Jeremy Belk (Reporter, Photographer)


Whitfield to choose new county administrator Tuesday

Published Jan. 24 2011


Wintry mix may blow back into Tennessee Valley

Published Jan. 22 2011

As forecasters say more snow could fall across the area Monday, road crews hope their salt supplies can hold out...

Curtain call for snow in the Chattanooga area?

Published Jan. 21 2011

As many held their breath and looked to the sky Thursday night in anticipation of now-loathsome snow, forecasters warn of...


Threatening note prompts lockdown at Chattanooga Christian School

Published Jan. 19 2011

A note found at Chattanooga Christian School resulted in a school lockdown Tuesday afternoon while police searched the campus for...

Birds of a feather

Published Jan. 16 2011

As a flock of sandhill cranes glided through the sky at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge, the warble of the birds...

Parents ready for snow-relief days

Published Jan. 14 2011

Steve Thompson needed a break.

Ice deters drivers on I-75

Published Jan. 13 2011

Snow and ice cut traffic at the Tennessee Welcome Center on Interstate 75 to a fraction of its usual pace...

Hamilton County: Interstate 75 drivers report "terrible" road conditions in Atlanta

Published Jan. 12 2011

Drivers heading north on Interstate 75 throughout the day have said road conditions in Atlanta are "terrible."

From snow to ice

Published Jan. 12 2011

As area residents began digging out of the snow Tuesday, authorities warned that freezing temperatures could create havoc in the...

No wrecks reported in Chattanooga, North Georgia despite icy conditions

Published Jan. 12 2011

As of 7:30 this morning, Hamilton County dispatch said there have been no reported wrecks. However, they have had reports...

Birchwood church seeks to move seven graves

Published Jan. 12 2011

If you don't watch your step walking out of the fellowship hall at Birchwood Baptist Church, you could stumble over...

Tennessee Valley braces for snow

Published Jan. 9 2011



Go north for white stuff

Published Jan. 7 2011

The Hamilton County area may see some snowfall but little accumulation today. However, areas north and east of the county...

Bond reduced for accused in overpass incidents, airport vandalism

Published Jan. 5 2011

ATHENS, Tenn. - Three men charged with tossing items off Interstate 75 overpasses in McMinn County and $100,000 in vandalism...

Three men appear in court on Cleveland airport vandalism charges

Published Jan. 4 2011

ATHENS, Tenn. - Three men suspected of vandalizing the new Cleveland, Tenn., airport to the tune of more than $100,000...

Lupton City fire kills elderly resident

Published Dec. 31 2010

A fire at 3962 Arkwright Drive claimed the life of an 81-year-old woman Thursday afternoon.

Region gets holiday on ice

Published Dec. 26 2010

The delightful white Christmas is giving way to an icy day after.

Region gets holiday on ice

Published Dec. 26 2010

The delightful white Christmas is giving way to an icy day after.

White Christmas turns to holiday on ice

Published Dec. 25 2010

The delightful white Christmas is giving way to an icy day after.

Chattanooga ready to charge for take-home cars

Published Dec. 24 2010

Chattanooga city employees who have take-home cars soon will have to pay for the privilege.