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Ellis Smith is the digital editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press. He joined the Chattanooga Times Free Press in January 2010 as a business reporter. Ellis hails from Marietta, Ga. He earned a bachelor's degree in mass communication at the University of West Georgia. He previously worked at UTV-13 News, Carrollton, Ga., as a producer; at the The West Georgian, Carrollton, Ga., as editor; and at the Times-Georgian, Carrollton, Ga.; as a reporter. Contact Ellis at 423-757-6315 or esmith@timesfreepress.com.

Chattanooga police looking for missing 24-year-old who never returned from the gas station

Published Mar. 20 2017

Police are looking for Zulma Quizar, who was last seen heading to a gas station but never came back.

Chattanooga police, state troopers have issued more than 300 citations during distracted driving crackdown

Published Mar. 20 2017

Chattanooga police say they're cracking down on distracted driving with enhanced enforcement in an effort to keep drivers from endangering...

One Table invites community to break bread together

Published Nov. 30 2016

Nothing brings Chattanoogans together like food, reasoned officials at Causeway, so for the third year in a row, they piled...

Chattanooga lands NCAA Tennis championships that were yanked from North Carolina

Published Oct. 7 2016

The NCAA announced that Chattanooga will host the 2017 Division III men's and women's tennis championships next May, officials said...

Inside Chattanooga: Andy Berke announces re-election bid on heels of Labor Day violence

Published Sep. 6 2016

Digital Reporter Lesley Dale and Digital Editor Ellis Smith break down the three Labor Day shootings, Andy Berke's re-election announcement,...

Chattanooga mom sues TSA for slamming her disabled daughter's head into the ground

Published Jul. 1 2016

A pattern of sequins in the shape of an owl on Hannah Cohen's t-shirt may have triggered the alarm at...

Chattanooga payday king justified illegal business by giving money to charity

Published May. 18 2016

A used car salesman turned tech entrepreneur who operated an illegal payday lending syndicate from Chattanooga will pay $9 million...

Police chase rape suspect through rush hour traffic [video]

Published Mar. 15 2016

In this video, Chattanooga Police and Tennessee Highway Patrol officers chase a Nashville rape suspect through rush hour traffic, wrecking...

Cleaning bricks with a hatchet: Emerson Russell's rise to power

Published Dec. 1 2015

A country preacher and a little boy go into a church. The preacher takes a quarter out of his pocket...

Inmates housed in shower stalls at Hamilton County jail due to overcrowding, understaffing

Published Nov. 27 2015

For the second time this year, the overcrowded Hamilton County Jail failed to meet minimum standards because of low staffing...

Causeway feeds 1,000 at downtown Chattanooga Thanksgiving bash

Published Nov. 24 2015

A wild idea named One Table that a local nonprofit organization slammed together in 2014 matured Monday into a Thanksgiving...

Why your boss might be handing you a Fitbit this year

Published Nov. 1 2015

As the health care market evolves through changes driven by the Affordable Care Act, employers and employees are taking a...

Change or die: Mountain City Club turns to young professionals

Published Nov. 1 2015

Two years ago, the Mountain City Club was on its last legs. Today, membership is booming, with more than 100...

Buyers moving to snap up Hutcheson properties as auction looms

Published Oct. 21 2015

A stalking horse bidder has stepped forward to claim Hutcheson Medical Center's nursing home facilities for just over $7 million,...

Tennessee blasts 'unprecedented' FCC broadband ruling as unconstitutional in appeals court

Published Sep. 24 2015

Tennessee accused the Federal Communications Commission of unlawfully violating state sovereignty in an appeal filed last week, alleging that the...

Chattanooga News: Zoo sticks its neck out on giraffe addition

Published Sep. 15 2015

Giraffes are everywhere at the Chattanooga Zoo.

Embargo 62 brings Cuban cuisine and rum bar to Chattanooga's North Shore

Published Aug. 7 2015

Chattanooga's newest restaurant looks for all intents and purposes like a Cuban bodega at first blush, which is appropriate since...

Telecom experts finger AT&T's network as the root cause of Tuesday's five-hour outage

Published Aug. 7 2015

The country's biggest wireless carriers have shied away from pointing fingers at one another after a rare five-hour outage on...

Cuban rum bar and cantina coming to Chattanooga's North Shore

Published Aug. 6 2015

Embargo 62, a Cuban rum bar and cantina that pays homage to the embargo placed on Cuba by former President...

Picking Up the Pieces: Employers pick up training tab to fill empty positions

Published Aug. 1 2015

Picking up the pieces — employers pick up training tab to fill empty positions