the TFP sports department and did a great job for us.

From BracketBuster

I think it's going to be a pretty crazy NCAA tournament. Who do you like? How far can Duke go?

The 5-at-10 agrees that the tournament is going to be outrageous - and that's a product of there being a lot of good teams and zero dominant teams. With a month still left and a lot to be decided, here's a Final Four: Kansas, Texas, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame.

As for Duke, the Blue Devils have the scoring to get to the Final Four, but a lot of their destiny will be determined by the draw. Two things that Duke needs - one to avoid an athletic, defensive-minded team such as a St. John's, and two to avoid a dome where a shooting-dependent team like Duke can struggle from the perimeter.

Thanks for the great questions, gang. Until Monday.