The Commercial Appeal (Reporter, Photographer)

Tennessee teen stands in solidarity with bullied kids

Published May. 14 2018

Jacob Vincent said he was 11 years old the first time he heard another kid tell him to kill himself.

These must-see civil rights sites in the South enlighten, inspire

Published Mar. 26 2018

"Civil rights tourism."

TVA probe finds 'connection' between Memphis Sand and contaminated aquifer

Published Mar. 8 2018

Although none of the arsenic found beneath a TVA ash pond is currently seeping into drinking-


Continuing the conversation: positivelyDeia uses HIV diagnosis to raise awareness

Published Feb. 20 2018

A common misconception about HIV and AIDS in Memphis is that it primarily affects gay men, men sleeping with men,...

No need to poke your finger in each candy; just follow the code for that box of chocolates

Published Feb. 16 2018

In the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump," the guileless protagonist offers candy to a woman on a bus bench, telling her,...

Court orders protections for Confederate statues in Memphis

Published Jan. 31 2018

Memphis Greenspace Inc., the nonprofit organization that recently removed Confederate statues from two parks, must keep and preserve the monuments,...

Funeral food is a tradition that won't die

Published Jan. 24 2018

Perre Coleman Magness' latest cookbook came to be in sort of a funny way, particularly for a book about feeding...

Top GoFundMe campaigns show giving nature of Tennesseans

Published Dec. 25 2017

When Paul Garner received severe burns while trying unsuccessfully to prevent a man from setting himself afire outside a Midtown...

Alexander-Murray health care proposal delayed, removing obstacle to avoiding government shutdown

Published Dec. 21 2017

A major obstacle to passing a short-term spending bill by the end of the week was eliminated Wednesday when two...

Santas protest Walmart's holiday pay policy

Published Dec. 20 2017

In a scene reminiscent of the mythical Festivus holiday from Seinfeld, Santa stood on the sidewalk in front of Walmart...

Head of state-run Achievement School District to step down

Published Sep. 7 2017

Malika Anderson is stepping down as head of the state-run Achievement School District, effective Sept. 30.

Unfinished Reelfoot Lake State Park center could be torn down

Published Aug. 22 2017

Photos from the February 2016 event show a typically convivial groundbreaking ceremony, with smiling dignitaries ready to scoop the initial...

UAW continues pressure on VW Chattanooga

Published Apr. 28 2017

On Wednesday, Casteel urged the 1 million active and retired UAW members throughout the nation to sign a petition intended...

TBI determines Collierville, Tenn., sighting not missing teen, teacher

Published Mar. 30 2017

A 15-year-old girl missing from Maury County and traveling with a 50-year-old man may have been sighted at a Shell...

Threats found in major dams in Tennessee

Published Feb. 16 2017

Although the Tennessee Valley Authority dams have saved Chattanooga millions of dollars in flood damages, they are no guarantee against...

Travel ban popular in Trump's strongest Tennessee county

Published Feb. 1 2017

One of the common posts that shot across social media after President Trump targeted seven predominantly Muslim nations for a...

State says 66 Shelby County school bus drivers employed by Durham not properly licensed [video]

Published Dec. 22 2016

The company that runs school transportation for Shelby County Schools and other districts contracted with a Memphis driving academy not...

Missing child returns home safely after being allegedly kidnapped by father in Memphis

Published Jun. 21 2016

A missing 3-year-old girl was returned home safely Monday afternoon after her father allegedly kidnapped her at gunpoint Monday afternoon.

Presidential race in Tennessee 'fluid, competitive'

Published Feb. 8 2016

New Hampshire may be ground zero this week in the race for the White House, but three weeks from Tuesday,...

City council votes to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest statue

Published Aug. 19 2015

Katherine Blalock of Whitehaven bowed her head Tuesday, wiping away tears, as the Memphis City Council voted 11-1 to remove...