What happens when your life is torn between two worlds?
You live in a place you love, where your children were born and are thriving, where hope endures. Now imagine that you're forced to leave, ejected, called a criminal. You go while your family stays, or worse, your children must go with you, torn from the only home they've ever known. You're sent to a place where $5 a day is the average wage, where schools are worn down and shabby, where health care, if you can get it, is crude. Such is the reality for Guatemalans who live illegally in the Chattanooga area and across the United States. They never got permission to be here in the first place and there are many who believe that they, and their children, are only getting what they deserve, to be sent home, to stop being a drain on American society. But once they're caught and sent back to the life they thought they'd escaped, they vanish from public consciousness, lost in a flood of immigration statistics. What happens to the deported, whose dreams of a better life are shattered for them and their families?

Strange Land



Immigration Impact

Guest Workers

Separated Families