Kelsie Bowman (Reporter, Photographer)

Phone: 423-757-6423
Kelsie Bowman writes feature stories for Chatter and Get Out Chattanooga magazines, as well as for the Weekly Community News. Her stories cover topics ranging from rock climbing to new business openings to local people profiles, and more. Born and raised right outside Nashville, Tenn., Kelsie joined the Chattanooga Times Free Press staff in 2012 after graduating from nearby Lee University with a bachelor's degree in history and minors in journalism and religion. While there, she worked as copy editor and news editor for the campus newspaper, the Lee Clarion. When she's not reporting and writing, Kelsie can be found reading fiction on her back porch, jogging around downtown and generally having fun with her fellow Chattanoogans.

Cool off this summer with creek exploration

Published Jun. 1 2016

Swimming pools can be fun, but, as Audubon Acres Manager Kyle Simpson articulates, "To dip your feet in a natural,...

Chattanoogans adventuring on waterways both locally and across the country

Published Jun. 1 2016

The water is muddy in the San Juan River, says Carolyn Rand. The murky hue of the winding waterway nearly...

Meet the man behind the installation of the ever-changing climbing holds at High Point [photos]

Published Jun. 1 2016

Ever wonder who installs those thousands of ever-changing climbing holds at the gym? So did we.

Here's what's hot in hiking gear

Published Jun. 1 2016

You know what they say: If you can't take the heat, get off the trail. The temperature in the Tennessee...

These are the best places to run in the Chattanooga area that offer must-see water features

Published Jun. 1 2016

A good trail run just isn't complete without a good view.

Trail Survival series ends with a hot topic: Hyperthermia

Published May. 17 2016

We at Get Out feel it's appropriate to wrap up our Trail Survival series with a particularly hot topic: hyperthermia.

Scale a wall, save a life: Chattanooga-Hamilton County rescue team is recruiting climbers

Published May. 1 2016

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Rescue Service Cave/Cliff/Technical Unit specializes in extracting injured victims who are literally between a rock and a...

Local father runs biggest race of his life for disabled daughter

Published May. 1 2016

Before the sun's warmth reaches the Ray family farm on its hilltop in Ringgold, Georgia, Chris Ray is already pedaling...

Seaworthy names tell the stories of local boat owners and their craft

Published May. 1 2016

Superstitions abound in sailing lore. A lurking shark foreshadows death, while happy dolphins suggest safe travels. Women onboard are bad...

Kid camping 101: Things to keep in mind when adventuring with your mini-me

Published May. 1 2016

We're sure our Camping Guide has you itching to set out into the woods, but for parents with young kids,...

Here's how to fuel up for your next big race

Published May. 1 2016

If you're training to run a half marathon or more, knowing how to fuel your body for the race is...

On the up and up: TBA continues to train national-level youth climbers

Published Apr. 1 2016

Climbing on Tennessee Bouldering Authority's youth team is no walk in the gym. 'When I got the opportunity to be...

The Gift of Music: Volunteer orchestras donate a wealth of talent to the city

Published Apr. 1 2016

The main hall of the Volkswagen Conference Center is pristine, spacious and empty, with the exception of three people standing...

Back to the basics: Locomotion 12

Published Apr. 1 2016

On the heels of the inaugural Chattanooga Marathon, the Chattanooga Track Club is taking its next running event back to...

Trail survival: Bug bites

Published Apr. 1 2016

Big problems can come from small sources.

At the Starting Line: Inaugural Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon is community effort

Published Mar. 1 2016

When it comes to major outdoor sporting events, Chattanooga is basking in a national, even global, spotlight. The city successfully...

A new generation of anglers

Published Mar. 1 2016

Among the local fishermen in the Chattanooga area, young anglers are casting their lines and stepping into the spotlight with...

Trail Survival: Snakebites

Published Mar. 1 2016

When Dr. Chris Moore gives educational presentations on snakebites, he likes to make his audience squirm with a nice, big...

Artist finds inspiration in the Scenic City

Published Mar. 1 2016

I see my mission as capturing the beauty of the Chattanooga area on canvas so others may share my love...

On My Own 2 Feet: Running program seeks to help homeless back on their feet

Published Feb. 1 2016

Rita Fanning says running changed her life, and she's hoping it will do the same for Chattanooga's homeless. Fanning was...